Venice Hotels-Ala or Violino d'Oro

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Venice Hotels-Ala or Violino d'Oro

I have searched the threads, and have narrowed it down to two hotels, the Ala and the Violino d'Oro. I tried to book with the Locanda Orseolo, but they are full. The Violino d'Oro has a double room for 200 euros and the Ala has for 190 euros, so the price isn't really an issue. I have read mixed things on each. Any opinions? I am traveling with my 70 y/o father to Italy. He has never been before, and probably will never go back, so I want to go somewhere nice. He can walk fine and is not elderly, so that is not an issue. I just don't want a small, dark cramped room.
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You will hear a lot of positive remarks about the Ala here, so I am in the minority. Our room was tiny, dark and cramped. The staff was great.
Last trip we stayed at Pensione Accademia and loved it. It is in the Dorsoduro area, a short walk to the Accademia Bridge and vaparetto stop. I cannot recommend this hotel enough. We had a very large, light and airy room overlooking a small canal. There is a beautiful outdoor garden to relax in.
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A lot of the hotels in Venice do not have elevators making it necessary to walk one or more flights of stairs to get to your room.

If this might be an important concern to your father, you would want to ask the hotels about this.

Hotel Ala does have an elevator.
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I love that location and the small piazza for Hotel Ala. The Violino is actually closer to San Marco but is also in a very busy location--the gondola station is right there. If noise is a factor I would opt for the Ala. The Flora is halfway between and also very nice.
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I'm not worried too much about stairs. My father is not elderly, and as he is still working as an engineer, often is climbing ladders and such as part of his job. Noise doesn't bother me as we live in New York city, so I don't know how much noisier you can get. We would like something within walking distance to San Marco, so that in the evening we can walk around after dinner and don't need to take any transportation to get back to the hotel. I just want something with nice clean bathroom, and a nice clean guestroom with 2 twins beds. Don't care too much about the breakfast they offer, as we are so used to American hotels that don't even offer breakfast!
Also, the Hotel Flora is booked!
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I've just rebooked the Violino d'Oro for our October trip. We stayed two years ago and loved it. Had stayed previously at Europa and Regina just behind it and at Bauer Grunerwald just across the canal from it, both at about 3 times the price. You get a lot of location there for a whole lot less. We had a corner room with views of both the canal and the campo last time for probably 250 to 280 euros. This time we're opting for just the 200 euro standard double since we plan on getting plenty of views with our dining and drinking and not being in the room all that much anyway. Our room previously had fairly dark furnishings--navy blue spread and drapes, carpets, etc. but plenty of windows to let in light. We certainly liked it well enough to return. You're probably wise to skip the breakfast. it's the least attractive feature of the place. Service was very cordial and helpful. I've checked out the Ala a couple of times and picked up their brochure but we've never felt sufficiently inclined to actually book there.
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I stayed at the Violino d'Oro two summers ago and loved it. Less than five minutes walk from San Marco, on a lovely little square with a pretty church across a pretty bridge. I didn't find it noisy at all (it was summer and I had windows closed becasue of AC). They have a lift.I was there in July and only paid €60 for my room (which said right on the back of the door that the room price was €200) - I feel it was one of the best bargins I've ever gotten - at least hotel wise.
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The Ala has a huge variety of rooms; you would do well to find out exactly what they are offering you for 190.

They have some very nice and very large rooms with small balconies overlooking a side canal. That type of room could never be dark, as it has a sliding glass door... quite large and a lot of light comes in.

I do know that the have smaller rooms, and they of course might be dark, too. Check and see exactly what type they are offering you for your 190.
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