Visiting UK? You MUST read this!

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Americans do tend to overreact and cancel holidays at the drop of a hat. For example during the Gulf War, they cancelled trips to the UK. Perhaps that was down to poor educational standards and complete ignorance about the geography of the world. If we listened and reacted to the news we hear from the US, then Europeans would never dare set foot in their country, fortunately we seem to have a little more intelligence.
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Anon: Americans may have cancelled trips to Europe during the Gulf War because of Europe's attitude towards Sadam Hussein. There were also uncomfortable feelings about security; my own little Midwestern city had two bomb threats during that time.
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Dear Anon,

Thank you for your sharing your patronizing views. American cancellations to the UK during the Gulf War had much more to do with a concern over the potential for airline-related terrorism than with a fear that the Republican Guard might come streaming out of the Chunnel.

As for Foot and Mouth Disease, most of the panic I've seen has come from the British, not the American, media. What else are we to believe when the BBC is reporting a "very large epidemic", with the "number of animals condemned for slaughter currently at 435,000" and "further drastic action" yet to be taken? I also see a headline on the Guardian website which states that "Government admits foot and mouth will last for months", and the Irish Times is reporting "a desperate attempt to prevent the proliferation" of the disease in Ireland? Perhaps uneducated American editors have begun infiltrating foreign newsrooms as well!

With an average of only two weeks vacation, perhaps Americans are more concerned about getting the most out of their time off than are Europeans, who have what, 4-5 months of holiday each year?
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andy franks
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Dear Dave,

correction, we don't get "4-5 months holiday" each year, if only!. I was in Texas the week before last and NBC called foot and mouth a "life threatening disease"! There were also rediculous articles in the local press about the "British countryside being closed off" and not being able to eat meat in Europe. Do not forget, the press is the same the world over, anything to sell papers.

Please do not be put off by the press coverage, where ever you are, it's not that bad here!

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If going to the UK soon primarily on a hillwalking holiday, you should consider postponing,especially if you intend to walk in areas where sheep roam unfenced.

Otherwise there is no problem, come.
Incidentally I feel no "duty to the tourist industry" as mentioned earlier.In fact I find the idea bizarre.
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Re: 'Duty to tourist Industry' remark above. Yes I do feel a duty to the tourist industry and it is not bizzare. Those in the tourist industy are my fellow human beings who are trying to make a living by giving us the public a service which we demand and rely on. These people have homes and familes to think of, not to mention the effect on the economy of the country as a whole.

Re: comments on panic. I am asking the tourists not to panic and cancel bookings. I am asking them to think about what they want to do on holiday and then make a realistic judgement not one fuelled by inacurate information. Stories on panic in the press & worries about crisis lasting months etc.- I'm not saying there is no crisis here. I am saying that our farmers are being devastated by the disease. We the public can do very little about that but sympathise, but we do not have to let the same thing happen with tourism.
This is a way which we can help and contribute. We should continue our holidays, enjoy ourselves and do so in the knowledge that every penny may be saving somone from losing thier business and home.

yes I want to help and encourage others to do what they had already planned anyway. HOW BIZZARE.
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My hyperbole was directed at "Anon"; if you were offended please read his/her post and perhaps you will understand my agitation.

I agree to some extent that "the press is the same the world over" - that was one of the points of my post. While network news here in the US has deteriorated significantly over the years, most people I know take that into account. Fortunately we have many alternative sources now.

For the record, I am planning another trip to the UK in May, and have no intention of cancelling.
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Do you think this will all have blown over by September/October? I'm planning a trip for the fall and I'm looking forward to going to Wales. When I'm in the UK/Ireland I do enjoy walking through the countryside and farmland where sheep often graze. Thanks in advance for any further info.
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Best advice at the moment is that the outbreak is due to peak in the UK in May.
If this happens your Sep/Oct dates should be OK as the incubation is short.
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Thanks very much Frank!
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I do not think I could stand to see newspapers and new everywhere showing these animals being slaughtered. It is so sad to see no many living creatures destroyed. We have cancelled, for this reason. I think the atmosphere will be too depresing, we are going to Canada instead.
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Although many footpaths in the countryside (especially in the Lake District and Devon) are still closed, much is now open. Pubs, B and B's, restaurants etc will welcome you with open arms. The government has just launched a new web site to publicise what is open. It is at:



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