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Jeanne Dec 7th, 1999 05:31 PM

Walk/bike tours in Tuscany for 1
Any recommendations for walking or bike tours in Tuscany for a week?

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Dec 7th, 1999 07:50 PM

Go to and navigate to <BR>some articles and ads---this may help.

Sheila Dec 8th, 1999 05:11 AM

Try Alternative Travel. I've posted about them before- don't have the details here. They don't have a web site <BR>

Carol Dec 8th, 1999 07:22 AM

Try I think they may have just what you're looking for.

Carol Dec 8th, 1999 02:26 PM

CICLISMO CLASSICO has a beautiful brochure of all levels of bike/walk tours all over Italy. They have a van service to pick up tired riders too! <BR>I think I found them through an ad in Cucina Italiana Magazine, but I believe that they are on-line also. Rather pricey...

cheryl Dec 8th, 1999 06:37 PM

Jeanne--took a walking tour with Country Walkers ( through Tuscany this past September--small groups(15-18) two guides, excellent accomodations, food--I traveled single and did not feel like a third wheel in the midst of couples--the guides went out of their way to make certain all interest were accomodated. We averaged 10 miles per day--longest in the morning, two shorter hikes in the afternoon (from which you can opt out--I am pleased to report tht I hiked every hike:)--)--would definitely go this way again--saw many things that I wouldn't have seen driving. <BR> <BR>They run a number of Italy tours and have a wonderful site and catalog--feel free to email me with any questions--cheryl

Tessa Oct 26th, 2000 10:44 AM

also see replies to the misnamed thread labeled "you know those ads in the New Yorker" which is about walking tours

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