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ms_go Jun 15th, 2005 07:42 AM

Wave to us on the Sorrento webcam!
Hi all - we are sitting at the Internet cafe just under the Sorrento webcam. We are going to go out and wave to everyone in just a few minutes, at 4:45pm (local), 9:45 am CDT, 10:45 EST, etc. It's a beautiful, sunny day here!



Statia Jun 15th, 2005 07:47 AM

Shooty darn. It's not letting me log on from here at work.

Can anyone else see the go's?

Kath Jun 15th, 2005 07:48 AM

Yes I saw them. They waved!!

Kath Jun 15th, 2005 07:50 AM

They are gone now.

obxgirl Jun 15th, 2005 07:50 AM

I saw them too!

Looks like a gorgeous day!

Kath Jun 15th, 2005 07:51 AM

No they are back. She is chasing a pidgeon! Probably not, but it looks that way.

whoknew Jun 15th, 2005 07:53 AM

I missed the wave but I caught a glimpse of two people looking quite pleased with themselves. I suppose I would be too if I was in Sorrento at the moment. Lucky you! Sigh.....

BTW, you are a very nice looking couple.

obxgirl Jun 15th, 2005 08:05 AM

They're back. Go look!

Betsy Jun 15th, 2005 08:05 AM

Oh rats, sorry to miss the Go family. Did you shop at Gabriella?

Betsy Jun 15th, 2005 08:07 AM

Wait! Wait! Is Mr. G wearing a red shirt? Does he look a little like Bob the Navigator? :-)

Kath Jun 15th, 2005 08:31 AM

She had on a cute hat.

ms_go Jun 17th, 2005 02:10 AM

Hi. Yes, that was us. We were on our way back to Positano from Pompeii. Sorry for the short notice. We were in a hurry because of the bus schedule. We actually waved twice - once when I said we would, then again about 15 minutes later with our gelato (we had to leave to go sign off the computer). We also were stopped by a local man who told us the webcam was "illegal." Did not get to shop at Gabriella.

Kath - Allie says thanks for the compliment on her hat.

Off to Amalfi now... more later.

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