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shell Sep 21st, 2001 03:18 AM

Vegetarian in Europe
Ok, I finally sketched out an itenerary for my trip in a couple of weeks, so now I'm looking for any fellow vegetarians out there to give me a hand :) <BR> <BR>I will be in Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Stuttgart. <BR> <BR>Can anyone suggest inexpensive Vegetarian resturaunts in these cities? Thanks!

Paige Sep 21st, 2001 03:31 AM

In Munich (as most places) there are lots of Greek and Italian restaurants that serve many veggie dishes. Do you eat dairy products? If so, no problem. There are a couple of veggie restaurants in Munich that are good. <BR> <BR>PRINZ MYSHKIN - vegetarisches Restaurant, Café, Bar <BR>Hackenstraße 2 80331 München Germany <BR>Tel +49.(0)89.26 55 96 <BR>Fax +49.(0)89.26 44 96 <BR>e.mail [email protected] <BR>It's on a side street off of Sendlinger Stasse, a main shopping street not far from Marienplatz. It has a nonsmoking area. <BR> <BR>Das Gollier <BR>Gollierstr. 83 80339 München <BR>phone: 50 16 73 <BR>Mon.-Fri. 12-15, 17-24. Sat. 17-24, Sun. 10-24 Spacious, warm atmosphere. Extensive menu ranges from casseroles and pizzas to unusual grain dishes. Organic beer and wine, Irish ales and a nonsmoking section. <BR>This one is a bit out of the way and tends to be pretty smokey, but they have lots of reasonably priced and good choices. <BR>

Ursula Sep 21st, 2001 03:44 AM

Paige hello! Have you ever looked at <BR> <BR> <BR>It's a guide for a lot of different European cities. There is a link under "Eating Out" (I think its says "other criteria") where you can do a search for vegetarian places. What do you as a Munich resident think about Cityvox? <BR> <BR>Shell, you might find some useful info too with Cityvox.

shell Sep 21st, 2001 09:11 AM

Thank you for the information! Yes, I do eat dairy and eggs, so it does make it easier! (and I smoke, so I'm a real dichotomy!) <BR> <BR>

Rich Sep 21st, 2001 11:33 AM

<BR> <BR>Found this link in another post: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Have fun and be safe . . Rich

gaia Sep 21st, 2001 05:16 PM

ther are vegetarian dishes in most European restaurants I ahve been to.

shell Sep 22nd, 2001 01:06 PM

Thanks for the additional info, I'm checking the other site out now. <BR> <BR>As for there being 'vegetarian dishes everywhere' ..... when you are in a foreign country and don't speak the language very well, and the person you're talking to may not speak *your* language very well, it is difficult to make sure if the item that appears to be vegetarian is truly such. Many soups, pasta sauces, etc. are made with animal stock (beef, chicken or fish). Also, things such as marshmallow are made with gelatin, which is derived from cow hooves. <BR> <BR>Being a vegetarian isn't as easy as just not having a burger ;))

Cheryl Z. Sep 22nd, 2001 02:15 PM

<BR>Shell, try these web sites; I posted them awhile ago too: <BR> <BR> which includes important phrases in many languages. <BR>Also - <BR>and

christina Sep 22nd, 2001 02:20 PM

hi shell <BR> <BR>i can feel with you. i was for 8 years of my life lacto-ovo vegetarian and i remember, once in paris i lived 1 week from pizza-margarita and tomatosalad only. anyway. in wien i found this vegetarian restaurant very very good: <BR> <BR>Siddharta <BR>Fleischmarkt 16 <BR>1010 Wien <BR> <BR>Phone: 513 11 97 <BR> <BR>i remember the portions where so big, you couldn't eat all. nice ambience and friendly staff. to find a text in german: <BR> <BR>have fun and enjoy your trip! <BR> <BR>tanti saluti <BR> <BR>christina <BR>

christina Sep 22nd, 2001 02:23 PM

and some more: <BR> <BR>still in wien, fleischmarkt 16 (im hof) there's a spot called Makrokosmos, they serve macrobiotic food for lunch. good soups and sweet stuff, salads and lot's more. <BR> <BR>tanti saluti <BR> <BR>christina

shell Sep 22nd, 2001 08:03 PM

some great resources here, thank you all very much!

BTilke Sep 24th, 2001 01:31 AM

In Brussels, one of the favorite vegetarian restaurants is La Tsampa on 109 rue de Livourne (easiest way to get there is take the 93 or 94 tram up Avenue Louise--or walk--to the rue Bailli [Sean O'Casey's is on the corner], go down Bailli one block, turn right and you'll see the restaurant). It's in a covered garden setting at the back of the Tsampa health food store. The menu is posted out front. On the Chaussee de Waterloo, Imamiah and Elementerre are mostly vegetarian. Apocalypse or Ave. Buyl is an inexpensive but tasty Vietnamese restaurant with lots of vegetarian dishes--but cash only. Atelier de la Truffe on Ave. Louise at the corner of rue Vleurgat has good vegetarian selections in its lunch menu (and great coffee). In Vienna, Tavola, next to the Kaiserin Elisabeth Hotel, has several vegetarian dishes. If you get the urge for Japanese vegetarian food in Vienna, Japanese colleagues who live there tell me that the restaurant in the ANA Hotel is the only really decent Japanese place in town. A creamy tomato soup is an Austrian specialty and found in many restaurants--check with the server to see whether it has any kind of non-vegetarian stock in it (some do, some don't).

shell Sep 25th, 2001 10:01 AM

Thanks BTilke, I"ve printed out that info to take with me as well! <BR> <BR>For anyone else who may be looking for vegetarian places in Europe, I found this website which lists a lot of places and resources: <BR> <BR>

xxx Sep 25th, 2001 11:00 AM

You might also try Sandra Gulland's series of books, "Cheap Eats." She offers many veggie restaurant ideas in various cities. Rick Steves' site also has a board dedicated to vegetarianism in Europe, try that too.

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