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Nicole Jan 25th, 1999 06:23 AM

What happened to
I noticed several people mention as an excellent site for trip planning in Europe. It seems that it has disappeared from this address I was hoping that someone might know it's whereabouts or be able to offer an alternate site. <BR>Regards <BR>Nicole <BR>

Joe Lomax Jan 25th, 1999 03:29 PM

This address still works: <BR>

topoftheworld Jan 25th, 1999 03:37 PM

I hope its just down and not gone. You cannot get to it even thru its parent site, <BR>It is (was?) one of the most informative sites on Eu, even if you are not driving. I used it extensively last fall. 'Be a shame to lose it. <BR> <BR>There is another gas co that has a similar site. I ran into it when I was planning my trip last fall. It's a benzene co with a lot of stations in Germany, but I can't recollect the name. <BR>I mention this only so it may jog another reader's memory.

Helena Jan 26th, 1999 02:35 AM

Thanks, Nicole, for posting the Shell site to the forum! I'll definitely use it. I drove yersterday from Prague to Kufstein, Austria and back (for a short meeting... long day), and tested the site out with that itinerary. The directions were right on, and the expected driving time was right on (well, I drove a little faster, but the roads were dry and traffic was light). The only thing that was a little off was the gas price. I ended up spending about $15 more (no biggie). This site gets my thumbs up for good travel directions. Also useful was the list of gas stations I will pass. Since there's a big difference in gas prices between the Czech Republic and Austria, it's helpful to know where to find the the last pump before the border. This one makes my bookmark list, thanks.

Richard Jan 26th, 1999 08:03 AM

We returned yesterday from a trip to the Alsace and used Route66 for the directions from Frankfurt to Colmar, via Strasbourg. We found 66 to be a poor second to Euroshell for clear, concise directions. It would be a shame for Euroshell to be no more, but in this day of falling oil prices, cuts are being made in many places. In response to 'topoftheworld'(Ma?) one company that comes to mind is Total.

COVADONGA Jan 26th, 1999 11:36 AM

The name of the gas company topoftheworld found last fall, should be ARAL, the big one in Germany. <BR>Try with, and good luck.

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