unlocked phone for use in Paris

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unlocked phone for use in Paris

Can my LG Verizon phone be unlocked and used with other unlocked phones in Paris? Who can unlock it? Would I be better off buying a cheap T-mobile phone and having it unlocked?
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Probably not.....verizon basically does not use gsm which is the technology used throughout Europe...they do offer a bulky phone which uses both their technology and gsm but you most likely don't have it.

GSM phones are available very cheaply on ebay for example. Just make sure the phone is unlocked (most are there) and has at least the two bands 900 mhz and 1800 mhz....
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Verizon, I believe, uses a system incompatible with the European technology. Also, Europe uses 2 of the 4 cell phone frequencies that standard US phones do not use. You will need a quad band (4 frequency) phone if you want it to work there and here.

Unlocking is a separate problem. US carriers lock their phones to their service and then either give the phone away or sell it as a considerable discount. Some carriers will unlock the phone for you after they have recovered their investment, but if the phone isn't compatible with European technology and frequencies, so what? There are internet sites that will sell you an unlocking code for any particular phone, also.

Unlocked used quad band phones are available on eBay for a reasonable price, but you will still have to buy an active SIM card (that links the phone to its number and your chosen carrier) and a supply of minutes if you actually want to phone someone when you are in Europe, and if the eBay phone turns out a bit flakey, then where are you?

There are companies that sell or rent phones for European trips, and there are phone stores in Europe just like here that will get you what you need, for a price. Just don't be surprized at the total cost when you add up the components and minutes, etc.
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Have a look at callineurope.com I bought one of their phones and it worked perfectly on trips to Greece and France last year.

Excellent price, excellent service and great rates. Fast simple and easy... the last thing I want is a hassle with a cell phone!

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Assuming you do obtain a GSM phone usable in France (generally as outlined above) and want to consider the French SIM options, here is a rather comprehensive list:


There are some easy to use programs (such as callineurope as outlined by ParisAmseterdam) but per minute cost may be even lower with one of the companies outlined on the above website.
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Is the phone I bought from Telestial (Samsung phone) locked or unlocked? I used it last trip to France with the SIM card that came with it but obviously still don't quite "get it" since I need to ask this question. Thank you!
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No, you can't use your Verizon LG in Europe, even if it is unlocked.
Yes, you could buy a phone from T-Mobile or AT&T (the two US companies which use technology that will work in Europe) but doing so without a service contract you would be paying a high price. Better to go on ebay and look for an unlocked quad band GSM phone - you will find many available for far less than you would pay at T-Mobile or AT&T.
Then you just need to get a SIM card. We used callineurope .com and have been pleased. You can even buy a phone and SIM combo from them. but the $19 phone they offer works only on European frequencies. If you buy a quad band phone on ebay you can also use it in the States (provided you have a US SIM) and just switch to a European SIM when in Europe.
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