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Marcie Nov 18th, 1997 07:56 AM

We have 3 days to tour either the Avignon region or the Beaunne region, which would you chose?
We're going to take the train our of Paris for a 3 day side trip. Can either go in the vicinity of Beaunne/Dijon or further south to Avignon. Once we arrive we plan to rent a car for a few days. We can't do both areas. Which would you chose or are there other suggestions for a 3 day get-away from Paris?

Joy Nov 18th, 1997 10:48 AM

I am not very familiar with the Beaunne region. I wholeheartedly recommend the Avignon idea. I lived there in college and was back a couple of weeks ago. You can spend one day in Avignon seeing the Palais des Papes and the pont. Then go to the Office Du Tourisme and ask for the Guide de la Route des vins. This is a handy booklet that tells you where the various Provencal wineries are. the best in my opinion are the Chateuneuf Du Pape. There is also a town called Les Baux- you should check it out!

Neal Sanders Nov 19th, 1997 06:13 AM

With a rental car and three days, the Avignon region is a much better bet. Avignon takes a very full day to see (the above message hits a few of the high spots), and from Avignon, you're an hour or less less from Nimes, the Pont de Garde, St. Remy, and Les Baux. Seeing those locales will take the other two days, and you'll have just scratched the surface of one of France's most beautiful regions. The train trip, incidentally, is five hours as the TGV tracks end around Orange and the balance of the ride is considerably slower. Try for a very early morning train!

karen Nov 19th, 1997 07:02 AM

If you're making one 3-day side trip, I'd also recommend Avignon as a base. Agree with all the comments above. I'll also add the ancient town of Glanum, about a mile south of St. Remy. This excavation site is fantastic - with an excellent visitors' center. Large archeological site of what was first a Greek city, then a lavish Roman one. The govt. has done a beautiful job here. Don't miss it. Les Baux did not live up to our expectations (the only thing in France that didn't) - and the "new city" was nothing but tourist souvenir shops and snack stands. What time of year are you going?

jeff Nov 19th, 1997 02:17 PM

Whoa--Beaune is a beautiful region, especially if you like wine (Beaune is the center for the Burgundy wine trade). If you do care about wine, a visit to the Cote de Nuits and the Cote d'Or is a necessary one. And Dijon has some of the best restaurants on the planet (three three star Michelin restaurants). Heck, take five days and drive from Beaune to Avignon (a drive i did seven years ago), you can stop at Hermitage, and Cote Rotie on your way to Avignon..

Susan Nov 19th, 1997 11:15 PM

I agree with Jeff. We were all over France this
summer, and Beaune/Dijon were terrific: food;
countryside; people. We were especially impressed
with the Hospices de Beaune: Hotel-Dieu. We had
a nice stay at the Hotel Sofitel in Dijon. This
Burgandy region is lovely!

karen Nov 20th, 1997 06:47 AM

Marcie, You can tell from the messages that there are so many varied and wonderful areas of France - drive a few hours and it's as if one is in another country, as food, culture, topography, etc., all differ! We loved Burgundy (will open a fine bottle of Meurseault this week, purchased in Beaune) and Provence, AND the Alps, etc. - where you go THIS trip all depends on your interests - (but you can't go wrong between the two areas you're considering) and then you can begin to plan your next trip! Bon voyage!

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