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DeborahAnn Apr 8th, 2013 05:25 AM

What precautions when parking at a hotel within the ZTL
We have never stayed at a hotel within a ZTL with a rental car so I'm wondering if there are some precautions I should take before and during our stay to make sure we don't incur any parking fines--notice of which seem to come looooong after the stay ;;)

In Bellagio I have been instructed by the hotel to give our tag number to the concierge. Should I expect/request a paper confirming that this information has been relayed to the proper authorities or just assume all will be well?

I can't find information if Stresa also has a ZTL but we are staying in a hotel with parking that could be in a ZTL if they have one. I'll be asking that information when I confirm our reservation this week.

Levanto might be another place to be concerned but I would hope the owner of the apartment would help if there was a problem there.

I want to make sure I have kept or requested all the right documents to defend, if necessary, any parking violations. Thanks for any advice, Deborah

Dukey1 Apr 8th, 2013 05:48 AM

All I will offer is this: I think it is admirable that you are doing everything possible to avoid fines, and especially those which seem unjust.

However, do not be surprised if despite all your preparations and cautions that you still get one of those notices months later and end up deciding that the cost simply does not justify the time and effort required to fight the charge. I realize that is infuriating but I suspect it is also the norm rather than the exception sometimes.

DeborahAnn Apr 8th, 2013 06:04 AM

Thanks Dukey, I will do whatever I can to avoid an unfair fine and the expense that does along with it. I was even thinking of packing some stickers that I can use to disguise the numbers on my license plate---I wouldn't do that but it did cross my mind!! ;;) I see cars with those dark covers over their rear plates, making it difficult to see the plate numbers---aren't they put there to avoid speed traps and red light cameras??

I don't want any fines to spoil a wonderful trip to Italy. We won't be using our car a lot during our stay but we will be taking day trips on occasion--more opportunities to have our picture taken in the ZTL--whooppee!! Deborah

kybourbon Apr 8th, 2013 06:20 AM

Parking fines are not the same as ZTL fines. If you are concerned about parking, learn the various signs/colors for parking in Italy.

I don't know about Bellagio, but in larger towns such as Florence, not all hotels have arrangements for ZTL. It's also only good for arrival (to drop your luggage) and check out. It's not good for day trips or multiple entries.

Each town/city may have it's own rules. Most smaller towns don't have cameras.

Sher Apr 8th, 2013 06:43 AM

When we parked near our hotel in Orvieto two years ago, we knew that we had accidentily driven through a ZTL zone to park.
The hotel was in a ZTL zone where you could pick up and drop off luggage but the parking lot was not and there were ways to get to the parking lot without driving through the zone when going and coming from day trips.
Unfortunately, we got turned around and returned to the hotel one night and could not readily find the correct way.

We were told at the front desk that we should notify them if this happened and they would notify the police which they did. They also gave us a copy of the fax they sent to the local police. So far we have not received any citations.

In this case we knew we had gone through the ZTL zone. I do not know how you would have any protection against fines if you are unaware that you did so.

Dukey1 Apr 8th, 2013 07:19 AM

We apparently drove through some sort of restricted zone when we were in Siena a couple years ago. I was very very vigilant about reading the posted signs, etc., but according to the notice I received apparently I wasn't as vigilant as I had thought.

How DO you reasonably contest something like this?

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