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Stephen Yip Nov 14th, 1999 08:56 PM

Villa rental in Umbria & Tuscany
Hi all: <BR> <BR>I would like to know if anybody out there have had any sort of experience (good or bad) with renting a villa in the Umbria and Tuscany regions. We are planning a trip in September of 2000 for a three week trip. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Stephen Yip, M.D., Ph.D. <BR>Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Rex Nov 14th, 1999 10:19 PM

Dr. Yip, <BR> <BR>I will be glad to share with you my experience renting an 8 bedroom villa (very low cost) last summer (1998). <BR> <BR>It met our needs very well, but many people might consider it too isolated - - over an hour for almost any of the places we wanted to go on day trips. <BR> <BR>More recently, I have had limited experience researching villas for a future trip with a guy named Larry Hasse who has a terrifi web site - - I have stayed in one of the properties he lists there (not actually in Tuscany or Umbria) - - Castello di Orvinio in the Rieti province just about 1 hour east of Rome (south of Umbria). This region, also known as Sabina is very much undiscovered and NOT so much filled with the art trasures of Tuscany. Still very cool, though. <BR> <BR>Feel free to write me if there is any additional info I can share with you. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex

elizabeth Nov 15th, 1999 06:27 AM

Hi Stephen - we have rented villas in both Tuscany and Umbria with great success. In general we've been able to find a nice, very private (a requirement of ours) villa within walking distance of a small town (another requirement) for approximately $100 US/day. Our previous European holidays consisted of driving and renting hotels/gites for 2-3 nights - renting a villa and staying in one place for a week is quite a different experience. We found we really got to know the area, and while we had intended to go far and wide on day trips, our world tended to get smaller and smaller as we explored "our" town and surrounding area. <BR> <BR>You may also want to consider an "agriturismo" - a working farm with apartment accommodation and meals (if you wish). We've stayed at several and found them to be an interesting complement to villa rentals. You have the services of a hotel (albeit somewhat limited) but the space and privacy of apartment accommodation. Plus the working farm is usually very interesting. They also tend to be a little less expensive than villa rentals (for a party of 2 at least). <BR> <BR>Please e-mail me if you would like some more information, or web sites. <BR> <BR>Regards <BR> <BR>Elizabeth <BR>Toronto, Ontario

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Nov 15th, 1999 06:38 AM

Dr.Yip, There are more than 1200 rental <BR>properties in that area---it has become <BR>a big business. You will want to narrow <BR>your search based on these citeria: <BR>LOCATION <BR>PRICE RANGE <BR>LOCATION <BR>I have had experience in helping others <BR>to select their best option. Contact me <BR>directly if you want more details.

Beth Nov 15th, 1999 08:31 AM

We rented an apartment in Chiusi through the Parker Company ( I wasn't 100% happy with my choice of villa, but I was completely happy with the service offered by The Parker Company. And they have a ton of choices, with lots of pictures and description at their web site.

Ismael Libanio Nov 15th, 1999 10:35 AM

Let me explain our experience, that we liked very much: <BR>Le Meridiane ís a villa in Siena. It could suit you. <BR>&gt;&gt;My wife and I have been at Le Meridiane, for a week, last year. <BR>&gt;&gt;We liked it very much. The accomodations are very clean, large (you can <BR>see the bedroom where we slept at the website), comfortable and has all <BR>amenities. It has all cooking facilities and we had many meals at home. <BR>There is a good view to the gardens with many olive trees and to a valley <BR>with a avenue. It is located at the outskirts of Siena, fifteen minutes by <BR>car to the Centro Storico and very near to the auto-route to Florence. <BR>&gt;There is a small grocery store nearby and a supermarket (COOP) a ten <BR>minutes ride near the railstation. <BR>&gt;&gt;The street, with many houses, ends at a cul-de-sac at Le Meridiane in a <BR>small plaza where you can park your car. We had a car (leased from Renault <BR>in Paris) and we've made many trips to the Chianti Region and south of Siena <BR>(Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, Sinalunga, etc.). Twice we went to <BR>Florence (50 minutes by a no-toll auto-route). La signora Ana, who is in <BR>charge of the villa, is very helpful and lives in another house nearby. I <BR>looked for the website and I found it: <BR> <BR>&gt;&gt;I'm a travel consultant and retired doctor in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais State) in Brazil <BR>and I'll be glad to give more informations.

Judy Nov 15th, 1999 02:25 PM

We rented a villa in Umbria, near Umbertide, through Suzanne B.Cohen & Associates, located in Augusta Maine (!), fax number 207-622-1902, phone: 207-622-0743. We could not have been more please with their service, and we've rented places in Italy and France before, so know the variety of rental agencies. Suzanne's operation is meticulous in offering only places they actually stayed in, and know intimately. They're completely open and honest about each detail, and if you're fussy, as we are, about details like reading lights, and working kitchens, etc. they can and will help you. They have lots of places in Tuscany, and a few in Umbria. <BR>Best, <BR>J

pat Nov 15th, 1999 04:32 PM

to elizabeth at [email protected] <BR> <BR>I cant seem to email you; I am sure it is something I am doing wrong as I am new to this mode of comunication. <BR>I am wanting to rent someplace next spring for one month. Am one person and seem to only be finding large properties. Can you give me any help ? I would really appreciate it. <BR>Pat

elizabeth Nov 15th, 1999 05:39 PM

Pat - I received you e-mail and replied - let me know if you received it, otherwise I'll post it here. <BR> <BR>Elizabeth

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