What to do with a car in Venice?

Old Jun 1st, 1997, 07:34 PM
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What to do with a car in Venice?

My husband and I will be touring Europe in October, hiring a car and driving around. One thing I have wondered about is what do you do with your car in Venice. The guide books seem to be a bit vague on this. One mentioned something about leaving your car at a large carpark outside Venice. Where is this? Is it easy to find? How much does it cost? How do you get from there to Venice proper? Any information will be gratefully received!

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Yes, there is parking and it's not cheap. As you drive into the city...follow the signs...you will drive right into the dead end area that will circle around and send you on your way out again. On your right is a parking ramp that you can simply pull into. There is another lot a bit farther away and might be cheaper. When you get out of your car, go across the street and there you are...in the city of love! If you want to know the best store to buy masks, let me know and I'll give you more information. They do great work...unlike most other shops. Have fun.
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Rob M.
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My wife and I stopped in Venice for three hours last October. We parked in the first garage upon entering Venice, and ended up paying $20 for it. Apparently, the fee is for 24 hours, whether or not you stay that long. The previous year we stayed in Mestre, just across the water from Venice, and took a bus that cost around $1 for the 20 minute ride. You could save money by parking in Mestre and hopping on a bus.
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We also stayed in Mestre, left the car in the hotel carpark and took the bus. It's cheaper but much less romantic than staying in Venice. A problem with using the parking garage just outside Venice is your luggage. Do you risk leaving the bulk of it hidden in the car trunk and carrying only what you need into the city or carry the lot upstairs,downstairs and through all the little lanes looking for your hotel. We heard people complaining loudly about the cost of a porter. For us this would have been a problem as we were a family of four traveling for 4 months but if you travel light I suggest you stay in Venice - how many times can you wake up in the morning and look out over the Grand Canal? Enjoy - it's a magical place.
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Rod Hoots
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Have driven into Venice several times I strongly recommend parking at the Tronchetto city parking garage. It's clean, convenient and relatively secure.

Venice is an island which is reached by a causeway from the mainland city of Mestre. As you approach Mestre, watch for direction signs to Venice rather carefully. The route is not as well marked as you would expect.

Once you get on the causeway, look carefully for signs to the "Tronchetto" parking area. Again, it isn't marked as well as you might expect.

The Tronchetto parking garage is very large, clean and well organized. You take a ticket from a machine on entrance and pay at a payment office on departure (credit cards are accepted).

After you enter the Tronchetto garage go as close as you can to the far end, because that is where the ferry boats depart. Just park your car (of course lock it and don't leave anything in sight) and then walk out to the end of the garage. You will see a one story building in front of you (this is where you pay on departure) and the ferry boat dock is just beyond it to the left. There are signs in English for just about everything.

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Very interested in where the masks come from as well any info you have on where to eat and what is a must to see
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We have decided to stay at the Hotel Villa Mabapa in Venice's Lido. I thought this area was reachable by car by driving around the north side of Venice & then coming south from Jesolo. Or do I have to take the boat from Tronchetto? Does anyone know?
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Rod Hoots
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Dan: Either from Jesolo or the Tronchetto, you will have to take a car ferry. I recommend the Tronchetto. See my previous message re the Tronchetto.
Old Jun 27th, 1997, 01:19 PM
Carol Jacobson
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Would love to know about the masks and where to get them as well as any info you might have re where to eat
Old Jul 8th, 1997, 02:41 PM
Len Pearse
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Try and hire a Volkswagen Beetle !
They float, the old adverts showed this.
People have crossed the English Channel in them years ago.
You could moor it next to the gondolas in the Grand Canal
Please excuse my frivolity but your Question fired my imagination.
Have a great holiday
regards Len

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