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beachgirl86 Feb 23rd, 2005 09:56 AM

What's the average airfare to France or Italy in April from Boston?
Hi everyone,
Hubby and I are thinking of going to Europe in April of 2006...thinking of Rome and Paris, flying out of Boston. Looking at flights, it seems an open jaw for this April is around $660 pp on )rbitz. RT to either Rome or Paris is around $650-$700. Is this average?

Since we are not going until next April, and we are so close to this April, I was unsure of whether or not I was getting average prices. Also, I am a teacher so we would be going during my school vacation if that matters. Thanks!

palette Feb 23rd, 2005 10:10 AM

My DC to Paris the last week of this April on United was about $640. If you don't mind one stop (an hour in Iceland), you might want to check Icelandair for better rates. I have used it several times from Baltimore to Paris and know they fly out of Boston. Not sure if they do Rome because it hasn't been on my itinerary. Get on its email list and you can get "Lucky Fare" options.

rex Feb 23rd, 2005 10:41 AM

I suppose I am being pedantic here - - but requesting info on an &quot;average&quot; fare seems odd (I suppose you want it for making a trial budget for the trip) - - most people are seeking a distinctly <i><b>below</b></i> average fare!

Perhaps you meant to say a &quot;typical&quot; (good bargain) fare. Right now, fares from BOS to FCO seem strikingly low for April, to ne, but maybe I am unaccustomed to how low they are, this time of year for that route. I tried Apr 12-19 BOS-FCO RT and founf a fare of $297 + taxes = $383. The same flexible fare finder on travelocity purports to show fares of either $258 or $298 for BOS-CDG in April, but then the fares cannot actually be selcted. Switching over to Orbitz shows more or less the same for Rome ($10 higher, their service fee?) and $412 for BOS-CDG RT. Both are on NWA, and as a corollary, change in Amsterdam.

Your &quot;test fares&quot; may be different for any of number of reasons - - your choice of day of the week can often add or deduct $100, or maybe even more.

If you're prepared to spend that much (i.e., up to $700 per person), I think you can get the schedule you'd like - - though nonstop fares can sometimes be priced uncharacteristically higher than one-stop flights

Best wishes,


beachgirl86 Feb 23rd, 2005 10:46 AM


Yes, Rex, I know that fares can be found for those wonderful prices of around $300, but because I am a teacher, I HAVE to travel on certain days because of vacation time.

The $650-$700 fares I was coming up with were for my vacation dates this April (15th-24th), and I think that is why they are more expensive. Supply and demand of school vacation, I guess. These weeks are usually more expensive than other weeks of travel.

Margie Feb 23rd, 2005 11:27 AM

Have you looked at Virgin-Vacations? They often bundle air and a hotel stay for what you could typically pay for just air during a high season. Obviously the more inexpensive packages do not use hotels that are smack in the center of the city, but with a little hotel research you can pick the best one for you that is offered. Virgin has many packages that include London + another city. You will have to play around a little with the site to get the cities, hotels and dates that you want, but it is worth a look. I looked at a package that was JUST London, and for rt air from Boston, a Friday Departure (picked that because I didn't think you could leave mid-week) 6 nights hotel, continental breakfast everyday, all taxes and fees, forjust under $1600 - FOR TWO PEOPLE. If you choose a &quot;better&quot; hotel the price will increase. Included in the above rate was the $30 fee to depart from Boston, and the surcharge for the Friday departure was $25.

The site has a &quot;build your own vcacation feature&quot; a a toll free number to call if you need help planning. I used customer service a few time in the past and they were very helpful. Good Luck!

Margie Feb 23rd, 2005 11:29 AM

Why did I think you wanted London &amp; Rome?? Sorry about that! But still check the Virgin Atlantic link I included in my post above, they have some Paris air &amp; hotel packages from Boston too.

beachgirl86 Feb 23rd, 2005 11:51 AM

Margie -- Great website, thanks!

rex Feb 23rd, 2005 11:52 AM

Hmmm... my reply apparently didn't come across the way I meant - - I was trying to reassure you that allocating up to $700 in your budget is entirely appropriate. I didn't reference any fares <i><b>actually available</b></i> for &quot;$300&quot; (I cited $383 and $412, and those were not open jaw - - it usually falls in between, but not always). And I did say that weekend travel might easily add $100. But I should have surmised that citing a Tuesday-Tuesday fare is irrelevant, since you DID say that you are a teacher planning to travel on (spring break?) vacation (as opposed to &quot;summer vacation&quot;).

In any event, even just considering the fares that you found, $700 is not &quot;average&quot; - - it's probably in the top (i.e., cheapest) 20%-ile of bargain fares. That's why I was pointing out that you probably aren't planning to budget for an &quot;average&quot; air fare (and I'm not proposing that you <i><b>should</b></i> budget as high as the true &quot;average&quot;).

beachgirl86 Feb 23rd, 2005 12:01 PM

Rex, now I understand what you mean! I found your information and replies very helpful, so thank you :) Good to know that these prices may be on the high end!

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