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What is the daily maximum you can withdraw using your ATM

What is the daily maximum you can withdraw using your ATM

Aug 16th, 1999, 02:27 PM
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What is the daily maximum you can withdraw using your ATM

I realize that using an ATM while traveling in Europe will provide the best exchange rate, but what is the maximum you can withdraw from your account on a daily basis?

We will be in London in December and have a few hundred pounds leftover from an earlier visit, so we have enough for when we hit the ground. I assume that there is a transaction fee everytime you use the ATM so it makes since to withdraw the max. each time (to reduce these fees). I usually convert US to pounds through my bank (not the best exchange rate but no fees)before I leave. My rationale has been that while I'm not getting the best rate I don't have to worry about finding an ATM (which may or may not be a problem depending on where I am) and there are no transaction fees. Any help or info would be appreciated.

Aug 16th, 1999, 02:33 PM
Brian in Atlanta
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It's up to your bank. Check with them, but expect it to range from $200 to $500.
Aug 16th, 1999, 02:35 PM
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I'm sure it varies by bank. You should call yours and ask and specifically mention ATMs in Europe just in case that affects the answer.
Aug 16th, 1999, 02:40 PM
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Mark: It does vary by bank. know before you go since if you try an arbitrary amount just to see if you get it (like $400.00, doesn't work, $350.00 might...), the machine will "eat" your card on the third attempt. Been there, done that.
Aug 16th, 1999, 03:38 PM
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It does depend on the bank that issued your card. Just call and ask what your limit is. If it's not high enough, ask them to raise it.
Aug 16th, 1999, 11:10 PM
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Mark, most banks set the daily withdrawal limit based on their customers relationship. Your local branch should be able to tell you what yours is. Keep in mind that just because your daily limit may be $1000 (example) that doesn't mean you can always witdraw that amount from another banks ATM. They may impose a lesser limit on non account holders. If you don't already have one ask your bank for a debit card that will allow you to access your account through the Visa network. This will give you another option and can help eliminate the ATM fees. The single transaction limit on the debit feature of your card is often much higher than you ATM limit. ( again ask your branch what that limit is ) These cards are accepted wherever they accept Visa and the money is debited directly from your checking account. It can also reduce your need to carry cash which will reduce your risk to a non- recoverable loss. You also may want to consider requesting a second ATM/Debit card from your bank. ( not a duplicate card but a second card with a different 16 digit account # ) You can keep this card in a safe place, if your wallet is lost/stolen you can cancel your first card and resume your trip using your backup card. If you are leaving soon most large banks can give you an instant issue ATM card that will start working immediately. Just go into your banking center and ask for one. Be sure to get a customer service # that you can call collect from outside the U.S. in case you need to report your card lost/stolen. These #'s aren't always preprinted on the back of ATM/Debit cards. That's probably more info than you needed but I hope it helps.

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