What to bring on October trip to London

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What to bring on October trip to London

Hello all,

My fiance and I are going to London in late October for our honeymoon.

Can you all give me some suggestions on what to bring -- clothingwise, weatherwise, convenience-wise, etc.

Also, anyone know of good restaurants near Russell Square? Mostly we'll be needing inexpensive places, but one or two nice places would be good to know (this is our honeymoon, after all).
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Best wishes for your wedding - we have just returned from London, and as I am sure many people will tell you, the key to successful and comfortable dressing - is layers. It was warm and sunny during our stay but by late October will obviously be much cooler. However, most of the buildings,theatres, tube etc. are hot at all times and you need to be able to shed clothes at appropriate times. For instance I wore either a fine wool t'shirt or polo neck with fine wool pants, a cardigan and on some days also added a waterproof jacket - and this worked well. You will also need to carry a collapseable umbrella at all times!
I hope you have a wonderful time.
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There are wonderful musicals, it's windy and allways carry an umbrella. October can be quite pleasant.
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Ginny Clements
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I'm from San Diego, & I arrived in London on 4 October. Until today (6 October) it was dry & cool (60's). Today it's pouring.

Bring umbrellas, turtle necks, raincoats, rain boots & layers. Inside, it is warm. I wear Weekenders. Their clothes are cotton/poly mix, wash & wear, stylish, pack well & mix & match. A few pieces make lots of outfits. check out their website at www.weekenders.com.
Have a lovely time,
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I agree: layers, including a waterproof jacket and collapsible umbrella.

Don't forget to take comfortable walking shoes. Preferably two pairs, and preferably waterproof. Plenty of socks.

Ziplock baggies are handy. I always take a tiny container of laundry detergent, for washing things out.

Carry on extra glasses, contacts, prescriptions -- anything you'd find difficult to replace over there.

Photocopies of passport, reservation confirmations, credit card info in case of loss (for the latter, you can just sread out the contents of your wallet on the photocopier when you're there to do the passports, and write in the 800 numbers later).

Proof of marriage, if you have been reckless enough to not just do everything in your birth name.

A collapsible suitcase because you'll be bringing home more than you took over there! I put my laundry in the collapsible, so it can be very flimsy.

Remember that anything remotely sharp, even tweezers, nail clippers and disposable razors, has to go in your checked luggage, not your carryon.
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bring an umbrella, and your own food.
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hiya caroline..
congrats on your marriage!
i have been living between london and the states for the past few months, its a lovely place and you will have a great time there.
as far as what to bring, the layering idea is always good. i think you'll find that black is a good color to take along, the city can be very dirty. the weather can be coolish in oct. so light jackets should be fine...and gloves. dont forget converters for your electric appliances.
there are some nice, inexpensive resturants in the area, lots of them on southampton row, so there wont be a problem finding lots to eat. for something really special try RULES, very nice and very british.
dont be afraid to explore on foot, the city is very walkable and most attractions are close together.
have a lovely time....

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If you like Chinese food, try Poon's. I don't know the exact address, but if you walk from Russell Square past the Royal National, it's a little more than one block down on the same side of the street. Wonderful food, fantastic food. Not budget, but worth every pence. I'll be back in London in January, staying in another area, and will definitely be traveling to there for dinner.
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Don't bother with a converter if it's only for one or two appliances, especially a hair dryer. There are loads of stories floating around about hair dryers that caught on fire or otherwise misbehaved when plugged into converters. Instead, just buy a hair dryer at Boots when you get there -- it will probably cost a lot less than the converter.
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Don't most hotels have hairdryers you can use?

Check out Wagamama's, there is one near where you are staying. They are lovely fresh fun cheap Japanese noodle places.

You won't be far from the British Museum. It is a nice place to eat as well as see collections.

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