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judyAR Mar 2nd, 2001 09:54 PM

Although I can see why some of you might be hesitant about posting this, I was hoping to hear about books (travel or "travel-based" fiction) other Fodorites have written. I think most of us would enjoy reading something by someone we almost know. (My email address is not entirely correct...)

beth Mar 5th, 2001 02:48 AM

oh brudder. <BR> <BR>no good deed goes unpunished. <BR> <BR>the reason I re-posted, oh cynical one - and you know who you are, is merely because Gina zapped me a mail from the road, I sent out a HIP HIP HOORAY post (as most people on this forum are quite nice and LIKE to hear of other's good fortune...) and I REPOSTED the day I did because I expected her to be home from New Orleans that day and hoped she would be able to check the board and see it... <BR> <BR>no ulterior motives, no adverts here. heck, the Gina has to start her RESEARCH soon from what I understand... <BR> <BR>there you have it! <BR> <BR>the sunny day beckons...

beth Mar 5th, 2001 02:50 AM

whoops, not 'the Gina' - I started a diff thought and didn't complete it (or erase it all!) <BR> <BR>d'oh! <BR> <BR>:-)

Dr. Henry Frankenstein Mar 5th, 2001 04:23 AM

The threat that wouldn't die!!!! <BR> <BR>It's alive! ... It's alive! ... It's alive!!!!!!

Igor Mar 5th, 2001 04:42 AM

You mean "the THREAD that wouldn't die," don't you Master? <BR> <BR>

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