What is Innsbruck like?

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What is Innsbruck like?

Ever since I was a little boy and watched the Winter Olympics from Innsbruck I have wanted to go there. What is it like? What to see? What to do? Where to eat?
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I can still hear Jim McKay describing the events of the Olympics.
However,IMHO,it is not a place to spend more than a nite or so. It is however, a great stepping off place to such areas as the Italian Dolomites,-Germany(Munich)and many other areas in an around Switzerland and France.
Go there and enjoy but use it as a base city to see the rest of the area.
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I was there for a few days about 15 years ago in the fall. Honestly, there's not much to do and I found the people the least-friendly of anywhere I've ever been to to this day. Maybe in the winter it's better. You could go hiking (when we were there it was rainy and overcast), you can tour the site of the winter olympics and see the ski jump ramps. Other than that not much else.
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wes fowler
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Innsbruck is an Imperial city in the same sense as Vienna. It was the home of the Tyrolian branch of the Habsburgs and the old inner city pedestrian zone attests to that Imperial status. Old town buildings range from the 16th to 18th centuries and from Gothic to Rococo in exterior decor; you'll find a wealth of exterior walls decorated with stucco work, frescoes and gilded wrought iron signs identifying the various shops and pubs. The Helblinghaus is a fine example of Rococo; the Goldenes Dachl from about 1500 is Gothic. For an impressive example of the ornateness and richness of the Habsburg dynasty, visit Maximilian's Mausoleum with its 28 huge bronze statues that guard Maximilian's tomb. Ironic that Maximilian designed it for his own entombment, but the citizens of Innsbruck, even though he was at death's door, would not allow him to enter the city to die. They were angered by his profligacy and near bankruptcy of the Tyrol. Maximilian isn't buried in his mausoleum but rather in his birthplace. There's an impressive view of the historic section of town from the top of the Stadtturm, a 14th century bell tower that was part of the old town hall. There's an even more impressive view. Go up the Hungerburg via funicular for a spectacular view of the city and the Alpine ranges to the south.

Finally, Innsbruck is a university town, thus a young people's town. You'll find restaurants, cafes and dance halls appealing to the young.
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I was surprised at what a large city it is. For the size of the town, and a pretty good-sized airport nearby, I can think of no other comparable city where you can stand in downtown, and see ski-able slopes in all four directions (and they are just about close enough to ski jump to the center of town!)

If this is an overnight "passing through stop for you, consider staying in the interesting-enough nearby town of Hall in Tirol. The Hotel Heiligkreuz there is worthy of a B+ recommendation. Decent food, fairly good location (requires a car). Free internet access in the lobby, for people who care about that kind of thing.

Best wishes,

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You cn go to innbruck if you like, but there is really not much to see there except the surroundings and the lovely chalet like architecture. I would highly reccommend going to Salzburg instead, though that is just my opinion
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OK, nevermind. My childhood dream has been shattered. I will pick Salzburg instaed.
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The '76 Olympics were probably the first ones I remember watching. I always wanted to go to Innsbruck, so on our first European vacation, we stayed right in the old town. The old town is very small, and quite frankly, like some of the others have mentioned, I too was very disappointed. I wouldn't plan for more than one night.
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Hi Richard:

I have cousins that live in Hall in Tirol (see Rex's post) and have been to Innsbruck numerous times to vist them. I like Hall better than Innsbruck. It is a smaller, quaint area with nice hiking paths in the hills. Innsbruck is good for a day or two, but it is much larger than quainter! I like Garmish for the big alpine towns in the area! Hey, I ski and I had to go there also to see the ski-jump!
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It is a city of over 100k--nuf said !
I was there in 1961 the first time. It was cute then. Go to Hallstatt,Ortisei,
Garmisch, Hall if you want to relive your memories.

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