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Kat Jul 30th, 1998 11:37 AM

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class
Interested in the input and opinions of folk who have flown Virgin's "Upper Class" business cabin. Turns out AmEx and Virgin have teamed up to offer a special deal for roundtrip London flights from the U.S. out of Boston, Newark and Los Angeles -- buy one Upper Class ticket, get a companion ticket on same itinerary free. I know it's expensive ($7100 from California). I'm curious to learn more about the seats, perks, service and so forth. Also, tell me about the Virgin Upper Class lounge at Heathrow. And, does Virgin really send a chauffered car to ferry one from one's London hotel to Heathrow? <BR>Many Thanks!

Mike Aug 2nd, 1998 02:02 AM

$7,100 dollars is that all. Theres so many words to describe their upper class service. Its UNBELVIABLE!! I've never see anything like it and if you could I would definetly take advantage of it. Flew them about 5 or 6 times on business and won't wanna catch myself in tourist class after flying tehir upper class!!!! <BR>

Jackie Aug 5th, 1998 08:49 PM

<BR>I still don't know how or why it happened but <BR>when we checked in at Heathrow(touristclass) we <BR>were magically upgraded to Upper Class. I can't <BR>tell you about the lounge or the car but the <BR>flight was grand.The seats were very large,there <BR>was a table laden with fruit in the middle of <BR>the cabin,the food was good and so was the <BR>service.I am not sure I couldn't find something <BR>else to do with $7100 but at the price we paid <BR>it was great!

jenny Aug 6th, 1998 01:33 AM

to jackie, <BR> <BR>don't mean to be nosy but were you spiffily dressed when you were upgraded? i read somewhere on this forum that if people are very smartly dressed and appear to be classy individuals, they get upgraded to first class whenever there is a vacancy. just wondering if that's the case. :-)

Emma Aug 6th, 1998 06:17 AM

I have flown three times in Virgins Upper class to Los Angeles and it has the best of everthing. <BR>The seats are HUGE! The food is great and the movies keep you occupied throughout the flight and you have a choice of 8 of them. <BR>I always fly Virgin Atlantic and if you go on this trip make sure that you join there Frequent Flyer club. <BR>The Upper Class lounge at Heathrow is out of this world. You get free massages, as you do on your flight, and plenty of food and drink for you. <BR>I have not used the limo service but it is there for you to use. <BR> <BR>I am flying with Virgin again in October to Orlando, and I am flying Premium economy (Business Class) and that is nice but obviously not as nice as Upper class. <BR> <BR>I hope you have a good trip!

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