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Jim Driscoll Jan 4th, 1997 02:19 AM

Wales - 1st Time Visitor
I was in England two years ago. I took two days to see some of the sights in Wales. I saw the majority
of the famous prehistoric monuments in the course of
one day (Stonhenge, Woodhenge, the barrows, etc).

The other day was spent in Bath, at the Roman ruins, and exploring the city centre.

I had a great time both days, and did not feel rushed. Hope that helps.

Bill Irving Feb 10th, 1997 09:54 AM

I have been to Wales a coule of times on day trips. I have found the people
there to be some of the most friendly I have come across.

The Castle in Cardiff was worthwhile, although it was rebuilt in
the 1800's to the specs by the person who owned it at the time.
But it still is good to see. Take the tour. Also take the
walk down near the front wall to see the oldest part
of the wall.

If you want to see more medieval type castles, the one at Chepstow
is very good. Also the one in Caerphilly is very good --
that can be reached by train. We were there in mid June
& we practically had the castle to ourselves. It was
also a very nice, small town in which to get some local

Peter Lie Mar 25th, 1997 11:36 AM


I've stayed in Cardiff (Capital of Wales) for one year. Wales is very noce to do but you need a car to go to the inlands.
Chepstow is a nice little place with a lovely ruine castle. Cardiff is good to stay for 2 days. Nice castle, good shopping and go to the Bay.
Go further west to Swansea where the Mumbles are. Nice beach. Go up north to Aberystwyth. Don't forget to enjoy the surroundings whil travelling.
North from Cardiff is Brecon beacons. Good for hiking.
Snowdonia is THE mountian of Wales, has to be done.

Wales is wonderful and I had a GREAT time there.
Please mail me for any questions.



John Bullard Mar 27th, 1997 07:43 PM

There is an Inn in Wales where Edmund Hillary and his crew stayed while they were training to climb Mt Everest. I stayed there about 10 years ago and would like to return but can't remember the name. Could anyone help me?

Betty Apr 4th, 1997 05:06 PM

I spenta week in St David's in Pembrokeshire Wales (west of Swansea on coast). It was one of my most delightful vacation experiences. The weather (early
June)was beautiful as were the flowers, the seashore with cliffs and the hiking trails. It's a wonderful
"resort" that has all the quaint charm of a village.
It's an short distance from Fishguard where you can take a ferry to Ireland if desired. Public transportation is practically 'nil', so you almost have to rent a car.

sean Apr 9th, 1997 01:02 AM

i actually live in North Wales in Wrexham. Snowdonia in the North 'MUST' not be missed ! places like Beddgellert and Betws-y-coed are absolutely beautiful !!! The coast is nice as well especially Llandudno and the island of Anglesey ! Expect to see castles and amazing scenery !! Want more info ? sent message to this page.....

Joan Corrie Jun 1st, 1997 03:00 PM

sean, my husband and I took the mail train from SW Wales to Chester. It was one of the high points in our trip about 10 yrs ago. We hope to return this year and hopefully take that same little train through the mid section of Wales. There was a B&B that we'd heard about (but didn't stay there) that was highly rated. It was in the mountainous area of that trip. Would you by any chance know of it? Or of any other where we might get off that little train on one day, enjoy the scenery and maybe some hiking, and get back on the train when it comes through the next day. We enjoy rural areas rather than cities. Thanks. I'd appreciate it if you could send it email to me as I don't get back to this site very often.

mike goldstein Jun 2nd, 1997 04:31 PM

The town of Chepstow, on the border, is a walled town ... very historic, with a 1000-year old cathedral, and Chepstow Castle, the oldest dated castle in the UK ... in a good state of repair.
See the local policeman, who is an excellent tour guide.
If you really want to see it, take the "Borders" 5-day hike, that Wayfarers offer!
Be sure to walk the Brecon Beacons, and spend some time in Hay-on-Wye, the bookstore town. Enjoy - Mike

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