What country had the friendliest people?

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Gotta go with the Scots. More specificly the Glaswegians. Haven't met a rude one yet. They always want to know why I'm leaving so soon.
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I have really encountered friendly people where ever I go, but if I had to choice one, I'd say Portugal.
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You won't believe me, but I vote for Iran!
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We went to Europe for the first time in May, spending time in Paris, Provence, Italy and Greece. We encountered one or two rude people in each country, but the number of nice, pleasant, helpful people in each country made those negative experiences totally forgettable.
While visiting the Cinque Terre, we had to stay in La Spezia because of an early morning train to Brindisi. In the morning, as we were walking down the street, we passed three elderly women who stopped, watched us pass, all the while giving us the most unapproving looks, and we had no idea why. That evening, after returning on the train from the Cinque Terre, we were looking for the bus that would take us to our hotel. We approached another bus to ask if the driver knew when the via Crispa bus would be there and even though it wasn't his route, since he had no passengers, he took us directly to our hotel and wouldn't accept any payment.
Earlier in the day we had all but decided that La Spezia wasn't one of our favorite places, but that bus driver changed our whole opinion of the town.
On the Continent, in Ireland, Toronto, or throughout the U.S. - I've always found that the good experiences have far out weighed the bad.
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Syria, to my surprise. People were so nice. We got to one museum in Damascus early, and the people saw us outside. They opened it up early just for us. At the national museum they were having a special exhibit on icons. The guard heard us talking, asked where we were from. When we said the U.S. he insisted that we take a brochure that they were selling and wouldn't let us pay for it. That type of thing happened numerous times. Everytime they heard we were American, they were being super nice and not expecting anything back (unlike Egypt where if you didn't give bakseesh they got nasty.)

My theory is for 40 years they have heard anti-US stuff from their govt. But everyone has a cousin in Glendale or Detroit and they hear the other side from their family. Syria - my vote for most friendly.
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Italy did not want to be bothered by tourists, Spain a little indifferent. Perhaps it was because we expected such a different response in France that it seemed so wonderful. Everyone was very helpful, with anything you needed. But don't let people color your trip, it is what you make of it. If you go wanting to be filled with wonder and awe and fabulous memories, you will be!!
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John G
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I say Thailand; my mother says Turkey.
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I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. Having lived in Germany for several years, I would definatley have to say Germany. They were always so kind to my family and I. Always wanting to talk with us and help us out. They were always amazed at how many children there were and I think that helped things out a bit. (There were 7 of us kids!) We were somewhat of a novelty over in Europe. I must admit though that we never had a bad or negative experiance anywhere that we travelled while in Europe. Everyone was always so kind and friendly! I am sorry to the poster who thought that Russia was unfriendly. I lived there for 4 months and experienced nothing but kindness! This was anywhere that I went over there too! I agree though with everyone who has said something to the point where if you are kind to others, you will find kindness. I know that is a misquote but you get the picture! If you go to a place expecting it to be rude, it will be. If you go somewhere expecting to find goodness and kindness, you will find it!
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The Italian have always treated me like family. I love those people.
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Have been to Italy half dozen times and Paris 3-4 times as well.

Swiss appear to be a bit on the cool side, but that's their reputation I guess.

Never had a problem in France or Italy (most recently in London, Rome and Sorrento this past May). Everybody was friendly.

Were treated as we treated them. Amazing how a little 'hello', 'goodbye','thank you' and 'your welcome' can bring out the best in even a service person who must deal with the public all day.

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Definitely has to be Ireland, Scotland is good as well and worth a visit but once you've been to Ireland there's just no comparison anywhere, you will fall in love with this Celtic heaven and the locals make it very special indeed. Most unfriendliest people have to be the Germans and the English
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Doesn't it depend on who you meet?
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Ireland really? I was just there for the first time last week and I didn't find the people there all that friendly. They weren't rude or mean but not the friendliest from my experience.

To me, the friendliest have been the Scottish and Germans. The French and Italians have been so so.

Kelsey is right. It depends on the person you come in contact with so my comment is based the majority of the people I came into contact with.
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I think the Scots are friendly. But it is difficult to tell what they are saying.
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sassy27, maybe you where in Northern Ireland, they're not as welcoming up there
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I think as a tourist in Italy perhaps one would have the impression that the people are friendly but for myself having lived there for many years i can say with a degree of certainty that it is not the case. For one there is a resentment toward foreigners in general as there are already so many who are residents there and secondly in all my time there working in contact with the general public and people who i would see everyday there was and is the 'wall' dare del lei which is quite ridiculous after one gains the confidence of somebody. Obviously i am not saying for one minute that everyone is the same. My experience that's all.
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Been to Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland and I would say Ireland. My wife and I felt a bit like outsiders many places in Scotland. Not European but Japan by far has every place I have been beat, the most awesome people.
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Who cares
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friendliest- Paris: a stranger helped us find Brady Passage, a girl working at a sandwich shop chit chatted with us after detecting an English accent, a woman shared with me the delicious meal she was enjoying so i could order the same thing, cafe owners smiled at their American guests over le petit déjeuner. runner up would be Costa Ricans (ticos)
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