Venice trip


Jul 11th, 2005, 09:38 AM
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Venice trip

Time to go on to Venice. We stayed on the autostrade almost the whole time. The couple of times we strayed we got lost in a major way, despite all our maps. We don't leave home without the Michelin. We had booked a hotel in Venezia Mestre on the mainland right by the train station to Venice. The thought of dragging luggage over the bridges and up and down the steps convinced even my husband. Hotel Bologna was fabulous, another
reservation at E160/night including breakfast, again a big sturdy buffet, one of the best we had during our trip.
The room was fairly big, very clean. The lobby was big and comfortable. We had Grand Marnier at the bar for E2.50 each. We stayed for three nights. Since we were next to the train station we took the train into Venice (E2/person).
We never had dinner at the hotel. For that we went next door to the Plaza Hotel. Why? they started earlier!!!!
Their dinner was absolutely fantastic. The waiter asked us what room we were in, so we told him where we stayed and that the food at Plaza seemed so good we decided to eat there. He thought that was funny and told the cook so the cook came out and greeted us. The somelier also showed up to check our wine. Needless to say we were treated royally. Particularly when we showed up the next night as well. And the price was very reasonable.

As all other tourists we had to see the major sights. We had reserved entrance to St Marks before the trip so we didn't need to wait in line. It was very hot those 3 days (June 11-14). The piazza, the basilica, the pillars, all
remarkable. The interior is a must-see. You pay E2 to see Pala d'Oro, the golden altarpiece, dating from the 10C.
The relics of St Mark lie under the altar. The Treasury closed because of the impending mass. We spent a long time around the basilica and enjoyed every minute. It was breathtaking. We walked on according to a map for walking Venice that I had found to Internet. The Rialto bridge was packed with people, as was most of Venice by the way. We had spaghetti at a restaurant nearby for the view over the bridge and the gondolas. The waiter told us
that Italians eat three courses.... I guess we didn't spend enough.... We didn't let that ruffle our feathers, though.

My husband had an upcoming birthday and fell in love with a little camera, Canon IXUS, but we of course had to go
back to the hotel and check the price on the internet before we bought it. So he got his gift!!! After all I had gotten a golden pendant at the Vatican.. for my birthday. We visited several other remarkable place, such as the Frari church, Ca' d'Oro and several other palazzos. Sometimes it's fun to just sit down and enjoy the people and languages you hear around you. I found the first laundromat on our trip in Mestre. We usually travel light and do laundry on the way.We were getting down to recycling by now, so I was happy to finally be able to do laundry. A young man at the place showed me how to use the dryer and even used his membership card for the payment, but refused to accept money from me. So while I was waiting, another young man got done with his laundry and put the wet stuff into his backpack. I told him to put it in the other dryer and I will pay for it, but he didn't want to do that (yes, he spoke a little English). I stll feel I owe somebody.

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Jul 11th, 2005, 09:56 AM
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I'm assuming this was a continuation of an earlier trip report? May I suggest that you append this to your old report, that way it all stays together.
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Jul 11th, 2005, 12:50 PM
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Hi P,

Interesting report.

As sandi recommends, it would go better as an addition to your earlier thread.

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