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In 1999, I was planning a trip to London, Madrid, and paris. What are some must see attractions in Madrid and Paris?? Any good pubs, tourist attractions, shows, clubs, or anything???
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Must sees in these cities? Where do you start! It really depends upon interests, because there is just so much to see. The London theatre scene is great, with much variety, but then that's my passion. Just walking through many of the parks and areas is fascinating too. The many touristy sites can be interesting for a first-time visitor. As for Paris, the Eiffel Tower, especially in the evening is a great sight, as is the view from Montmartre, and all the activity there. Taking a Bateaux-Mouche ride does give you a different view of Paris, and again, it is nice in the evening whel all buildings are lit up. As for art, there's no stopping - museums for Picasso, Rodin and many more, plus the Louvre, or for impressionist fans, the Musée D'Orsay. I think the latter is a must-see. For more off beat things, the catacombs are not well-known but truly intriguing, and even the Musée D'Egouts (Sewer Museum) is unique! (No, it doesn't smell bad at all!) Just walking around Paris is one of the nicest things you can do, and the Metro makes getting around very easy. I don't know if this helps at all, but enjoy!
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Paris: for an interesting 'club' experience, catch the 10:30 show at Chez Michou at 80, rue des Martyrs. The cemeteries are always an interesting look at the city: Pere Lachaise, Monparnasse, Montmartre. A walk around the 20th arr. near Pere Lachaise shows you a glimpse of how Paris really lives.
In the 16th, there's le Corbusier Foundation. In the same neighborhood are examples of his architecture and those of his students. The 16th also is home to Balzac's house (small, quiet, good hideout from the usual Parisian hustle bustle) and Musee Marmottan, with Monet's Waterlilies. Take the Bateaux Mouches, or the Canal St Martin boat (leaves from Musee d'Orsay area) that goes up to la Villette. For a really good flea market, check out the one at Vanves (in the 15th). Great French junk. For unusual souvenirs, go to BHV (the BIG hardware store). Weird shaped hammers, unusual drawer pulls, the blue and white number tiles for Paris house numbering...for bars, leave the tourist areas and head south into the 5th, 6th and 7th (real bars; some are invaded by the young, some are hangouts for the older folks). There's a really good street market on rue Mouffetard.
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I believe that the Musee Marmatton is going to be closed for renovations soon, because the collection is going to the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Canada, for the winter!
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I went to Madrid in 1996, and although I did not find it quite as charming as Barcelona, there are some not to be missed attractions. I would not miss the Prado, or Reina Sofia museums. The Royal Palace is terrific. The Plaza Mayor is interesting. You will find souvenirs, food, and an assortment of interesting characters. We went to the
Cafe de Chinitas for flamenco and enjoyed every minute. It is supposed to be the best in town. The combination food and show is rather expensive (can't recall how much), and from what I understand the food is not worth the money. We went had a couple of sangrias, got a pretty decent view of the show. It's best to get there early.
Their address is Torija, 7, Tel. 559-51-35, or 547-15-02. You should not miss a day trip,(actually, next time I would stay at least overnight) to Toledo. It's a beautiful town, I think one of the oldest in Spain. It is only about one hour away by bus. The cathedral just took my breath away. Simply incredible. Just walking around the town gives you an incredible sense of the history of the country. Go also to Segovia, very nice town, also about one hour away from Madrid. There is a terrific restaurant, I believe the name is Candido's. It's by the Roman aqueduct. Great ambiance. Have a great trip, wish I were going there again this year.

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