What happened to Fauchon in Paris?

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What happened to Fauchon in Paris?

I first went to Fauchon at Place de la Madeline several years ago. Last spring the store was undergoing renovations and just had a small shop open. I went last week anticipating a bigger, better store and was so disappointed to find a crowded, cramped space with a fraction of the wares--where was the top floor filled with salt and herbs? And I have to say that my local Whole Foods has many times the cheese. Anyone know the story here?
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I don't know the story, but Fauchon is indeed definitely not the store it used to be...and I do 99% of my shopping at Whole Foods and other such stores and can do a lot better. I first went to Fauchon, I think in the 70s when it was different. Happy Travels!
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I prefer Hediard. However, I think the Fauchon on Park Avenue in Manhattan is closed.

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Fauchon hasn't done well financially, I think they were on the verge of bankruptcy at one point, and closed or sold a lot of their stores. They used to have small satellite shops in Paris which they bought from Flo Prestige, and they sold those off to Lenotre. I think the business is just trying to figure out what model it is and what to concentrate on. They were supposed to be expanding the flagship store, though. Maybe they just figured salt and herbs was not the best thing to push for them.
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Thanks for the info.
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Fauchon is pathetic. Who cares what happens to them -- or Hédiard, for that matter?
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The mass marketers in France have made a big effort to make luxury food items accessible to everybody, and it has hit the luxury boutiques hard. Even some of the rich are beginning to count their euros.
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FAUCHON on Park Ave in NYC CLOSED a few years ago.

Christina is correct, as FAUCHON has gone thru "financial issues" and is NOT THE Same FAUCHON as it used to be.
It was a fabulous store to visit "back in the day."
The presentation was wonderful.

Unfortunately they may "never" return to HOW THEY USED TO BE.

Life Changes!

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>Unfortunately they may "never" return to HOW THEY USED TO BE.

Life Changes!<

C'est dommage.

I had hoped that one day I would be rich enough to pull up to Fauchon in my chauffeur-driven Citroen and pick up some stuff for dinner.

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I find most of my salts and spices at the Inno. 2 locations one at Passy and the other Montparnesse.It's a pleasure to stock up there while in Paris.
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For those who don't know, Inno and Monoprix are basically the same store, owned by the same company. But the Inno stores are almost hypermarkets, which Monoprix has only rarely operated in the past, under the "Super M" name -- I don't think that any of them still exist, at least not in the Paris metropolitan area (there was one at Issy-les-Moulineaux in the old days, but now it is just called 'Monoprix'.).
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