What CDs can I bring home from Italy?

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What CDs can I bring home from Italy?

I will be going to Napoli and Rome and would love to get some CDs of italian music. Can someone suggests some names of good musics and stores? I love all kind of music as long as it's tasteful. I like Andrea Bocello and like the duets he does with other italian musicans. How much are they?
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mo you may be shocked at the prices of cd's in italy in the music stores. they tend to be very high. you can get copunterfit ones on the street but dont get caught. any andrea bocelli cd is easily found here in the states. it may be worth it to you to get 1or2 of an italian musician there like gino paoli.
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Top sellers at www.nannucci.it - - Magazzini Nantucci - -

Pino Daniele


Jennifer Lopez


Francesco de Gregori

All at 38.900 lire

This store also lists hundreds of Italian artists and associated web sites at www.nannucci.it/html/links.html - - most appear to be "fan" (unofficial) sites.


Some best sellers on Amazon:

Laura Pasini (6 albums, 2 of which are in Spanish, not Italian, I think)
Giorgia (6 albums, plus 1 expected soon)
Eros Ramazzotti (> 10 albums, about half of them in Spanish, half in Italian)
Claudio Baglioni (> 10 albums, some out of stock)

For what it's worth, this (Italian music) is something I knew essentially nothing about before I read this question here. Some criticize the practice of posting on this forum the "regurgitation" of info available (to everyone in the world) on the Internet. For me, this is one of the best things about this forum - - just like wandering around lost in Venice - - I get endless thrills out of wandering the 'net, poking into things I had not known about from my various previous travels in Europe.

It's questions that make this forum, as much or more than answers. May they never cease.

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If you like Italian pop music, you might like Zucchero (www.zucchero.it) and Eros Ramazzotti mentioned above. Don't know why people presume you live in US, everyone does that on this board, automatically presumes the whole world is American--I suspect you may not be from your language, so maybe getting such CDs in Rome is a treat. Just go to Virgin Records and look for what's out on display at the listening stations in the pop section, you'll find the current popular stuff. On the other hand, if you do live in US, I would buy online. Italian disco is not so hot.
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CDs are extraordinarily expensive in Europe (at least twice, I find). It should not be difficult for you to find Andrea B. or other classical music over the 'Net.

Once you have collected all recommendations, you may want to get "on-line" and check the price out by ordering over the "Net". I am sure there are "audiophiles" out there that can recommend sites ( I can only suggest AMAZON European sites (yes they have different offerings) and Virgin, but I have friends that order "foreign" music from Europe that may be able to help).

While you can, check out Napsters(?) for samples of recommendations.
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I highly recommend Luca Barbarossa and Baglioni. Also, Eros Ramazotti and Michael Zalliro. Zucchero is a bit too pop except for a few tracks.Bocelli is our all time favourite too.
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I strongly recommend Eros Ramazzoti. I have always admired his music so when I was in ITaly I purchased his latest CD "Estilo Libre". This cd includes a duet with Cher.Also, when I was there I purchased other cd's from other Italian artistst that I didn't know about such as Zuchero name of latest cd is "blue sugar". This cd includes a duet with Sheryl Crow. Also, Armando Mango-"Visto Cosi". These cd's are AWESOME and everytime I play them they take me back to Italy. Buy them you won't regret it. Don't forget Laura Pausini. I hope this helps.

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