What did you forget to take??

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mkdiebold, most airlines I understand are recommending that you check in three to four hours before a flight back to the US. You're cutting it awfully close with only two hours. Allow more time if you can.
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Fortunately our terminal (2C) is right next to the train station. We'll have to hustle into line immediately. No potty breaks for us! Thanks for your concern and keep your fingers crossed.
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I second Nikki's recommendation to take your own washcloth if you use one at home. Hotels often don't provide them.
And I recommend a Ziploc baggie to keep that wet washcloth separated from the other stuff.

I rarely forget in the way of true necessities, since I try to be a low-maintenance traveler while maintaining a good modocum of hygiene ...and like Suze I figure if I really need it, I can buy it. Besides, and sometimes a trip to the pharmacy or grocery store is another adventure worth forgetting something for.

Happy travels!

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My passport! This was in '98, I think. Luckily we had an early enough flight that we were able to make our connection to Frankfurt. I had a neighbor pick up my passport and bring it to the airport.

I don't recall how it happened. It just did.
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Oh yes. My husband forgot to take his Green Card. He was able to a) get out of the US, b)into the UK, c) into France all on his Canadian passport...but when he went to come back to the States, they wouldn't let him fly out of Paris without his documents (which is understandable, but still).

Fortunately I had a color copy of his Green Card for him to provide the US Consulate, but it delayed him 3 days, and we paid $600 in fines and fees.

If we had it to do over again, I would have flown home and FEDEXed his green card to him at the hotel, and saved us the $600, and saved my DH the 8-hour consulate office experience and the 3-hour interview with the Lovely And Useful Department of Homeland Security who so lovingly interrogated my husband just so they could find out how his parents brought him here at the age of 5 from Calgary, and didn't he know he could be a citizen? before finally letting him back in.

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Just got back from 10 days in Greece and scribbled this on the back of the book I was reading while I thought of them:

- Cardigan (the Meltemi blew big time and it got chilly one night). The cardigan can work many different ways, buttoned, unbuttoned, etc.

Binoculars: so many things I wanted to see close up (passing ships, etc) so going to get some this winter

Water shoes: many of the "beaches" we visited were simply rocks and I wished I had some. I saw some on sale in Amorgos for 10 Euro but they weren't my size

Things I forgot this time were my Birkenstocks and my black strapless bikini. When I got back to the flat, there they were, on the sofa arm, where I left them.

The one thing I never travel without are good, old fashioned wax earplugs (set of 5 pairs for less than £2 at Boots). Even my husband asked for some this time as the aircon unit in our hotel room was unbelievably noisy!
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Well, I'm 59 years old; been married for the last 30. Don't own a bikini of any color or size, and don't go anywhere without my earplugs (unless of course, there's a spare bedroom!)

I think I'm ready to fly!
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My list of the rail itineraries we were buying tix for in Italy. It was a pain to redo them (I always have them written down to make life easier for the English-as-foreign-language ticket agents.) Lesson learned.

Other than that, nothing. If anything, we still bring more than we use.
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Hand sanitizer...cuz you never know. Some restrooms are lacking in soap...or water.

Flip flops. Walking on hotel carpet/floors skeeves me out. YMMV.
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Lots and lots of unscented handiwipes
Slippers to walk around the hotel in
Copies of confirmations in every bag
Baseball cap to cover up plane hair
Lots and lots of batteries
Zip lock bags
Extra plastic bags for dirty laundry
Water bottles and fruit/nuts for snacks

This might sound weird...but I think in my next trip I will bring one of those little tape recorders...in case there are sounds I want to capture and bring back home!


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Hope you haven't left yet - by all means pack a CORK SCREW! As you tour those vineyards there's nothing more wonderful than to sit on your veranda at the hotel and sip a wonderful local wine. Makes picnics easier. Hey, I don't go anywhere without a corkscrew!
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I always buy a corkscrew after I arrive. Makes a good souvenier.
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I forgot to bring a corkscrew when I traveled to Paris. Bought a cute one in a local store and thought: what a lovely souvenier!" Unfortunately I forgot to take it out of my bag and had it confiscated at the security check for one of tourist destinations (St. Sulpice I think). It was actually really funny. They had a big x-ray photograph of my bag with the corkscrew clearly visible up on a big monitor. Oh well!
Lesson: Pack it in your checked baggage and don't carry it around!
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things I always forget:
outlet converter
hairbrush (I always leave it for the last thing to pack...want to brust my hair once more before I head to the airport...then i forget it)

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Cold Medications. We went on a 2-week trip to England and on the second day I caught a nasty cold. It was the one time I didn't take cold medication from home, the stores were closed & I was miserable. I finally got something to ease the symptoms, but it cost me an arm & a leg. Buy it cheaply in the US and take it with you!
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This is my favorite travel check list thread on Fodors:

What I forgot last time, wasn't really what I forgot but what was almost empty - gasp, my Blistex. I went to put it on at the airport and realized it was "at the bottom". It was ration city for the next twelve days. Those desperate moments when you can 'dig' into the bottom for more.

We did buy a chapstick, but it just wasn't the same.

Yes, I am addicted, I admit it.
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