Washcloths in England!?!

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I gotta agree with Elvira on this one. My pet peeve with some hotels (not all, if you pay a fortune you tend to get "more" towels, etc.) is scrimping on bath towels. It seems like if it's 2 people therefore 2 towels. Like Elvira, I "need" a bath towel to dry my hair with and not the same damp one I used on the rest of me! Normally I get on the phone to housekeeping and ask for an extra set of towels. Occasionally if there is a maid in the hallway I send my husband out to get one from them and they will usually give them to him, but it is a pain in the neck to have to ask. It seems to me that airport hotels are the worst about this (I guess they figure you are just passing through and don't have time to complain or something). Don't ever stay at the Hacienda Hotel at LAX if you want an extra towel -- truly they were mean about it, to the point of telling me that their policy was 2 people 2 towels. After I complained to the Manager I did get an extra towel, but it should not take that. As for washclothes in Europe, I always take a couple of old ones in a baggie - toss them as you go.
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I agree with Elvira(again)about needing two towels and you never find that overseas (at least not in the hotels I frequent). As far as the washcloth issue, what is normal for one is not necessarily for another. I am thinking that people shouldn't look oddly at you in a hotel for asking for a washcloth but should look oddly at you if you stink. It annoys me to have to be nausea(ated)by someone who smells bad. I don't care how they clean themselves as long as they do!
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I will remember to take along two washcloths when we go to Scotland and Iceland next month.
Concerning the towels: I have long hair and I like two towels. I usually check the bathroom when I get to my room. If there is only one towel per person, I find the maid, give her two or three dollars (I always tip maid service anyway) and she will pretty much get me anything I want for the rest of my stay. This comes in handy if you want another pillow, too.
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So I get 3 drinking glasses, a couple of little containers of body gel, some teeny piece of cloth to shine my shoes, and maybe a shower cap or two - but I gotta ASK for another towel? Please, hotels, keep all that junk (2 people need 2 glasses, believe me, we can rinse) and give me another bath towel... PULLLEEEZZZ
oh yeah by the way I'll bring my own scrawny washcloth (KMart sells 'em 12 for $4 - they remind me of the little teeny piece of cloth for shining my shoes) AND washing stuff.
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We accompanied our teenage daughter, and her hair, to Europe this summer. Knowing there are never enough towels , and the success or our trip would hinge on the good hair/bad hair issue, I bought her one of those microfiber towels they sell at bed and bath stores. It feels kind of like a piece of flannel, weighs nothing but soaks up lots of water. (It also molds into a turban, should the need arise.)
Of course she snagged all the remaining towels as well, and the rest of us made do with washcloths,when available, or shelled out 2-3 bucks each evening for housekeeping service.
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Specs, I was having a crummy day up until a few minutes ago. That post of yours made me laugh out loud! Thanks to you and your daughter!
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I'll never forget the B&B in north Wales where the bath towels were the size of a small hand towel. I wrote in the comments book "small towels", as did my 3 companions, and the proprietress gave us the strangest look after reading it. Lucky we didn't need to wash our hair that night!
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Kathy Johnson
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As far as the pros and cons of washcloths, the word is "exfoliation." I don't think warm water, soap, and hands will do the same thing as a washcloth.
My teenage daughter solved that problem several years ago when she went on a 18 day tour of Italy & Greece with other high school students. The pretrip information advised to take extra washcloths/towels and baggies to put them in. She didn't want to mess with wet rags so she bought a package of 24 washcloths for a couple of dollars and threw them away as she used them. Nice thing was that she had increasing space in her one piece of luggage as the trip progressed for her trip mementos.
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Marilyn, glad to have given you a grin. Now you owe me one. Anything to share on the posting "It Looked A Lot Better in the Shop"?
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Hi - This is particularly entertaining. I am concerned that some of you washcloth users have overlooked the "bacteria" factor. Placing a wet washcloth in a baggy and then placing it in your suitcase, those little critters will love you, what a perfect environment to grow in. I think the diposing as you go would be a lot better on your skin. Also the exfoliating factor is great once in awhile, but not everyday. That's my two cent, don't mean to sound offensive in anyway, just what to inform those who don't know.

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