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US Airways, the Greyhound Bus of airlines

US Airways, the Greyhound Bus of airlines

Old Dec 24th, 2006, 07:49 PM
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I have always been appalled that Greyhound Bus has never contributed a dime to the many rescue organizations for retired racing Greyhounds.
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Old Dec 24th, 2006, 08:23 PM
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If you fly coach, all airlines tend to be nothing more than a bus or cattle car. And yes, US Airways does serve meals to and from Europe, but has stopped serving meals on a number of domestic flights of 3 hours or less, just as most other airlines have done. If you want cheap flights, then there is a price to pay.
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Old Dec 24th, 2006, 09:52 PM
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Although this is not related to the op and i cannot relate to that specific situation -although i've travelled before with US airways and i do not have pleasant memories - i'm quite astonished by GSteed's experience and quotequot;Why not 'brown bag' it, like the Europeans do?"
I'm European.I usually fly every month to Asia and North America and i've never had encounter such a situation.
How odd you say such a thing.Care to share your experiences?
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Old Dec 24th, 2006, 10:46 PM
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I fly two or three times a year between Europe where I live and Boston to visit family and don't care if they serve food or not because frankly, it doesn't matter which airline it is, the food is disgusting and is nothing I would ever eat in real life so why eat it in the air? I don't brown bag it like someone else said Europeans do (never saw that trend) but eat a good breakfast or lunch on this side before heading west and a light dinner before boarding the plane to head east. That also helps me sleep better. I usually tell them to just give me dessert, especially the Movenpick ice cream on Swiss.
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 05:14 AM
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I book airfares according to 3 priorities: first price and then price and lastly price. As a result I have flown USA to Europe on US Airways, Delta, Northwest, Air Italia, Air Canada, KLM, Air France and United and never found meals to be a worthy factor. They are all bad and the lack of one would not spoil my day. Nothing stops you from taking your own which does not have to be much to beat any airline meal.

Larry J
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 05:22 AM
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So I went to the US Airways site and looked at non stop flights from Glasgow to Philadelphia. Even for envoy class it was CLEARLY written NO MEAL. So what's this talk about "they mean on the domestic segment?" Huh? What domestic segment is there on a non stop from Glasgow to Philadelphia. I personally would believe that since Bob Brown/Brookwood saw this right on the actual site (as I did) and since he called and confirmed that no meal is now served on that flight, that he has a far greater chance of being right than those who flew the airline on another route a year or two ago and got served a meal. Things change.
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 05:55 AM
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I'd be surprised if there was no meal - like I said, mine said "lunch" each way (and I somehow doubt they are serving lunch on the way there, since my flight leaves closer to the evening).

But just like any other flights, I tend to have snacks and such with me. I'll make sure with US Air in April before leaving Charlotte as far as what is on the flight. You'd think there would be a lot of complaints for an 8 hour or so flight with no food. Then again, I used FF miles and am paying a total of $65 or so dollars. I can afford to spring a few bucks for a sandwich.

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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 06:13 AM
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Interesting site, I'll have to take a photo of my airline food!

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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 09:04 AM
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NeoPatrick, some airlines, even though listed as nonstop, still include a stop (not necessarily a plane change) along the way. I'm not saying this is the case, but it is a possibility. They keep the same plane, same flight number, but stop along the way. This happened to me last summer on the way to London.
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 10:44 AM
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I found a nonstop PHL-GLA flight for July 15 on USAir.com . I clicked on the details and see "Meal: Lunch". For the return GLA-PHL flight (I checked July 22), I clicked and saw Meal: Buy on Board. Both specifically say NONSTOP.

Seeing "Buy on Board" for an international flight is a new thing, but at least it doesn't seem you will go foodless.
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 01:00 PM
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7 hours and 15 minutes "nonstop" from Glasgow to Philadelphia does NOT include a stop. Some flights on that route do make a stop in Manchester, and then the total time is 11 hours plus.

But oddly enough, the same flight I checked earlier at random that clearly said "No Meal" now says "Buy on Board". Somebody has fixed some glitch somewhere.
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 01:28 PM
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Quite frankly, I'd be much happier if the airlines stopped shoving lousy food on all of us during night flights and let us just sleep (or try to). European flights in coach (and that is where I fly) tend to be overly busy making it even more difficult to get some shut eye.

Count my vote for eliminating airline food on night flights! I wouldn't miss the films much either. Just turn out the lights. . . .
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Old Dec 25th, 2006, 04:26 PM
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GB944, thank you, such a hilarious post

Bob, I hope you'll find a convenient flight!
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Old Nov 5th, 2010, 10:51 AM
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I'm afarid the OP was incorrect to begin withy since nobody is paying for meals in Envoy Class and the whole thing reads rather interestingly given TODAY's routine airline service cuts.

As to Greyhound...40 years or more ago we rode it as well as Trailways..even THEN there were people who wouldn't set foot on it. Now we have Greyhound's progeny otherwise known as BoltBus which provides various services...sometime hit or miss but you cannot beat the prices.
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Old Nov 5th, 2010, 12:26 PM
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USAir is bad, but at least they seem to understand their business model: "We know these days flying is all about schedule and price, and not about food and amenities."
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Old Nov 6th, 2010, 01:47 AM
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I fly regularly between the US and Paris. I have flown US Airways, United, Delta, Air Canada, Northwest, KLM, Air France and Lufthansa. Never noticed a bit of difference with any of them. Geez......I must be sooooooooooo stupid.

Larry J
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Old Nov 6th, 2010, 05:42 AM
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PLEASE notice this was resurrected from 2006 and it wasn't even correct then.
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