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Still Wondering Oct 17th, 2000 11:13 AM

Was Merc for real?
All of this trolling is bothering me because I can't figure out who is a troll and who is for real. Was Merc of the "Plaza Hotel" thread legitimate? How about the Titanic thread? Valium in Drug Stores? Boyfriend forcing you to eat weird food in France? Cancelling trip due to crime levels in Britain? Taking the baby to Hawaii in First Class? Travel to Europe 7 mos pregnant with toddler and nanny? Toot toot on the road to Italy? Homesick in Paris? I know this shouldn't stay on my mind, but for some reason, every alleged troll on this forum really sticks in my mind.

SharonM Oct 17th, 2000 12:09 PM

Ok, Wondering... <BR>Are you a troll?

Still Wondering Oct 17th, 2000 12:21 PM

No, I really am just wondering.

SharonM Oct 17th, 2000 12:23 PM


Maira Oct 17th, 2000 03:59 PM

They may not have been for real, but I swear I can give you names and addresses of people I KNOW that could had EASILY been the author of those bad boys... <BR> <BR>Reality is stranger than fiction....

SharonM Oct 17th, 2000 05:21 PM

ooooooh....kinda' like a "Twilight Zone" thing... <BR>Gotcha.

Nano Oct 17th, 2000 05:50 PM

I have to laugh at this one. My husband, who is very suspicious of my Fodor's connection (addiction), is particularly curious about this "troll" issue. He is fascinated by it. I had to explain to him ad nauseum what a troll was and he still didn't get it. I think he agrees with Still Wondering, that it really IS hard to tell what's what and who's who and what's real. Oh well, as long as there are pertinent and helpful answers to real OR imagined questions, I will read them.

xx2 Oct 17th, 2000 07:15 PM

dear still & nano, (btw, my hubby also thinks my fodors addiction is sign of mental decline) Maybe most of these trolls are only quasi-trolls, sort of like historical fiction. IOW, there is some truth to their questions but much exaggeration or whimsy. Just grin &/or bear it!

SharonM Oct 17th, 2000 07:50 PM

Alright!!! I'll 'fess, Nano & xx2 (and Wondering)! <BR>I'm never sure if certain threads are trolls or not either...(can't believe I just admited that...) I'm not an ole-timer... <BR>I've answered "tongue in cheek" before (ala favorite fodorite expression)...been chuckled at as well...oh yeah, been slammed for my "insensitivity" to possible troll-like threads (when maybe they weren't? - and here I thought I was funny-ish..) ...well, maybe not! lol <BR>Either way, it's always a challenge, huh. <BR>(I think it keeps us on our toes?) <BR> <BR> <BR>

Jen Oct 20th, 2000 09:55 AM

What is a troll? I assume it has nothing to do with my last boyfriend. <BR> <BR>Thanks...

Trolls Oct 20th, 2000 02:44 PM

A troll is a fake post as a practical joke. Usually, the person posts a tantalizing experience or problem, and everyone rushes in to give advice. The troll then replies a few times, often getting increasingly provocative. <BR> <BR>Search for Titanic, Toot Toot, or boyfriend to see a few examples.

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