What gifts to bring from the US?

May 4th, 1999, 06:01 AM
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What gifts to bring from the US?

The Nutella post got me thinking about to bring to England when I visit friends in two weeks. I've returned to Florida with Coleman's tubes, etc but don't know what the English might like to receive from US. Any suggestions?
May 4th, 1999, 06:21 AM
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Although I am from Canada, I can offer a couple of ideas that may start you thinking.

We have family in England and whenever we visit (every 2 years or so) we take gifts for our family.

We try to focus on things Canadian or reflective of Canada or items that cannot be purchased over there or items that are cheaper if purchased here. For example:

For little children= Osh Kosh (VERY pricy in England).

CDs= my cousins (in their 30s) must have spent almost US$400 on CDs between the two of them! I learned that at US$10-$15 CDs are almost 1/2 the price!

Coffee=our cousins love good coffee and think that Tim Hortons (very Ontario) is the best. Although I don't agree, Ii always take a pound when I visit.

Ontario wines= except for one store in Bristol, these cannot be bought in England.

Roots= long before our athletes' '98 Olympics apparel, our family appreciated the stuff.

As for US specific = look at wines from places other than California (Oregon for example). Go to a local gallery and pick up some tasteful prints by local American artists. Better yet, my mom always manages to find these really nice coasters (or hot plates) with reproductions of art work on top. These are a nice idea as they can tuck them away and bring them out as needed.

Lengthly, but hopefully it will give you an idea as to where to start.


May 4th, 1999, 10:13 AM
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Dear Kristine, Our friends in England consider pecans a wonderful gifts as they are very expensive there. Happy travels! bushmama
May 4th, 1999, 01:26 PM
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Pecans and also _real_ maple syrup sound good.

When I was younger this was easy - I sued to go to the USA and PACK my suitcase FULL of Lucky CHarm cerea. Of course I was 5 or 6 then and wouldn't dream of doing that now (OK, I give in, that is because you can get them here!)

Oreo cookies were also popular but again they are here too now.

If your recipients have been to the States I would suggest asking them as they may have favourites that are better than what you mgith choose, e.g. You can get Mountain Dew here but it is a very different recipe...

IF you don't want to ask tehn I guess their ages will dictate.

Probably for teenagers clothes by poplular names such as Nike, something Tommy Hilliifiger (I am not trendy enough to know these well). Everytime my young friends and colleagues go over Stateside they buy this sort of stuff.

MAybe sillies such as the latest Dilbert bookor desk calendar...

I will think some more and come back
May 4th, 1999, 03:04 PM
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1. California wine
2. Pecans
3. Marshmellows(sp)
4. Reeses peanut butter cups

These are my usual travel gifts.

I took a candyland and Old maid card game to a child in Italy and he loved it
May 4th, 1999, 03:24 PM
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My sister from New England: candles from Yankee Candle (those old-fashioned hand dipped ones); honey from local producers; maple syrup/candy. Elvira from the Southwest: prickly pear jelly; locally made salsa or hot sauce; dream catchers; Hopi or Zuni jewelry.

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