What do you love about Paris?

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"The very friendly, helpful French people... The smell of public transportation... The easy access to the museums... Great service in the restaurants... Inexpensive hotels..."

I actually believe these things to be true of Paris, without a bit of sarcasm! Paris is FAR cleaner, friendlier and cheaper than any large U.S. city I can think of, and most major Eurpoean cites as well. And it has beauty and style beyond compare.

I will remember always seeing "Cendrillon" (Cinderella) at the Opera Garnier. I love Paris for its art, architecture, food, wine.... And its love of these things, and its well-founded pride in itself!

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To the top!
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My goodness -- after reading all of these wonderful descriptions of Paris, it brought tears to my eyes! We leave in 20 days to see the enchanted Paris for our first time.

We can't wait and are so excited!! Thank you Teri for asking this question.
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Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful descriptions of Paris! I, too am leaving for Paris in a few weeks for the first time. I have been so nervous about it lately that I had forgotten why every girl wants to go to Paris for her Sixteenth birthday!
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Kaitlin and Deby:

I am so jealous! I hope you have a great time! Be sure to go to the market on Rue Cler (7th) near the Eiffel Tower and get a crepe from the crepe stand. They open at 11 a.m. Also, around the corner is a fabulous restaurant Le Petit Troquet - that has been mentioned several times on Fodors. That wonderful quaint restaurant is where we had wonderful French meal. Have a great trip!
Old Jun 1st, 2000, 11:34 AM
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A nighttime stroll with my wife from the Right Bank, across the Ile-de-la-Cite, into the Latin Quarter for wine in a sidewalk cafe.
Old Jun 1st, 2000, 11:53 AM
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My wife and I have been to Paris many times, but on this last trip, mid-May of this year, I fulfilled my fantasy. After our bike tour of Normandie, we hauled our bikes to Paris. We stayed at our favorite hotel on the Place de la Madeleine and at 6:30A on Sunday we rode our bikes to the Place de la Concorde, up the Champs to the Arc d'Triomphe, over to the Trocadero and then along the Seine to Notre Dame and through the streets of Ile St. Louis. Call me an old (62) romantic. You'll note we did avoid Montmartre, not ready for THOSE hills.
Old Jun 1st, 2000, 12:02 PM
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Richard, just curious, but which hotel is your "favorite hotel" on the Place de la Madelaine? I've stayed in the area twice. Can't recall the name of the place I stayed in 1993 but it was right on the corner looking out at the back of the church.
Old Jun 2nd, 2000, 10:54 AM
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kk, The hotel is the Hotel Madeleine Plaza, at 33, place de la Madeleine. We first stayed there over 15 years ago and stayed many times since. Two years ago we tried to make reservations by fax but got no reply. After giving up and staying on the Ile St. Louis, we walked by and found it was closed for renovation. We were curious as to the 'new' hotel and so made reservations for May. It has gone from a funky little no star to a 3 star, rooms half the size and twice the price, but it's a wonderful location.
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Just wanted to let you Paris lovers know that the same question was asked about London recently and it got more responses than this. I think that London wins! However, I'm still looking forward to my first trip to Paris this summer.
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PLain and Simple:

Ice Cream at Bertheon in the middle of Isle St. Louis (behind Notre Dame) - maybe the best ice cream in the world.

Parc Monceau up near the 8th

The fine chocolate covered crepes you can buy in the gift shop next to Maxims

The view from the fouth? floor balcony at the Musee D'Orsey.

AND DO NOT miss Ste. Chappelle (sp?) near NOtre Dame on a sunny day - the best stained glass in Paris (it is hard to find because it is inside a government bulding but very accessable)

By the way, just trying a little French will go a long way in Paris - please, thank you, and "I'm sorry I do not speak French" are polite terms that will get a lot more understanding.

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I was just waxing eloquently about Paris at nite and I saw your message...I can not explain why i love it so much, but I would like to spend some real time in a condo, so I can carry on my love affair with this beautiful city! She is the most wonderful city I have ever seen and I just got back from a cruise of major Mediterranean cities...even Venice does not have the heart that Paris has,,,I go to Rome in Sept. and we shall compare...ah but Paris...
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to the top for Amy
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Paris is saturated with the exuberance of youth, the assertive and beautiful dignity of age, and the spirit of all possibilities.

Three months after my first time in Paris, and I am still dreaming about it every night. It fit my psyche like a glove.
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You have stated it perfectly and beautifully - thank you!
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After so many replies, anything seems so redundant because it has all been said. Regardless, the galleries and just walking through the many different parts of Paris are always exciting. As for "the very friendly helpful French people," they indeed are. As for those who made this comment either in sarcasm or truth, I would have to ask how you treat people to arrive at this very sad American cliche. After numerous visits to Paris and elsewhere in France, I can say that this is definitely not the case. Sorry, but it sounds to me as if some people should just stay home.
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to the person who said London wins---I think not!!! I do love London and the English countryside. It is beautiful and I hope to be back there many times in my life. to the person who said she loves Paris and is going to Rome in Sept. to compare---NO COMPARISON!!! I just returned from Rome last week. It was my first trip. I'm glad I went and there were things about it that I definately enjoyed---the ancient ruins, the Vatican, the beautiful churches, etc. But when I left I said to myself, I don't have to spend any more time here. Paris on the otherhand is just such a special place. It's almost been a year since my first trip and I long for it all the time.
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hmmmmm.... what do I love about Paris?
I lived in Paris for two years and each day was a new adventure for me. I tried to explore every nook and cranny of the city, but that was impossible.
Even though Paris is filled with amazing monuments, museums and sights, the part I love most about Paris are the parts that are in no guide books. They are the streets that you stumble upon when you are looking for the closest metro but suddenly find yourself far from any familiar landmark. They are the obscure ethnic restaurants hidden off side streets. They are the elegant and colorful florists that suddenly pop up on an empty, gray square. They are the local Saturday markets that appear in each bustling neighborhood. They are the ivy-covered balconies overflowing with pots of flowers and greens on a facade of gray and white cement. They are the games of "boules" played by the older French men in each park in Paris in the late summer afternoon or early morning november sun. They are the typical, rustic brasseries serving spicy warm mugs of vin chaud in winter and cool glasses of kir in summer. They are the occasional bakeries, quiet neighborhoods, lush, green parks, and cobblestone streets that you find by accident. They are the things that you come upon when you are looking for something else. These are the best parts of the city.


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