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Richard Mar 11th, 1999 04:40 PM

I am visiting Venice in May and need a nice inexpensive hotel around $150 a night. Has anyone been to any of these hotels? <BR> <BR>Hotel Falier (San Croce Area) <BR>Algi Alboretti Hotel <BR>Pensione Accademia <BR>Hotel Do Pozzi <BR>Hotel Riva <BR>Hotel Messner <BR>Penzione Wildner <BR>Boston Hotel <BR> <BR>Hopefully I will find a centrally located hotel which is cute, inexpensive and has good plumbing. Any recommendations are welcomed!

Barbara Mar 11th, 1999 06:35 PM

<BR>Accademia is wonderful, but more expensive than $150. We have loved it. Ask for a large room. If you prefer quiet, request a room that overlooks the garden. For great people watching, request one that overlooks the canal at the back. When we go in October, we are staying at the Bel Sito for a second time. There is a very cozy room that has its own roof deck. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, breakfast is very good and the location is excellent. You are cutting it close making reservations this late, as things start to get busy in May. Good Luck and Buon Viaggio!

Barbara Mar 11th, 1999 06:40 PM

<BR>Sorry! Meant to add that the current rate at Bel Sito is L295,000 and they are located in Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, 5 minutes from Piazza San Marco. Tel. 011-39-041-5223365 or fax 011-39-041-5204083

Robin K. Mar 12th, 1999 12:11 PM

Richard: <BR> <BR>I'm also hunting for inexpensive accommadations in Venezia. Found a few more that may fall into that price range - anyone been to these? <BR> <BR>Hotel Reiter (Gran Viale S.M. Elisabetta) <BR> <BR>Hotel Stella (in Venice Lido) <BR> <BR>Hotel Florida (in historical center of venice, Cannaregio, Calle Priuli) <BR>

RJ Vicek Mar 12th, 1999 12:17 PM

Author: RICHARD J. VICEK ([email protected]) <BR>Date: 3/11/1999, 9:55 am ET <BR> <BR>Message: <BR> <BR>Have not stayed at the Florida, but am <BR>familiar with the area. It is located <BR>on the Calle Pruili in Cannaregio, just <BR>a 1/4 block off of the Lista di Spagna. <BR>This calle starting at the Venice Station San. Lucia runs northwest, chang-ing names to the Rio Terra and <BR>the Strada Nova to the Rialto Bridge, <BR>the entire length is shops, ristorantes <BR>and hotels, one of the most traveled <BR>calles in Venice. It is about a ten min. walk to the Rialto and another 10 <BR>mins to the Pza S. Marco. <BR>If you go into and search <BR>VENICE and FLORIDA, they have a two <BR>sheet printout on this hotel. Also <BR>check <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Good surfing <BR>Richard of Hickory Hills, Il..... <BR> <BR>

Richard Mar 12th, 1999 04:01 PM

Robin, try the Hotel Falier. its listed at websight. the book chep sleeps rates it very high. its not exactly central but looks nice for the money in comparison to other Venice hotels. I was quoted L220,000 for the first week of may. I am still looking for something closer to St Marks Sq. Let me know if you find anything interesting!

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