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Pam Aug 23rd, 2002 08:45 AM

what to do with a camera?
OK, so you wear a money belt to prevent money and passports from being stolen, but how do you keep cameras from being stolen, I don't want to wear it around my neck, so what is the best way to safely carry a camera without worrying it will get snatched from you?

Bob Aug 23rd, 2002 08:48 AM

I carry a small Canon Elph that fits in a case attached to my belt. If you carry one of the giant 35mm you will just have to hold on to it.

kathypompe Aug 23rd, 2002 08:59 AM

I carry my camera in my backpack purse when I'm not shooting. The SAK purse, made of sturdy weblike woven material, closes tightly at the top and cannot be opened unless it is off your back. A compact or a small 35mm will fit, but one with a large zoom lens is awkward. Kathy

Howard Aug 23rd, 2002 09:44 AM

I carry my camera, along with film, street map, etc., in a canvas shoulder bad with the strap across my chest and the bag in front of me.

elvira Aug 23rd, 2002 10:51 AM

My point and shoot Fuji fits in my totebag (I don't do well with backpacks, so I use a small nylon tote). To prevent my losing the camera (tell no one, but I sometimes lay stuff down and forget it), I clip one end of the camera's strap to the camera, the other end onto the totebag (the strap's about 3 feet long so it doesn't interfere with taking pictures). If I pull an Elvira and leave the camera on the bench beside me, I can't get very far without clunking noises.

Beth Aug 23rd, 2002 11:25 AM

I carried one of those "healthy back" purses and slip-tied the camera strap around the purse strap, then slipped the camera into an outside pocket. I could use the camera without removing it from my purse. Other times, I wear a lightweight outside shirt and tie it at the waist and, with the strap around my neck, slip the camera into the pocket formed by the tied shirt ends. This takes the weight off my neck. I have also learned to just leave the darn Nikon and lenses at home.

PJ Aug 23rd, 2002 04:34 PM

What country are you going to? Snatched from you, if you don't like to carry a camera then don't take one. If you travel and take photos, you take a backpack along with all your other valuables. Don't be so negative! Don't lay your things down and walk away! Enjoy yourself get positive!

Myer Aug 23rd, 2002 04:55 PM

I use a Canon 35mm camera. <BR><BR>I take at least a roll a day on trips. Hiding the camera won't do. Keeping it in an inconvenient place also won't do.<BR><BR>I shoot whatever I see and then find many winners.<BR><BR>My consession to being careful is that I decided to carry the camera across the chest instead of over-the-shoulder.<BR><BR>Recent trip to Rome, Sorrento and London as well as N.Y. last autumn resulted in no problems.<BR><BR>

msa Aug 23rd, 2002 04:59 PM

I sewed a pocket into the inside of my jacket just for my camera. It is a small point and shoot style...and the pocket I made has room for several rolls of film. The times it was too warm for a jacket, I put it in a "purse" that I clung tight to. The only other things in the purse were our maps and guide books...nothing of value just in case.

Martha Aug 24th, 2002 02:16 AM

I use a Cannon 105 Sureshot. I carried it in one of those secure belly packs (available at several of the on-line/catalogue travel clothing companies - I would give the names but am not sure that is proper by forum rules) My travel mates had an expensive digital camera and did the same. I don't think cameras are hot items for pickpockets -- they want cash. My camera isn't expensive, but losing the photos would be heartbreaking.

Alice Aug 24th, 2002 06:18 AM

Dear P.J. - photographs of our journeys are the best souvenir in the world, that is why we bring our cameras. In Italy (a very civilized country) I was warned by an Italian man that I should not 'sling' my camera by the strap onto my shoulder, as it could be snatched. He crossed his chest, indicating I should wear it 'bandolero' style instead. So it seems the question is a valid one. My concession to comfort is to replace my SLR/huge zoom with an automatic Pentax, which will stash in my small daypack (which is across my chest 'bandolero' style :).<BR>I also toss in one or two of those disposable cameras - use them if you want to ask a passerby to take your photo (it's nice if you are in your own pix), they're very lightweight, and take surprisingly good pictures for a non-professional.

Scorch Aug 24th, 2002 06:26 AM

I use an opaque plastic bag from a local store w/own logo, usually a bookshop (strong enough for the weight of book/camera). Unless the bag they use for your purchase has handles or "loops", you'll have to carry the bag in hand, but most snatch-and-grab artists aren't looking for local shopping bags. Advantage, big enough for extra film, lens, maps, etc. Disadvantage, cumbersome unless good handles.

Linda Aug 24th, 2002 07:36 AM

These tips work well for most cameras; what about video cameras? Any suggestions for them. I've got a Sony Digital High 8 and the best I've done is that I wear my backpack purse on my chest instead of my back and my video camera is in there. Otherwise I have it in the camera bag worn around my neck; not the most fun but if you want to shoot video...

xxx Aug 24th, 2002 08:59 AM

I wear my cannon 35mm and my vidio camerias the the straps across my chest. One on each side. Easy access and quite secure.<BR>

PJ Aug 24th, 2002 09:02 AM

I have traveled to many different countries and have never worried about anything being stolen if your aware of your surroundings at all times, same holds true in the US, correct? I agree photos are all you have when it's all said and done. Enjoy and don't worry so much!

xxx Aug 24th, 2002 10:05 AM

Each victim of theft would say they were usually aware of their surrondings but, it happened so fast....

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