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lynn Jan 24th, 1999 11:00 PM

In answer to my own question... <BR> <BR>We do not know. We've been talking about going somewhere but aren't sure about traveling after the 31st. I'm not much of an alarmist type, but, just in case there are problems, we don't want to be stranded thousands of miles from home. <BR> <BR>We've been thinking of a movie marathon (boring, been there, done that), going to Vegas even without reservations (done that too but it was pretty fun), or going to a big event sponsored by a city or something near our home. We just don't know yet but we really don't want to stay home on THIS night. <BR> <BR>So, give me some ideas. What are you doing for this, the last New Year's Eve of the millennium? <BR> <BR>11 months, 1 week and counting.

Inky Jan 26th, 1999 12:56 AM

<BR>Vegas ? Movie marathon ? <BR>This has nothing to do with a European travel forum. Fodrs should remove this posting immediately.

lynn Jan 26th, 1999 05:42 PM

Well, Inky, why do you suppose I put this question here? <BR> <BR>Probably because I was looking for people's travel plans. Primarily, plans to Europe; although I'm just curious about them all. What a concept. On a travel forum wondering about travel plans. <BR> <BR>Just because I'm not planning on traveling now doesn't mean I might not get a good idea from someone and change my mind later. <BR> <BR>So, is anybody going anywhere for New Year's???

tina Jan 26th, 1999 07:27 PM

My dream trip is Prague and Budapest with London and Paris for christmas. But since I'm going to spend my travel money in the spring going to Paris I need to hope that my Frequent Flyer miles rack up. I'm close but just can't be sure. <BR> <BR>If anyone is interested in a FF mileage counter that racks up miles for internet when you surf, email me for info.

Hyalker Jan 26th, 1999 08:01 PM

My job is expected to keep me here in Budapest until at least January/February 2000. I was thinking of here or Prague but my place here is much bigger so I've invited my college friends, people I used to travel with and a few others for a party here in Budapest. I live a block away from Heroes Square so if it's not too ridiculously jammed, I figured we'd all be there at the stroke of the clock, otherwise we'll just be passing the time away with liquid refreshments/dancing/etc.

erwin Jan 26th, 1999 09:28 PM

I am still thinking whether to be in London or Rome on Dec. 31, 1999. They say the biggest party will be in London but Rome is also gearing up for the year 2000. Help me decide!!!!!!!!!!Sydney is still bugging me because of the Olympics but I have removed it from my choices temporarily.

erwin Jan 26th, 1999 09:29 PM

I am still thinking whether to be in London or Rome on Dec. 31, 1999. They say the biggest party will be in London but Rome is also gearing up for the year 2000. Help me decide!!!!!!!!!!Sydney is still bugging me because of the Olympics but I have removed it from my choices temporarily.

elvira Jan 27th, 1999 09:09 AM

I would love to be in Paris for 12/31/99, but I think we (the Travelling Loons) will be in Morocco: either camped out in the Sahara with the Berbers, watch the Millenium dawn rise over red sand dunes....or in Marrakech with some Berber friends, partying our brains out. <BR>I understand there are special tours to Petra for this event, at TWICE the usual cost....friends are concerned that with the year 2000 problem, we could be stranded overseas, so I sez, I sez "and yer point?"

Nicole Jan 28th, 1999 02:10 AM

Lynn, <BR> <BR>By that fateful night I'll have been working in South Africa for over two years but I fully intend to be home in Sydney. Every New Years Eve in Sydney is magic with fantastic fireworks and I expect this one to be even bigger and better. On being stranded far away from home, just pick somewhere fantastic and count your blessings when/if you are! <BR> <BR>To Inky, get a life, or at the very least go join the Neo-Nazis. <BR> <BR>Nicole <BR>

Inky Jan 28th, 1999 03:57 AM

<BR>Nicole, you dont have to sign your posting ...that's what the 'name' box is for. To equate me to a neo-nazi is sick. Please spend some more time thinking about your posting. you may wish to apologise to me later. <BR> <BR>

Tony Hughes Jan 28th, 1999 04:09 AM

<BR>Bravo, Inky . . .don't let 'em get you down my son. <BR> <BR>Erwin, who are 'they' you refer to in your posting? 'They' say London will have the biggest party? I think not. London actively discourages public parties, blocking off fountains, massive police presence etc. Edinburgh prides itself on having Europes biggest and best (so it says) street party and is currently trying to outdo its biggest rivals (New York/Rio/Roma). <BR> <BR>In saying all that , I can't actually remember meeting someone who had a good time there. <BR> <BR>Lynn, the last New Years Eve of the Millenium will take place on dec 31st 2000 as you should know (unless you go by the Julian calender in which case its still 1992 with you). Basically the maths were messed up and we went from BC to AD1 without stopping for zero, thus we have to wait until the end of the 2000th year before starting a new millennium

topoftheworld Jan 31st, 1999 08:11 PM

Lynn, Stay indoors wherever you are. <BR>Whether it be Rome, Paris or Peoria. <BR>This is going to be the biggest 'amateur <BR>night' of the century, with parties galore,worldwide, and fools celebrating the start of the twenty-first millenium, one year ahead of time. Nobody seems to care about accuracy anymore. <BR>The question, then, devolves to, where are you going to be at 12:00:01 on Dec 31, 2001, when the 21stC actually begins? <BR>Peace.

Zuzana Feb 1st, 1999 12:42 PM

Yes, you guys, Tony is right, you got your math all wrong and will be a year early. The next millenium won't start until January 1, 2001. Not that there is anything wrong with having a big party this December... <BR>

lynn Feb 2nd, 1999 10:02 PM

Yes, I do understand all about the math and the actual millennium date etc., etc., etc. <BR> <BR>In my house, I have 2 stepsons. One, is a physics major and almost through with school. The other is a math major with 3 years to go. Believe me, we've had this conversation many times and they've told me all about it. <BR> <BR>However, I'm afraid I'm not really thinking about the reality of it. I just like the way it looks on the calendar. 2 0 0 0. <BR> <BR>Call me silly? That's O.K., I can take it like a man. For me, the millennium is beginning in 11 months. <BR> <BR>Cheers!

erwin Feb 2nd, 1999 10:35 PM

Hi Tony. <BR> <BR>Just to answer your question. "They say the biggest millenium party will be in London ." 'THEY' includes Time Magazine & Frommers London Guide, the former calling London the coolest place on earth. It's time frame is GMT and obviously it is where we can experience the earliest celebration. Any more questions?

Tony Hughes Feb 3rd, 1999 12:33 PM

Hallo Erwin . . . <BR> <BR>TIME magazine also came out with the headline (and forgive me if i dont quote verbatim, it was a long time ago) 'Renaissance in Cleveland'. I dont think any part of Ohio puts me in mind of 15th Century Florence. <BR> <BR>Of course Frommers London guide will praise London. I read an article praising Calcuttas' Milennium celebrations by, believe it or not, a Calcutta-based firm. <BR> <BR>Two other points... The whole of the UK is on GMT (including Edinburgh )and, more importantly, the first place on the planet to experience the year 2000 will be (depending on who you listen to) an island off New Zealand or somewhere around there. You see they are AHEAD of GMT. Any more questions????

Rass Feb 4th, 1999 02:12 AM

<BR>Tony I am of the opinion you deliberately try to condescend anyone you answer by pretending you are really helping them. Some of your replies seem to genuine but with an air of snobbishness attached to them.

erwin Feb 4th, 1999 06:57 PM

Thank you Rass. <BR> <BR>Okay, Tony, I humbly admit that was a mistake when I said that GMT countries will have the earliest celebrations for New Year 2000. But do you have to be so rude just to make that point as noticed by Rass? <BR> <BR>But no matter what you say London will have the biggest millenium party!!!!! <BR> <BR>Cheers. <BR> <BR> <BR>

Tony Hughes Feb 5th, 1999 05:18 AM

<BR>Erwin, I'd like to know what part of my posting you thought was rude...go on tell me..... <BR> <BR>Secondly, does the word 'dogmatic' mean anything to you? TIME magazine did an article on Scotland a while back and I really wonder whether the reporter actually came over here or if he lost heart and traveled to Tierra del Fuego instead. Talk of 'un-farmable land' and 'poor fishing' was way off the mark. <BR> <BR>By all means go to London for your 'year-early' Millennium celebrations, enjoy the solitude of Leicester Square.

elvira Feb 5th, 1999 07:22 AM

Wow, with all the discussions about what and what is not the actual date of the Millenium, which city is going to have the best party and which isn't...Tony has convinced me to visit Scotland. It sounds like a wonderful place, and if everyone is like Tony, well, I can't wait.

Katy Feb 5th, 1999 07:39 AM

In my first visit to this forum, I have to say that I am extremely disheartened to come upon this discussion. While I am all for pride in the name of your country, there is no need to be demeaning, condescending or rude about anyone else's opinions on other places. This is not a competition to see who will be at the coolest place whenever they choose to celebrate the millenium, but rather a place to share ideas and learn from others. As far as the millemium debate goes, is anyone against having cause for two outrageous worldwide parties in two years? One for the impressionists who like the idea of "the year 2000" and one for the pragmatists who will wait it out. <BR>Call me idealistic.

Tony Hughes Feb 5th, 1999 10:45 AM

Elvira, do I detect a twang of sarcasm in your posting? It actually made me laugh out loud so thanks, I appreciate your posting, it was fun. <BR> <BR>Katy, as this is your first visit to this forum I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Please dont fill your next posting (if you decide to make one) with the sanctimonious text that appeared in your first. Freedom of speech my friend (as long as its not lame). Now I wouldn't call you idealistic, it would probably be something else.

Joan Feb 6th, 1999 09:11 AM

I think anyplace but NYC would be a good place to be. Too dangerous in Times Square!!

nospam Jan 30th, 2002 12:49 PM

I always wondered how far back in time this inky character existed. I see that he/she has been the self-apoointed forum police for a long time.<BR><BR>&lt;&lt;This has nothing to do with a European travel forum. Fodrs should remove this posting immediately.&gt;&gt;<BR><BR>Note the date: 1999<BR><BR>

Tony Hughes Jan 30th, 2002 12:56 PM

Geez, I was really rude back then . . .

Kavey Jan 30th, 2002 01:04 PM

Tony...<BR>You just made me snort my coke float!<BR><BR>(Coca cola and vanilla icecream, I have no idea how common a drink it is)<BR><BR>GRIN

huh Jan 30th, 2002 01:47 PM

Has Inky replaced Rex?

MaryC Jan 30th, 2002 01:56 PM

Well, Tony, the point is that you're not rude now. See you & Emily in Cincy in a few weeks!<BR><BR>Kavey, how about a Pink Cow? It's red cream soda and vanilla ice cream. Yum. Root beer floats are also known as Brown Cows (at least here in Ohio).<BR><BR>~MaryC : )

c Jan 30th, 2002 02:46 PM

MaryC! I have just finished dinner and now I want a root beer float! I will gain weight reading these threads!It is bad enough when I give lists of my fav restaurants in Paris then get myself in the mood so I have to cook these huge fattening dinners for just my husband and myself! And they never taste as good as they did in Paris :(~<BR>C

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