What kind of traveler are you?


Jul 21st, 2013, 01:34 PM
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What kind of traveler are you?

Do you like art museums or other kinds of museums? Are you on the go as much as possible, seeing a lot of sights, or do you like a more slow-paced day?

Are you a foodie? An oenophile? Or do you just grab a piece of cheese and an apple and drink a cola? Do you ever hit the Golden Arches?

Do you revisit favorite places, or are you all about seeing a new place every trip? Do you prefer visiting cities or the countryside? Or both?

Do you travel as cheaply as you can, or do you tend to forget about the budget?

Just curious about other people's travel preferences...
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Jul 21st, 2013, 01:52 PM
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I love most museums, especially small, quirky museums such as the Corkscrew Museum, Lavender Museum, Lock & Key Museum, Transportation Museums.

I eat as well as my budget allows but usually save the good meal for the evening and grab something light for lunch so I don't want an afternoon nap after a heavy mid-day meal. I do enjoy relaxing over lunch, even if it's a sandwich from a truck eaten on a park bench. Sometimes McDonald's is all there is at roadside stops but I always get the chicken nuggets.

I both revisit favorite places and see new places. My budget has pushed me to some less expensive locations and I've been delighted at what I've found.

I usually look for budget lodging but don't skimp on sightseeing admission fees. I would not pass up seeing something because of cost.

I like to travel leisurely and not cram too much into a day. I'd rather linger and make a memory of what I've seen rather than rush through and visit lots of spots in a day. That is not what I call seeing everything; it's what I call creating a vacation blur.

I prefer cities but also love out of the way spots that few tourist visit such as the beautiful chapel in the Nice hinterland where I was the only person in the church - me and all those wonderful frescoes!
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Jul 21st, 2013, 02:11 PM
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I do enjoy museums but also like to go at a relaxing pace on some days. I have learned to build in a flex day or two, so that we can include something we discover while there or just have some time to go at a more leisurely pace. I don't plan too much on planned days and usually there are only 2 places to go per day, maximum. If they are sites that require several hours to see, then that's it for the day. Maximise the time without running around like a crazy person. I want to feel that I saw a lot without being frazzled and worn out.

For food, the budget tends to go by the wayside. I don't hit the Golden Arches outside of the US and not on vacation. We are food-o-philes and the food is as important as what we see. Same goes with the wine, for the most part.

We tend to revisit favs over and over again, but will throw in something new every few years. Paris and Maui are the two sites I have been to most. Lately, we have been more into cities and we make one day trip (or two) out to smaller towns or the country during visits. I think we don't do as much "country" if we can't get there pretty easily by train. We also have not wandered as much as we probably should and I think it comes down to lack of language skills...we are working on that.

We don't let the budget stop us from seeing what we want and we will pay more for things like early entry or expedited entry. We used to avoid tours but now will hire a guide or pay to be part of a very small group...we learn more and usually get some sort of faster entry, access to a limited area, etc...I hate big tour groups. Patience is not a strong suit for me. For certain things, hiring a guide can be worth every penny!

Last, I can't afford the top hotels (unless I got it on points), but I don't skimp on the room. I need quiet to sleep and have to say that cleanliness is super high on my list. We don't use a lot of hotel services but sometimes having them can be convenient. We book our own reservations for most things, so we don't have to have a concierge.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 02:22 PM
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I love art museums, and so does my husband, but - our teen daughter, who travels with us now, does not. Our museum visits, unfortunately are limited to two hours, and I try to book a guided tour, because I noticed she gets more out of it this way, and actually halfway enjoys the museum then (but she still gripes about going to museums). She does like architecture and history, though, so she's never bored visiting monuments and churches, etc.

We like to travel at a slow pace and I only plan one major activity/visit per day. I'll have a couple of other things planned just in case we finish with the major thing early - but that's only if we feel like it. Obviously, we don't see as much as some people on one visit, but it's more enjoyable to us.
I also dislike 1, 2 and 3 night stays. I prefer to stay a whole week in one city and do a couple of day trips...

I like wine, and I'm trying to educate myself about it and belong to a mid-grade wine club, but am leery of wine tours because I don't want to eat ham and cheese with my wine. I'm also not a foodie, because I'm vegan. I do like to eat, and there are some good vegan restaurants out there - they're just not in the hotspots of Europe, I think . I hear Barcelona may be different, though - we'll see...not holding my breath about it though. I don't travel to eat anyway, so...
My food ethics are also why I like renting an apartment anywhere over having a hotel room.

In the U.S. there are a few places we've been to more than twice, some we'd like to get back to. My favorite places in the U.S are Savannah GA, Washington D.C., the Bay area (my stepdaughter lives there, and it's nice AND very vegan-friendly)and the Smokies (for when we want to go camping and hiking... we always go in March, off-season.) For reasons I don't understand myself, we've never been to NYC. Probably because I'm afraid I'd want to move there. My daughter, and my Mom, however, have been pestering me to plan a trip there soon.

We've only just began traveling in Europe, and already I'd like to go back to Florence and Paris. But I hope to see some new places first, then go back to our favorites....
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Jul 21st, 2013, 02:24 PM
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I do not like museums as they make me tired. There have only been 2 that I have enjoyed and would go back to. I prefer churches and gardens.

I always hit McD's in Europe at least once to see if they have the old fried apple pies. Brings back childhood memories. Other times, it depends what mood I am in but don't ever eat out at fancy places.

I like old and new places as well as cities and countryside. When revisiting a place, I always add in something new to mix it up. When I do go to a new place, I have to see everything. If I go back, then I follow the above.

My budget is somewhere around average. I love getting a deal but will spend more to feel comfortable. I've decided I prefer 4 star hotels and found out on my last trip, 5 star is just not me. I know, how can anyone say that. Being waited on makes me uncomfortable but please no roach hotels.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 02:31 PM
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For me, museums/history, atmosphere, strolling different neighbourhoods (and not generally the plush ones); when it comes to food, I'm not a gourmet, let alone a restaurant groupie, but a step up from MacD's or local equivalents, unless I'm really desperate.

In more general terms, though, I guess we could all say:

I am a traveller
You are a visitor
They are !!??*!! tourists.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 02:39 PM
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We have revisited many places too many times. In fact, until we get to the point where we can't walk and they have to throw us in the back of a tour bus, we will go to places we have not been (except to visit family.)

We usually go to a slurge restaurant on a trip but otherwise look for a balance of good food and reasonable price. We are adventurous eaters.

We are inveterate art museum goers and spend considerable time going to them even in our home town, which has many world class and smaller museums. We are also extremely interested in walking a city and learning about the architecture. But we have taken many hikes including in the Alps.

We like reasonably priced hotels but once again, we might splurge for a two or three nights, if a place looks different and enticing.

We travel with the idea that it is better to see a few places well than many poorly.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 03:02 PM
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I enjoy museums and art galleries, but if they are really large I get tired and need a break. I love history and as I have gotten older I like to do small or private tours or walks, it just seems you get so much more out of it. Prefer to have time to really see things in a leisurely fashion, capable of doing lots in one day if necessary but prefer to not do that very often.
A favourite thing for me is to walk around different neighbourhoods looking at the buildings and getting a feel for the place.

I was in London last Sunday and we did a walking tour of Street Art in East London for 2 hours.It was fantastic and not expensive. Not only did we see some really interesting street art, we saw neighbourhoods I hadn't seen before and walked down Brick Lane which was just buzzing with people and reggae bands, walked past Spitalfield Market and ended on the Columbia St. flower market. Where I nearly burst into tears as I had to go home the next day and couldn't buy any of the gorgeous flowers they were practically giving away!

I like good food, it doesn't have to be Michelin star food but fresh and good. Never eat at McDonalds at home so certainly wouldn't when travelling. I like wine and cocktails and good coffee. Drink lots of water, tap or bottled doesn't matter.
Tend to only eat two meals a day when travelling but usually need to stop for coffee in the afternoon, don't tend to snack.

I always search out charming boutique type hotels, it doesn't have to be the most expensive place but I do not like chain/cookie cutter type hotels. The hotel experience is part of the fun of the trip for me.

City and countryside. Love going back to favourite places and also love to see new places. Mostly interested in Europe and the U.K. now.
Hawaii is always a winter getaway favourite.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 03:08 PM
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DH and I travel on a low-to-midrange budget although we don't have a strict $budget - just sensible. I search for the best airfares and car rentals. We usually stay in recommended small hotels, near the center if traveling by train or on the outskirts if traveling by car (places with free parking). We are active senior-seniors and we walk a lot, enjoying visiting churches, museums, other places of interest and parks. We aren't into shopping. We aren't foodies so we enjoy breakfast buffets, light snack for lunch, and inexpensive evening meals which might be sandwiches and fruit or cheese and wine in our room or a blackboard special somewhere or, (!) a McD in a pinch. Unless one is ill, we don't have "down" days. We tend to keep moving from around 10 a.m. until around 10 p.m. That said, we do enjoy lolling around on a good beach now and then in the summer. We enjoy seeing new things but also enjoy re-visiting some old favorites. We have several hotels/B&Bs in several countries that we enjoy returning to and have made friends with the owners. Our travel isn't quite as frantic/hectic as it was years ago although we do keep moving most of the time. We love to travel and hope to keep it up for a long time to come.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 03:09 PM
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I was getting into the habit of going to the same places, Ireland and Germany mostly but now go and unless someone is with us that has never been try to avoid that which I have already seen. There are still things I have not done there and will go again. I love France and can't wait to explore more. I made myself go to Tuscany recently because I need to do something different. You tend to get in a rut.

I love renting apartments and will stay in one location for several days just to be able to do that. Apartments in the city are my fav. I love going to the markets and bringing local items and wine back to the apartment. We had a terrace in Italy and it was great for hanging hand washed laundry and sitting out at night talking and having a drink. Public transportation is my number one rule now. Cheaper and easier imo. I have done the euro menu at McDonalds. Saltzburg had a crazy one, very nice.

I am into bike and hiking and cooking classes. I love old churches and the country but want to be in the city at night. We were in Normandy last year and the village we stayed in was great during the day but dead at night. I was bored. I did find one little pub opened.
We splurge on some meals and if I have gone all the way will pay admission to whatever. I hated Stirling castle and was only place in Scotland I wish I had kept the money in my pocket. Very Disneyish. I think some cooking classes seem expensive but there are many well worth it and you get to meet interesting people.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 03:22 PM
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We do not eat in McD's at home. We ate at one in Guatemala City when my wife had a stomach problem and figured at least the sanitary standards would be decent.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 05:37 PM
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Do you like art museums or other kinds of museums? YES

Are you on the go as much as possible, seeing a lot of sights, or do you like a more slow-paced day? NEITHER. EACH TRIP, EACH DAY, IS DIFFERENT



Or do you just grab a piece of cheese and an apple and drink a cola? NEVER A COLA (AND CERTAINLY NOT WITH CHEESE AND AN APPLE)

Do you ever hit the Golden Arches? NO

Do you revisit favorite places, or are you all about seeing a new place every trip? NEITHER. I GO WHERE I WANT TO GO

Do you prefer visiting cities or the countryside? Or both? BOTH

Do you travel as cheaply as you can, or do you tend to forget about the budget? BOTH. SPEND A LOT ON FOOD AND TRANSPORTATION, NOT MUCH ON LODGINGS, NOTHING ON GOODS

Just curious about other people's travel preferences... WHY?
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Jul 21st, 2013, 06:03 PM
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I love art museums, history museums, almost all of them and try to see as many as I can when traveling and at home.
I like slower paced travel, slow trav, not moving every day or so. Often rent homes or apts for a week or two.
I revisit some places but always want to see new places every year. I love Europe but Asia has me hooked.
I am not a budget traveler, rather spend sensibly with splurges here and there.
I love cities and could spend all of my time in them but then I enjoy seeing places like Lake Como, the Dolomites, Norwegian fjords, Swiss Alps.
I never go to McDonalds anywhere and wouldn't ever allow my younger family members traveling with me to eat at them abroad. There are so many local places far superior in quality and experience. It makes me cringe when people say ate at a US fast food place in other countries. I also try to only eat the local cuisine so no Italian in Bangkok, etc.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 07:09 PM
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I want to see every museum, church and historical sight there is. But not rush through them - be selective and see the most interesting sights in depth. No rushing around - we try to do 2 major sights on days we aren;t changing cities.

We are not true foodies, but we do like nice relaxed meals - nothing on the go except gelato or similar - we usually do a continental breakfast in the hotel, a nice relaxed lunch and dinner with wine at a pleasant restaurant (with usually one splurge dinner in each city). We also like to relax in the late afternoon with a drink - in a pza of similar - before going back to the hotel to change for dinner.

(We will buy fruit in a local market to take back to the hotel - good for a rainy night we don't go out to dinner, but eat in hotel.)

Our vacation time is limited - not what we are entitled to but what we can get at the same time - so we want comfortable hotels with room to relax (preferably a deluxe room or small suite) in very central locations and with full services. Naturally we try to get the best price we can - but cost is distinctly secondary to comfort.

We usually do road trips if we have enough time - with an anchor city at each end. But within cities we use mostly public transit - and will do trains if traveling just between 2 major cities.

We love cities, smaller towns and countryside (although I've spent most time in cities, since much of my travel now (Basel and a few major cities) is business - but although I'll walk forever, I'm not hiking up anything. Or kayaking or biking (on roads) - although I do bike in Central Park.

This covers more than 100 trips to europe - about half being business. (Although the business trips tend to be 5* hotels and the best known restaurants to take the client to - but no free time.)
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Jul 21st, 2013, 07:10 PM
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Zeppole..oh, I mean stevewith, why not?
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Jul 21st, 2013, 07:28 PM
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My husband and I are highly educated so we like art and architecture, decorative arts, libraries, etc.

We think we have been inside every church, museum, and palazzo in Venice.

After visiting Palazzo Grassi, we like to hit Farmacia Santa Maria Novella for some mint soap and almond paste.

We also love shopping at grocery stores when we travel. We grab a trolley and shop with the local housewives.

We love Billa on the Zattere in Venice and we love Monoprix on the Rue de Rennes in Paris.

We love to buy some takeaway coffee and a cornetto and spread out an Asprey handkerchief on some old abandoned well in Venice and have a picnic lunch with the pigeons.

Then it is off to the Peggy Guggenheim to see the Joseph Cornell boxes.

Then it is off to Al Merca in the Rialto Market for a spritz .

We aren't the type to hole up at the Danieli and only come out to have a Bellini at Harry's Bar or to send a boy over to Pantagruelica for some cheese.

Absolutely not!

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Jul 21st, 2013, 07:49 PM
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Do you like art museums or other kinds of museums?

I truly enjoy all museums! In my earlier travel days I rarely missed one be it big or small. Now, if it is between a great chef for lunch or a museum? It's going to be the chef.

Are you on the go as much as possible, seeing a lot of sights, or do you like a more slow-paced day?

In my younger days, I was go, go, go--and go some more!
Now, I am deliberate, choosy, paced, and I don't care what someone says I MUST do, unless it involves a wine glass. Truth.

Are you a foodie?

I will spend the cost of an airline ticket on a meal of my choice.

An oenophile?
I am a Wine-Know.

Or do you just grab a piece of cheese and an apple and drink a cola? Do you ever hit the Golden Arches?


Do you revisit favorite places,

If something WONDERFUL happened there... Yes...

or are you all about seeing a new place every trip?

I guess I lean toward the new visit.
If I'm traveling with hubby then it will be a repeat more than not as he travels about an eighth of what I do. So when he says *yes* to travel, I'll take him to a place where something WONDERFUL happened...

Do you prefer visiting cities or the countryside? Or both?


Do you travel as cheaply as you can, or do you tend to forget about the budget?

I start out all budget minded then I let it happen...

I still dress up--lots, and I don't buy as much souvie stuff as I used to.

Oh---I no longer allow others to take pictures of me/with me--No. Matter. What.

I also stay up late and go to bars--solo, and now, I do talk to strangers!!!

Happy Travels,
Oaktown Traveler
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Jul 21st, 2013, 08:10 PM
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We like both cities and countryside. In cities, we love art museums and galleries, history and certain types of architecture. Two very opposite things that I love are cathedrals and thatched buildings. We've been known to chase both. Sites that are about art history or literary sites also attract us. I prefer not to visit battlefields, scenes of destruction, or imprisonment, although there are exceptions.

I like to go to Europe, and we keep returning to Italy, France and England. We also like to travel in the US and Canada. We have gone on beach trips, but not lately. Mostly, those are with family.

We aren't spendy, because we have a moderate income and prefer to go as often as we can afford. So moderate accommodations are what we usually seek. When we can, we rent apartments. We don't drink, so no wine or drinks budget, but we do like nice food and enjoy local well-prepared food. Light breakfast, simple lunch, and then dinner is usually our entertainment for the evening, but in cities we will attend a performance one evenings.

In cities we stick with public transportation. In the countryside or mountains we like a rental car.

No McD's, anywhere.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 09:54 PM
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Actually there are many people who are less than "highly educated" who also enjoy art, architecture and libraries, etc.
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Jul 21st, 2013, 10:29 PM
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when I find myself in a city (trip to Paris this Oct), I head to historical museums.
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