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KRNS Nov 16th, 2021 09:36 AM

Vatican taxi experience
Did you know that the official white taxis outside the exit of the Vatican museums cost more to take you back across the river as they are in another country? That is what the driver of our taxi told us when starting the cab after I asked him to turn on the meter. No meter
, he said, but will cost 28 euros and more depending on traffic as he will be driving to another country as his company is a Vatican company that is its own country. I argued with him that he was outside the Vatican walls so we were in Rome and we went back and forth while my son said let's just get back to apt. I kept arguing until he got so exasperated he turned around and let us out. So even the official taxis will try to cheat you.
We ended walking back to apt just by the Campo de Fiore, passing by the castle St Angelo that we didn't see when we arrived.

bilboburgler Nov 16th, 2021 09:52 AM

well done, a high intensity place for scams. Honest taxi drivers make a good living and would not scam you

Leely2 Nov 16th, 2021 10:09 AM

What a bummer. I put my mom in a taxi after visiting the Vatican (she wanted to go back to her hotel and rest while the rest of us continued to walk around and sightsee). She didn't encounter anything like this!

I haven't used taxis much in Rome except when I've been with my mother, who tires easily. We've never been ripped off. Sorry this happened to you.

KRNS Nov 17th, 2021 01:59 PM

It was a good lesson for son. I told him first sign of a scam is when they do not use the meter. I was so tired after walking to the Vatican, then doing the Basilica tour and the Vatican museums but I was not going to give any money to a repulsive dishonest human. The walk back wasn't bad and we got to see castle Sant Angelo, though only the outside.
My first international trip back in the 60's I encountered my first taxi scam in Madrid. The driver turned off the meter as soon as we arrived at the hotel and told us the fare. We didn't understand Spanish but I knew enough to know he asked for way more than the amount I saw on the meter. Of course I made a fuss but I do not remember the outcome. Have never trusted taxi drivers since. Was cheated on arrival to Beijing hotel also and probably others that I wasn't aware of. Part of the travel experience, lol.

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