What makes a 'foodie' a 'foodie'?

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I agree~

Some of the best meals have been in cafes and bistros just as well as Michelin-starred restos.

Any label you want to put on: I like trying new things, going out of my way to try something different, care about the way it is cooked, looks, and tastes....then go for it-

Foodie, chowhound, 'gourmet adventurer'...!?

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I think what makes a foodie is the focus on the food. I will excuse a lot of lousy decor, waiter goofs, and bad attitude if the food is spectacular. Granted I tend to rate the overall experience, but the food rules over all.
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Good Chinese business associate said quite a while ago to me "don,t eat the fixtures." Meaning because it looks great doesn't make it great. and you may be wasting money. I don't allow myself to be suckered into fancy looking places but research locally wherever I am. And have discovered some fabulous restaurants thatdon,t look gorgeous but send you soaring with delight at very fair prices.
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I guess I'm a foodie/chowhound/whatever-you-call-it. Some people eat to live (food as fuel); I more or less live to eat! I love food at all levels, from dive-y ethnic joints to upscale gourmet restaurants - as long as it's actually good food. Don't do frozen or fast food. I'll gladly have a tasty piece of bread and cheese, or a salad for dinner instead.

I cook from scratch nightly, and often make something more ambitious over the weekend. Watch cooking shows, read several food/wine magazines, research restaurants nearly as much as hotels before I travel.

However, I don't make reservations months in advance for multi-starred restaurants. It's just not in my budget, and I tend to prefer more "rustic" food in less posh surroundings anyway. (Which is not to say that I wouldn't love to go to those sorts of places at someone else's expense!)
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I've become a foodie just over the last year which had at elast something to do with moving into a place with a fantastic big kitchen WITH a dishwasher (I live on my own so if I don't wash it noone will!). I'm now obsessed with trying different foods & recipes & seeking out the best places to buy unique & fresh ingredients. I'm going through phase at the moment of using lots of lemon & chilli -eg, the other night I made this dish of diced ocean trout fillet done in lemon juice, lemon zest & chilli with baby bok choy & noodles & a splash of soy sauce - YUM! I'm also going through a bit of a middle eastern phase with plenty of cous cous with everything. I made a delicious Lamb tagine the other week & the other night had grilled salmon fillet coated in olive & artichoke paste on a bed of cous cous made in vegetable stock & finely chopped zucchini stirred through served with a salad of mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomates & marinated diced fetta - Mmmmm! I'm enjoying experimenting & making up my own recipes as I go along.
Bon Appetit to all! (& please excuse the typos!) I highly recommend cookbooks by Donna Hay - shes an Australian cook but her books seem to be available on Amazon under slightly different titles than they are here. She has an emphasis on simplicity but high quality & fresh produce.
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This is one of my favorite all-time posts, and it's great to see it at the top again.

PB: Thank you for the lovage soup recipe. I haven't tried it yet, but I will pull it up in cooler weather.

Just reading the post above from Lucy made me want to send out good thoughts to all that have contributed to this thread, and may we continue to find commonalities and goodness in small things.

Lucy you are doing some cool world-cuisine. Liked the trout-bok-choy idea. Lamb tangine, and couscous are Morroccan or Tunisian dishes that I first tried in Paris, during gentler times.

Salut, bonzai, sante. May our culinary sensibilities translate into a being able to continue to share the salmon from Nova Scotia, the eggplant a from Provence, artisan cheeses and breads, fines herbes and recipes from everywhere, and the very best ahi and papayas from Hawaii. And of course, wines from Australia, Chile and Argentina along with the vins nobles of France and California and single malt scotches from the fair land of Scotland. And micro-brewery beers in the German tradition. Aloha nui.
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Topping because its so delicious!
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Please sir, may I have some more?
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A foodie does 2 things. At a fine restaurant when asked how the entree is preferred, a foodie says "as the chef recommends". Looking at a menu a foodie looks for the one item he or she has never tried and orders it.
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Voila! There you go, Steve!
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topping my favourite thread...
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