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kate Mar 19th, 2001 07:20 AM

Venice v. Venice Lido
My mother has been vaguely planning a trip to Venice for ages, and has been told that Venice Lido might be a better place to stay than Venice itself. I don't know Venice much myself and would appreciate some opinions (relative merits, good 4* hotels, accessibility to the city, etc). My parents are very fit, active, inquisitive 70 year olds. Thanks for any help.

janice Mar 19th, 2001 09:00 AM

I stayed on Lido my first trip to Venice, and it was... fine. Pro: it is less expensive, quieter, and we got to know the people in the neighborhood shops very well (well, I can't say that wouldn't happen in the main part of Venice). Con: it takes 10 minutes at least to get to the main part of Venice by taxi (boat taxi, of course) which was a problem a couple of times when I got a little motion sick, and we didn't have the opportunity to spontaneously wander the alleys at dawn, or at sunset. One of my best memories from that trip was getting out of bed at 4:30 and taking the first taxi over to St. Marco - it was freezing cold, foggy, and totally deserted. We wandered around until sunrise, found the first coffee shop open, and hung out with the people from the neighborhood - who thought we were crazy to be there for New Year's. I would have done that more often if we had stayed closer. <BR>There are a couple of wonderful hotels on Lido - we stayed at Hotel le Boulevard, and it was very nice - the staff was wonderful. And it cost considerably less than I've paid for smaller, shabbier rooms in the main part of the city. If your parents are planning to travel during a busy time of year, Lido might be a good fit for them because it's quieter - but the quiet comes at the price of distance...

Burta Mar 19th, 2001 12:28 PM

Venice is a relatively expensive city, especially for hotels, so the only reason I can imagine that first-time travellers there would stay on the Lido is to economize on the hotel (although the Lido has its share of 5-star hotels, as well). It is removed from Venice proper and, as Janice indicated, requires a ferry ride to get anywhere. In contrast, your parents would be able to wander and walk in Venice proper, then take the valporetto when they chose. <BR> <BR>There is one other reason they might like the Lido. One side of the island faces the ocean and reportedly has lovely beaches. If they have lots of time and like to sun, this may appeal to them.

Kate Mar 20th, 2001 02:22 AM

Thanks very much for your opinions. My parents love city breaks and I suspect they may be getting advice from less active friends who prefer a beach holiday. Does anyone else have an opinion?

Rhea Mar 20th, 2001 04:42 AM

stay in Venice..there are many hotels that would fit your parents' needs w/o breaking the bank. And, if they are early risers they can go to the market, etc which would be within walking distance. And, at nite they could go to concerts w/o having to schlep back to Lido. There are many interesting neighborhoods & if you stay a week which I did on my last trip you DO get to know the neighborhood folk and they you.

deborah Mar 20th, 2001 06:02 AM

I've stayed at both the Lido and in Venice. There is no comparison. When I stayed on the Lido, I felt distanced from the experience of Venice. If given the choice, I would always choose Venice. It is a magical city, especially at dawn and in the evening. <BR> <BR>Have fun. <BR>Deborah

Rod Hoots Mar 26th, 2001 02:19 PM

My wife and I are in our 70's and have stayed both in Venice and on the Lido many times. For a first visit we would recommend staying in the city. It gives you much more freedom to wander around at all hours and also allows you to take a rest break during the day. Stay close to San Marco square in the best hotel you can afford. Would recommend April or May - do not go during the hot weather in July or August. If your parents are willing to pay for the very best hotels, contact me direct for recommendations.

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