Want to carryon only....HELP!

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Want to carryon only....HELP!

This is our first trip to Europe, but we've done 14 night cruises with carryon only. But, this is the first time we've had carryon weight restrictions...Lufthansa only allows 18 pounds...my current Travelpro bag weighs 12! Advise?
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Well first off I'll suggest you need a lighter suitcase(!) or this is not going to be possible, unless you can get by with only 6 lbs. of clothes, shoes, and toiletries

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To be honest, I don't think it can be done. If they choose to enforce an 18-pound limit, then it just can't be done.

What I have found, from my dealings with SAS (which has a similar limit and enforces it) is that you can pretty much bring as much weight as you want, as long as it isn't on wheels. The minute you try to bring a roll-aboard on, they bring out the scales, and you are all done. But, a 30+ pound bag hanging on your shoulder kind of stinks.

I would just give up and check the bag. It isn't the end of the world. You could just pack the case and hope they don't enforce it.
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I believe in obeying rules, regulations and the law. If your bag is over the amount that they allow, just check the bag.
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Obviously, you need a much lighter bag. I have a wheelie that is an 18" hardside and weighs about five pounds; cost was only about $50. Holds so much more than it appears it would. Has an expandable section for purchases -- then I check the bag only for the way home if I need the expansion. Wear your heaviest clothing on the flight. If you are also allowed a personal item to carry on, put some heavy things in there as they might weigh only your suitcase. Think about purchasing some toiletries in Europe rather than weighing down your bag with them. Take a look at your wardrobe--some fabrics are heavier than others--take light weight clothing. Limit the number of tour books or take only those portions that are pertinent to your trip.
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Can easily be done - but just not w/ that bag.

Get a lightweight rollaboard or duffle and put 12 lbs of stuff in it. Leave out the hairdryer - most hotels have either hairdryers in the rooms or loaners.

Don't weigh the carry-on w/ the qt baggie/liquids/gels since that can be a couple of lbs right there. Put the baggie in your hand bag - since it has to be screened separately anyway. Books - go in the handbag.

Heaviest shoes - wear them on the plane. Same w/ jeans - if you are taking a pair of jeans, wear them on the flight since they are likely your heaviest slacks.

When I don't have an 18 lb restriction, my carry-on-only weighs between 22 and 25 lbs which is all I take other than a small/medium sized handbag. I can get it down to 18 lbs by taking a larger handbag (but not so large it looks like a second full sized carry-on). A hobo or slouchy le SportSac or similar holds a LOT w/o looking like a suitcase.
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I just did eight days in Italy with a backpack(small) and a purse. It can be done!!! I flew Alitalia which only allows 11 pounds. I admit, I am a low maintenance kind of gal. My suggestions would be to wear your heaviest clothes and shoes on the plane. Don't overthink toiletries, you can only carry on the quart sized ziploc bag anyway so get sample sizes of your must have products. Use the shampoo from the hotel or pick some up while your on your trip. Also, I agree with the fodorite about airlines checking weights. They almost never weigh something without wheels.
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The trick is being willing to wear the same clothes over and over again the length of your trip.

With an 18 lb. limit I'd use a nylon duffle bag (no wheels) that only weights 2-3 lbs. itself, plus an oversized tote for a pocketbook. Two pair of shoes, three outfits, no books, all toiletries downsized to meet the gel/liquid requirements, etc.

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