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Cindy May 16th, 2002 03:15 PM

What to Pack for Ischia & Procida
I know, another abnoxious "what to wear" question. I know what to pack for Rome, Venice and Florence, but how casual are the islands, are shorts and tank tops ok. What about going out for dinner. I vision maybe casual capri pants, t-shirt and sandals for day and maybe a nicer shirt with capris for evening. Appreciate help from anyone who has been there.

Barb May 16th, 2002 03:58 PM

That's a good question. I am going to Procida in Oct. and don't have a clue what to pack for there.

nancy May 16th, 2002 04:47 PM

Cindy,<BR>when are you going to Procida?<BR>I will be there from the 30 may-3 june.<BR>Both you and Barb are welcome to E- me at my above address after the 7th <BR>June and <BR>I can fill you in on what I found,.<BR>i am taking <BR>2 light linen short dresses,<BR>a long linen skirt,<BR>a short skirt,<BR>a pr. dressy black pants,<BR>6 tops, 4 cotton and 2 silk,<BR>and 1 matching sweater.<BR>but, I will be in italy 14 days, starting in Venice which may have cool evenings.<BR><BR>BTW, where have you decied to stay while on Procida?<BR>I am going to stay at the <BR>Tirreno Residence.<BR>Looked lovely, very prompt and polite communications,<BR>and a large double<BR>with a courtyard, and 2 terraces is only 75 Euro for 2!<BR><BR>Please post here about Procida, <BR>there is a dearth of info on that island<BR>and not too much on Ischia either.<BR>I am going to do a daytrip there.<BR>maybe try to hit one of the hot springs they are famous for.<BR><BR>HAVE FUN!!!!!

Wayne May 16th, 2002 04:54 PM

Cindy---You'll love both those islands. I actually liked Procida more, but it is smaller with a lot less activity. Ischia, on the other hand, has everything. You'll probably be surprised that Ischia is oriented toward German tourists, probably because that's who comes there most. You will find lots of signs in Italian and German, rather than what you might expect to be in Italian and English. What you said you are planning for the trip would be OK, but I would advise, based on the fact that Italians don't usually wear shorts except right on the beach, that you be sure to have some slacks or dark skirts and shirt tops (tee shirts OK) with a possible light overshirt or light jacket for the evening.

Diane May 16th, 2002 06:34 PM

Wayne,<BR>I am also planning a trip to one of the two islands in October. It's becoming and agonizing decision. What was the highlight of your experiences with both of these islands?<BR>We aren't beach people but we love to eat, drink and support the local artisans.<BR>Any suggestions?

Mike May 16th, 2002 08:20 PM

I haven't been to Ischia or Procida, but on our visit to Italy (six weeks last fall), Capri was the only place I ever wore shorts -- and it was not out of place at all. During the day, I pretty much went all over in shorts and it was normal, but yes, I would advise slacks for dinner, etc. Have fun, we hope to visit Ischia and Procida on our next visit (I've heard an unconfirmed report about underwater Roman ruins that you can dive on at Procida).

nancy May 17th, 2002 02:46 AM

Procida,<BR>I think as the smaller island, with less "tourist" attractions,<BR>you will find more to do on larger Ischia.<BR>but, procida has a great website<BR><BR>and it gives lots of info.<BR>Also, as the 2 islands are REALLY close to each other, <BR>and there is pretty cheap and frequent ferries back and forth.<BR>You could stay in Procida, and do daytrips to Ischai for shopping.<BR>Or other way around.<BR><BR>I will be back with my klimited experience of both island <BR>(only staying there a few days)<BR>But, feel free to E-me at my above address , if you find i don't post here afterwards.

Barb May 17th, 2002 08:16 AM

I will be on Procida 9/30 to 10/3. I thought about maybe staying one night on Ischia, but now I am thinking maybe of just doing a day trip from Procida. I would love to have a great spa treatment. I am staying at the Hotel Celeste. Giacinto Lubrano is the owner and seems like a very warm and friendly person from our emails back and forth. He says "You come a stranger and leave a friend". I will be in Rome for 5 days before, so I am hoping this will be a nice relaxing place after the big city. I am then going to Sorrento for 5 days after Procida and flying home from Naples. Wayne, you say there is a lot less to do on Procida. I am into food, relaxation, people watching and art, so I'm hoping to do a little of that while there. What did you like the most about Procida? How's the public transportation? I appreciate all the great advice.

Sally May 17th, 2002 11:01 AM

We stayed at Hotel Celeste on Procida for a couple of nights two weeks ago. We liked the hotel, very Mediterranean looking- white arches, lots of terraces with flowers and plants and a garden with orange and lemon trees.<BR> I have never seen such beautiful roses as on Procida. It reminded me of Northern California around Santa Cruz- very lush plants and also some desert kinds of plants.<BR>The beach was partly rocky cliffs as in California.<BR><BR>It looks like there is a lot to do on Procida that we didn't actually have time to do- a 1000year old castle/fortress, old churches, etc.<BR><BR>As for the transportation, try to take the hydrofoil rather than the ferry going to Naples. It is a lot quicker. We seemed to spend a lot of time on transportation- just missing the boat or train and having to wait another hour for the next one. Probably later in the season there will be more frequent boats and ferries. Be forewarned that the schedule is different on Sundays. <BR><BR>We went to Pompei as a day trip from Procida. It was doable, but another time we would spend more time just exploring Procida rather than using it as a base to go to other places except maybe Ischia or Capri if the boats were running. We felt like we used way too much time on transportation, but that was partly because it was too early in the season for the full schedule of boats/ferries.<BR> We discovered that what you do in the hour spent waiting for the ferry is sit outside at the cafe and have coffee, pastries, etc., talk to other people also waiting, and enjoy the view of the bay. My husband probably benefited from being forced to slow down- a nice change of pace from work. Although it was frustrating to always just miss the boat!<BR>We also liked Mr. Lubrano, the hotel owner.He was very pleasant and interesting to talk to. We enjoyed being able to use the internet at the hotel.<BR><BR>We were in Holland for the first week of our trip- the very efficient transportation there was quite a contrast to that of Italy. However, we still love Italy, despite strikes, holiday crowds so dense that we could not find a parking place in Assisi, train stalled in the tunnel for 45 minutes. <BR>The weather was perfect; this was our first trip there in the spring- green hills, red poppies- beautiful!

Barb May 17th, 2002 11:22 AM

Sally, thanks so much for the info. It's always very reassuring to get a good report on a hotel you've never been to before. Did you use the buses, taxis on the island? From Hotel Celeste, can you walk to shops, restaurants, etc? Is the dress pretty casual there? How is the food at the hotel? Gee, I have so many questions, sorry.

Sally May 17th, 2002 04:14 PM

The dress was not any different from other places in Italy, not especially casual- a mixture of fairly elegant to slacks and sweaters at the hotel dinners at night. Of course this was in late April.<BR><BR>The food at the hotel was okay, pleasant but not the best we have eaten. I am allergic to seafood , and I am sure that their seafood was probably the best part of the menu since this is on an island!<BR>There is another very good restaurant a block or two away closer to the coast.<BR><BR> The hotel is not close to the main shopping areas. There is a mini bus stop right by the hotel. However, we took a taxi a couple of times and a micro taxi once. Be sure to experience a micro taxi! A tiny, little pickup truck with a canvas top. You ride in the back on benches! Actually it was fun.<BR><BR>Procida is very densely populated although there are also empty spaces. It does not appear especially touristy , at least not in the areas that we saw. We wish we had spent more time sight seeing on Procida and would go back again.<BR><BR>Naples is very congested, lots of traffic, great taxi drivers- they can and do make a u-turn in six lanes of traffic! But they do it so skillfully that it is actually not alarming!<BR>There are lots of high rise apartments with laundry hanging out the windows.It does not look very prosperous.<BR><BR>Procida is a much more attractive place to stay than Naples.

barb May 19th, 2002 04:32 PM

Thanks Sally, has anyone else been to Procida and would like to comment.

Diane May 28th, 2002 06:12 PM

So glad to see all of the comments on Procida. If someone can help with a decision on the Hotel Tirreno vs. Hotel Celeste, I would appreciate it. Mr Lubrano from the Hotel Celeste is very engaging in his e-mails. However, after reading one of the comments, I'm wondering if it is more off the beaten track than Hotel Tirreno and more of a problem in getting around to see the sights and shop.<BR>Any comments on the different towns on the island....which ones have good restaurants or shops to stroll through.<BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>

Confused Dresser Jun 17th, 2002 01:06 PM

So, Nancy of NanSover, what happened on your trip? Did your clothes turn out ok?<BR>Let us all know. Thanx.

Cindy Jun 17th, 2002 02:57 PM

Nancy - how was Procida - I'm dying to hear.

nancy Jun 18th, 2002 04:17 AM

<BR>Procida was a lovely island.<BR>Of course, my clothes worked there,<BR>as with anywhere in italy,<BR> people dress in a wide variety of items.<BR>Some appropriate,<BR>some not as much.<BR>but, who really cares? :-)<BR><BR>Getting to the island from Naples was a bit confusing, but mainly cause I was in a rush,<BR>after a 7 hr train ride.<BR><BR>the island is small, mainly quite, but quit busy at the port area.<BR><BR>I was unable to explore as much as I would have liked to.<BR>and really can not sit here and rattle off recommendations as to wherre to eat, etc.<BR><BR>but, i would return.<BR>\I stayed at the Tirreno Residence, which is beautiful,<BR>and has a roof-top terrace with outstanding views.<BR>and aas a single woman traveling alone,<BR>and taking walks alone at night -<BR>I felt entirely safe.<BR><BR>If any of you go,<BR>have a lovely trip.

xxxxx Jun 18th, 2002 09:38 AM

Nancy why so shy all of a sudden? Rattle off some restaurants and sites for us, please.

Barb Jun 18th, 2002 11:33 AM

Nancy, I am going to Procida Sept. 30th for 4 days staying at the Hotel Celeste. I will be going solo. I would love to hear your recommendations on restaurants, etc. Also, how was getting around the island? Is the public transp. good. Not too much info on Procida, so any info you can give will be appreciated.

nancy Jun 18th, 2002 01:16 PM

sorry Barb,<BR>did not pay any attention to names of restuarants while there.<BR>Don't know why,<BR>( a brain short circuit?)<BR>Public transport is <BR>mostly by the bus,<BR>unless you wish to splurge on a mini-taxi,<BR>which is expensive,<BR>but I did find it worth while getting to the hotel my first day.<BR>(i pd $8 Euro for a ride that on other days I walked in about 20 mins.)<BR><BR>Your hotel may provide transportation- ask.<BR><BR>as far as the bus,<BR>well, the bus "stop" is right in front of the bigletteria , for the ferries,etc. <BR>There is a bar, very close by, right <BR>"next door", which will sell you your ticket.<BR>they have good expresso, limoncello,and very important- a bathroom!!<BR><BR>as far as finding the correct bus,<BR>this was a guessing game for me.<BR><BR>It seems that you just keep asking for the correct one,<BR>I would ask for the one going to Via Faro<BR> and eventually you get it right.<BR>The people in the bar usually will know, but can not give you a close guess on timing...<BR><BR>sometimes you have to wait for 20 mins or so, <BR>even if the bus is there,<BR>while the driver takes a break,<BR>but one day the driver just loaded me up and took me to the hotel :-)<BR><BR>If you wish to purchase <BR>traghetto- aliscafo tickets,<BR>it seemed to me that you could only do it the same day,<BR>and you do not buy an "open" ticket, like on a bus,<BR>but for a specific trip /time.<BR>ASK for a timetable- they have them ,<BR>and it will really help you out alot!<BR>They have ones in english<BR><BR>I am sure that your hotel owner will be able to help you out alot.<BR>It appears to me that he speaks more english , and so the communication will be easier.<BR><BR>Mr. Scotto at the Tirreno is very sweet, and the place is lovely,<BR>but I could tell that he was not as fluent in english as he said he was,<BR>and my italian is a step up from basic,<BR>so we did have some small gaps in communication.<BR><BR>I wish I could be more helpful than I am.<BR>I just did not keep track of the details.<BR>But, the island is big enough to explore happily (I am sure)<BR>and definitely lovely enough to spend time on.<BR>I do not think you will be disappointed.<BR><BR>Maybe you will be more<BR>observant and vigilant than I ?? :-(<BR>

Barb Jun 19th, 2002 08:05 AM

Thanks Nancy, that helps just knowing about getting the bus to the hotel. Did you find english spoken there much? I am trying to learn as much Italian as I can before I leave. Thanks again.

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