What to bring for friends in London

Oct 20th, 2010, 05:30 AM
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That's funny! We are likely visiting relatives in Ireland and thought a bottle of local Pennsylvania wine would be a nice gift! Now most of our local wines, at least the decent ones, are not really table wines, but dessert wines, or better suited to salty/spicy foods than to traditional pairings. There are some absolutely excellent wines made in a wider range of styles that are from states other than California (Oregon, Washington State, and Virginia are the ones that leap to my mind), but they're going to be smaller in production.
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Oct 20th, 2010, 10:01 AM
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Most maple syrup - even in the US isn't - it's maple-flavored sugar water. Real maple syrup is delicious and about 3 times the price of the other stuff. But you can get the real thing in the UK - I've seen it in Harrods Food Halls. (And I'm not sure that putting a glass bottle of maple syrup in your suitcase is a really good idea.)

Same with peanut butter. And I've never noticed that europeans are mad for peanut butter - thay have other "odd" foods instead. (Peanut butter is not odd in the US, where kids subsist on it - but to many people in europe.)
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Oct 20th, 2010, 01:31 PM
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a few observations....

people here always fall all over themselves to teach you that you can get everything in europe that you can in america. but they will be the first ones to tell you what they love from europe that they can't get in america. these people want to believe that you are ignorantly assuming that europe is backward and are only trying to teach you that it's not. most people are far beyond thinking that europe is in need of jeans and stockings...but still they must teach their simplistic lessons and show their superiority.

a nice bottle of genuine maple syrup is a real treat.

i would not be concerned with buying a gift that you can't get in the UK. but it is complete nonsense that you can get everything in london. crikey, a medium sized box of fruit loops costs $15 here (no joke). but not a good gift as someone has said.

abercrombie used to be rare here....even flanner swore when they opened their first uk store that it would never ever ever be successful in the uk but now you see it absolutely EVERYWHERE. but he's usually wrong about most things and ends up looking like a fool.

most mainstream US brands like abercrombie, gap, banana republic are very popular here. since we britons are obsessed with Franklin and Marshall tshirts and sweatshirts and have no idea what franklin and marshall is other than that it's cool to wear traditional style US university gear, perhaps you can get them an authentic american university shirt instead of the boring formerly copyright infringing fake ones that you can buy on every uk high street. we can get plenty of fake franklin and marshall clothes but you can't get those of other american universities.

there are plenty of american things that aren't regularly imported to the uk.
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