Vienna, Salzburg, or both?

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Vienna, Salzburg, or both?

My husband and I will be flying to Bratislava (via RyanAir from Germany) WITHOUT OUR KIDS in March. We'll be there on a Sunday night - Wednesday night. I'm hoping to find some direction on whether to just visit either Vienna or Salzburg or to try to see both towns? We're not particularly huge classical music fans but do enjoy seeing the architecture, tasting the local cuisine, and shopping (that's me). I'd even be interested in taking the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg unless the response to that is overwhelmingly cheesy.

Also, on the best way to travel from the Bratislava airport around (I assume train travel is best but how to do that...I can look into this). If you've had experience with this, that would be most helpful to us.

Thank you!
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Hi S,

For such a short visit, I suggest only 1 destination.

Vienna would be my choice.

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The Sound of Music tour is cheesey, but we loved every minute of it! Driver was from Ft. Lauderdale and led us in "Doe a Deer" as we drove around the Alps.
Both are nice locations, but very different. Vienna is a large city, while Salzburg is a very quaint village.
If you are intersted in more detail, get back to me.
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I'm having the same dilemma! Did you manage to decide upon one?
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We'll be there in March as well! It's our first time in both in Vienna and Salzburg. We'll be in Salz from 19th - 21st and Vienna from the 21- 23rd. If you are going to be somewhre cool let us know as we usually play it pretty much by ear.
have a great time!!!
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Hi, I agree. For such a short visit I would choose either Vienna or Saltzburg.
We are doing a trip to Prague and Budapest this June. I wanted so much to try and see part of Austria too. But, I realize we would be loosing too much time traveling to and from and cheating ourselves of the time in Prague and Budapest. But, next year we do Austria. Then, I hope to see as much there as I can. Please let me know how you like Vienna or Saltzberg. Have a wonderful trip.
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In regard to train travel, I find this site to be very helpful...
My wife and I are visiting Austria in June and I'm trying to figure out how we can get to both Vienna and Salzburg in a limitedc amount of time.
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Personally I liked Salzburg better (smaller and more unique), but Vienna is so close to Bratislava (1 hour, I think) that it may make a better choice. If you go to Vienna, make sure to check out the heurigen (little wine "gardens" in the outer regions of Vienna). It was such a unique experience.
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Both Salzburg and Vienna are beautiful, but I preferred Salzburg. I liked the small village atmosphere, the views of the castle on the hill, and the shopping. I found that there was more "unique" shopping in Salzburg (the egg shop, a neat candle shop, even an Egyptian shop!). I didn't get to do the Sound of Music tour (got outvoted by husband and 2 sons) but I think I would have loved it....cheesy or not!

Vienna was lovely, but it is a big city. The museums were great, the palaces were beautiful, and there was lots of shopping. But other than specific touristy shops (t-shirts, mugs, beer steins, etc) I found the shopping to be more upscale, high-end stuff - not as mnay interesting things to bring home.

Maybe I just prefer small towns to large cities! We went to Germany this past Christmas and I much preferred Heidelburg and Rothenburg to Munich - for much the same reasons.
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One city only in that amount of time. There are many attractions in and around Vienna, and for cuisine and architecture, it's a better choice than Salzburg.
Both places are alive with the "sound of music" and even if you're not fans of classical music, you should try to see a performance at the Staatsopera and the Musikverein. Both theaters are spectacular. In the very least, take the tour of the opera house.
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Well, do both if you can swing it.
Vienna is of course much larger and has many more attractions.

Salzburg has several worthy places to visit as well. My own personal highlights, after paying homage to W. A. M. himself, are the Festung, that big fort up on the hill, Schloss Hellbrunn with its trick water fountains, the Marionetten Theater, and the Festspielhaus where the Salzburg music festival is held.

In addition just wandering the old town can be neat, but it doesn't take long.

Upon occasion we have come upon street musicians who were very talented. The most memorable one was a trio of guys playing an accordian, a balalaika, and bass fiddle. They were running off Rossini's Overture to La Gazza Ladra like it was programmed into their genes.
It was a most unlikely combination of instruments, but those guys could flat play it.

The only downer was the Sound of Music tour. I thought it was one gargantuan, egregious ripoff. There was steam coming out of my ears when I got off the bus.
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IF you do get to Salzberg - DO the Soung of Music tour - we didn't and now I'm making my husband return just so I can do that tour. I don't care if it is Cheesy - I love that movie and if you do too, then I say go on the tour!
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