US to Europe...Can the dog go?

Apr 27th, 1998, 03:15 PM
Becky Lambert
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US to Europe...Can the dog go?

Planning to leave the States for Europe next year, and I was wondering what the stipulations on bringing a dog into continental Europe are, if any. If you know about quarantines in Europe or the States (return entry), please let me know.
Apr 27th, 1998, 07:01 PM
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I moved to Europe with my cat, and I know you must have proof that your pet has received a rabies shot to pass through customs. In fact, the most recent rabies shot must be within 2 weeks (not sure of the exact times) but not longer than a month... or something like that. I moved to Germany, and I had to have all sorts of forms written in both German and English which I received from the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. The airlines require that the pet have a checkup just before the flight, and you must let them know a long time ahead of time that you will be transporting a pet. It's a big hassle, really... even though there are no quarantines except in the UK and Australia, as far as I know.
Apr 27th, 1998, 07:10 PM
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Oh yes... your pet is not allowed to ride in the cabin with you, but is put in the baggage compartment. I moved to Germany, and back to the States... and my kitty is fine, although the trip really traumatized her both times. Try not to switch planes if you can help it, instead get a direct flight overseas. You have to deal with a lot of conflicting rules... the airline required me to provide cat food, and then the customs people in the US freaked because I was 'bringing foreign cat food into the country.' I told them to confiscate it if they wanted, and really... I didn't have any real problems in either Germany or the US.
Apr 28th, 1998, 08:22 AM
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I am told that your pet must be in quarentine for 6 months prior to going into the UK.
Apr 28th, 1998, 09:10 AM
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Think the UK is the only one with a quarantine and that France is the easiest. Germany the most bureaucratic. But, please if this is a dog of any size, think how scared he will be to be caged in the baggage compartment of an airplane for hours. My vet once said of the way dogs think "They can remember things quite well, but whatever is going on at the time they think will always be the case. They can't look ahead" You don't say if this is a permanent move, but if not, surely you can find a good friend or relative who loves dogs to take the dog on for a year or two. That's what our friends did when they went to llive in London. Please consider it. And, very small dogs can ride in first class if they fit in a cage that will fit under the seat and with the individual captain of that particular flight's permission. Don't know if this is the rule with all airlines. I do know we flew on United across the aisle from a very sweet well behaved Yorkshire terrier----he only wanted to get out of his cage and meet people!
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