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Isabel Jul 3rd, 1998 09:23 PM

What about shoes for the rain? Can anyone recommend comfortable walking shoes that are also waterproof and yet not too hot?

Emily Copeman Jul 4th, 1998 12:56 PM

Although it depends on whether you are looking for total comfort, total style, or a combination of both, open-toed all-terrain sandals are always your best buy. Birkenstocks range from $85-$50. They are nice for walking on dirt roads and in small villages, but tend to wear out easily. if you are looking for strong-soled shoes for traveling on foot in a big city, Tevas are a slightly more affordable and much more comfortable shoe. With Tevas, which range from $65-$30 (for the real ones of course), you don't have to worry about rapid wearing out, and they won't slip off your feet because of the ankle straps. I would reccomend those especially for traveling in a place with cobblestones etc. Good Luck!

Gigi Jul 4th, 1998 04:46 PM

I was fretted like crazy over what shoes to take on my last trip because sore feet just make me miserable, but I like to dress neat and not touristy so I didn't want to wear tennies. I bought a pair of Ariat boots and wore them every day for a week and my feet felt great. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. These are black, low (just above the ankle) and look like jodhpur boots with a little capped toe. They are waterproof leather and have a wonderful cushion-y insole and supported arch. Ariat riding boots are designed by women for womens feet so they are wider where you need it and narrow where you need it. E-mail me if you want suggestions for where to find them.

Judy Jul 4th, 1998 04:48 PM

I also like SAS shoes. The lace-up style is best for me. I prefer beige because it's a neutral, go with everything color. Some of the other styles don't fit me right because I have a narrow foot. I also bring a pair of ROCKPORT sandals - the only sandals I wear. I discovered that my black pair is great - day use I go barefoot. At night I use a pair of black hose which gives a dressy look and have found that I don't have to bring any other dress shoes. <BR>

bulgert Jul 7th, 1998 04:10 AM

After traveling in France and Switzerland last summer and then Wales and London this summer the best piece of advice I can give you is leave the tennis shoes at home. Or only pull them out when you are hiking. The difference in service and treatment is unbelievable. My friend wore nice white walking shoes & she would be ignored. I wore my aresole and easy spirit sandals as much as possible and had no problems. Do consider the weather and find something comfortable for the rain. Last year in Provence I was able to wear my sandals in the rain. This year in Wales I was forced to put my running shoes on as it was 50 degrees and pouring. <BR>

Karen Jul 7th, 1998 09:47 AM

I couldn't travel without my Ecco "Soft" models. They look good, not like athletic shoes; they come in black, bone, brown nubuck, etc. They are SO lightweight that I never feel as if I'm dragging, despite walking miles through Provence and and the sidewalks of London (plus the second pair weighs so little in my suitcase). Easy Spirits, Reeboks and Mephistos don't fit me and I am thrilled to have found these Eccos!

kam Jul 7th, 1998 12:05 PM

Just to add one more to the mix, Nordstroms makes their own shoes---cushioned sandal which are wonderfully comfy as we as Easy Spirit "clones"---I always take one pair low heels in black and one pair black sandals. I also think it helps to change your shoes periodically to give your feel a change. <BR>

Leslie Mehren Jul 7th, 1998 05:27 PM

Here is my vote for Ariat shoes and boots - absolutely the best I've tried, and I love to walk long distances. The sandals look like real shoes, not funky earth-mama type gear, and the leather is very good quality. I wore these all over France last year, and walk in them around San Francisco all the time. Never a blister or an ache from them! I bought mine at Nordstrom in SF. All of the shoes have the same last and heel as their original riding boots, so you can also ride horses in them if the urge strikes you!

Julie Jul 7th, 1998 05:56 PM

Just a note for those who might be purchasing Easy Spirit shoes in the near future. There is a national sale going on, officially starting July 10, but some stores are holding them for you now and you get the sale price on the 10th. I tried several styles on and really liked the one called "Mach I", it comes in 2 colors; white with grey sole or black leather. <BR>

Michele Jul 7th, 1998 05:58 PM

I just returned from a self-guided tour that began in Geneva and ended in Rome (June 17-July 4). I wore Tevas nubuck suede "Crossover" fisherman style sandal that gave me good support yet were still light and airy in the God-awful swealtering heat!

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