Verona to Austria


May 17th, 1997, 10:38 PM
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Verona to Austria

We will be picking up a car in Venice and our hotel will be on the North Shore of Lake Garda near(kinda) to Verona. What is the road to Innsbruck like? How far could we resonably expect to drive in one day and be able to see a few things and get back? Is Innsbruck feasible? Munich? Salzburg? Is it a toll road or ? All ideas welcome.
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May 19th, 1997, 08:22 AM
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Shirley, in March '92 my husband & I drove from Innsbruck to Rovereto(North of Lake Garda). It had snowed solidly for 24 hours and only one lane of the three lanes that crosses the Brenner Pass was open. This particular lane was not that clear, but we followed a snowplough. The road is usually a perfect, 3 lane highway. We left at lunch time, stopping around 6 pm, but it was pretty slow going over the snow. In good weather it would probably be a 3 hour trip I guess, enjoying the scenery. The Italian side of the Brenner Pass through the Dolomites is absolutely spectacular.
If you can, go on to Salzburg. It is my favourite of the Austrian cities. We lived in Kitzbuhel, for 18 months, you can find it half way between Innsbruck & Salzburg. It is a beautiful part of the world.
I can't remember if we paid tolls. You usually don't pay anything for roads, passes etc in Austria, but mortgage your house to get through Italy. (perhaps I'm exaggerating a little).
Please feel free to Email me for more information and hopefully I can help a little.
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May 30th, 1997, 12:50 PM
Rob M.
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It is about a 3 hour ride from Verona to Innsbruck in good weather, and the sights are beautiful. Italy is a toll road all the way, and there is one toll booth in Austria as well, they take Schillings, Marks, or Lira.
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