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judy Oct 23rd, 2000 05:38 AM

United Kingdom in the Magic Kingdom!
Hello UK Fodorites, I just have to ask! Was there a special deal on Orlando, FL recently? When I flew down this weekend to Orlando, to meet my husband at a seminar he was attending, I was amazed at the rather large amount of people from the UK there! At times, I felt I was in a line in London somewhere! It was really great to hear the differant accents around us, and they were friendly and polite. Just thought to let you know....

Karen Oct 23rd, 2000 06:55 AM

Hi Judy. Actually its probably like that most of the time as I read recently that Orlando is the 2nd most popular holiday destination for Brits, after Spain. Flight/hotel packages can be cheaper than a week in Europe! Its especially popular with families (Disney etc) and you will find most Brits camped out at the outlet stores buying trainers, jeans and anything else which is cheaper than over here :-) Also this weekend was the start of half-term holidays for the kids in the UK. <BR>I have a friend who lives in Miami, so I have been to Florida quite a few times... <BR>Karen

judy Oct 23rd, 2000 07:34 AM

Thanks Karen, I think it is a fascinating situation....Y'all come back now....

yuckorlando Oct 23rd, 2000 10:36 AM

I knew the brits don't have taste.

whatever Oct 23rd, 2000 12:20 PM

...and you, my dear, don't know grammar...

Jane Oct 23rd, 2000 06:34 PM

For some reason, the Brits flock to WDW. Another reason not to go. But I have to commend those chose to travel to Florida in October. Usually, they all come over here en masse in July and August. I guess the Brits haven't figured out that they are not required to take vacations in the summer, and that this is one of the few times of the year that they have a chance at good weather in their own country. No, they'd rather go to FLORIDA when it's 12,000 degrees and humid. Brilliant. Guess that's why the old Empire is down to Northern Ireland.

Angela Oct 23rd, 2000 11:53 PM

Jane (if that is your name) <BR>Are you an example of the "ugly American" that we have heard about before on this web site but that I have yet to meet..... until now perhaps? <BR>...just wondering...Angela

Karen Oct 24th, 2000 01:53 AM

Yes Angela I think she is!!! For your information "Jane" the reason a lot of Brits will take their holidays in July & August is because that is when their children will be on holiday from school. The same applies for Easter when the kids have a 2 week break. Anyway, some crazy people even like humid 100 degree weather, so its their choice. And if you had ever been to the UK you would know that we are just as likely to have bad weather in July and August as any other time of the year. Its not uncommon for May or June to be warmer than July!!! <BR>Honestly, is there a single thread on Fodors that doesnt have some nasty comment? A constructive argument is one thing, but someone posting just to be nasty is something else.

frank Oct 24th, 2000 02:18 AM

Jane has it spot on.Orlando in July is nuts.There's another WDW near Paris.You can fly there for $50 return from UK. <BR>Unless they enjoy the extra thrill of taking kids on a transatlantic flight.

Judy Oct 24th, 2000 04:39 AM

I am not from the UK, but I like Disney and Florida! I am not ashamed to say it either! Get over this elitism garbage that is so pervasive. Vanilla & chocolate, people,,,,differant strokes, o.k? And bring on the well mannered Brits anyday...Jane is obviously not one of them.

Karen Oct 24th, 2000 05:48 AM

Frank, we all know there is a Disneyworld in Paris. Do you have a problem with British people flying to the US or something? So what if they are just going for hot weather and themeparks, as long as they have a good holiday thats all that matters. I hate all this snobbery

nancy Oct 24th, 2000 06:08 AM

Wow, how did this post get on the European board? <BR>This is the kind of threads they run over on the U.S. board. <BR>Trashy and trashing more than not! <BR>nancy

frank Oct 24th, 2000 07:06 AM

Karen, <BR>1)read the post.The point is that Paris is cheaper & nearer.(look at the map.) <BR> <BR>2)ask someone to explain "nuts" to you. <BR> <BR>3)thats all it means,they are (IMO) nuts.Nothing more. <BR>4)Calm down.

Karen Oct 24th, 2000 07:40 AM

I'm perfectly calm thanks, I just get fed up with peoples attitudes.... I'm also well aware of the term "nuts" and I DID read your post. Funny enough, we also seem to know that Paris is cheaper and nearer but it doesnt mean we all want to go there. Paris and Disney have never complimented each other very well. <BR>My point was, if people want to go to Florida during the summer thats up to them. I have a friend who actually loves hot, humid weather of the 100 degree variety. I think she's mad but if thats what she likes.... as Judy said, different strokes and all that!

Martha Oct 24th, 2000 09:58 AM

Judy: <BR> I live in Orlando and yes sometimes I think all of Britain is here and I love it. It reminds me of the times I have visited there and brings back good memories. I live near a couple big tourist shopping malls and I'm always willing to help people out that look lost or need help with directions. Orlando has and always will be a big European vacation destination I guess because of some good deals available. If you would have been here longer you would also have noticed many French and Germans. It makes it very interesting to live here and tourism is our economy. And yes I hate the hot summer months also but after awhile you just get used to it.

Jane Oct 24th, 2000 06:50 PM

Ahhh! Let me bask in all of the hatred! <BR> <BR>Anyway, luckily, I'm not a Brit, nor an ugly American (although I lived in America for 4 years). I am hated by the Brits and adored by Americans. I am from Ireland. The English (who most assuredly are NOT well-mannered) love to look down on me as a brainless bug-like creature who dares to sully the sacred land of the British Isles with my Irishness. I love to laugh at their foolishness, and wish my fellow countrymen would also stop this ridiculous custom of traveling to hot countries when they are at their hottest. <BR> <BR>I've spent 27 years in Ireland, so I'm very aware of the weather patterns, thank you very much. <BR> <BR>If you're going to America, skip Orlando. Try New York City (whoops--too many Irish!), Chicago (damn! again the Irish), San Francisco, New Orleans...anywhere but the same old WDW!!! <BR> <BR>And yes, I'm aware I write like an American. That's my job. I write for American publications, so my writing style most definitely has lost most of its Irishness. Ach well. Up the Mighty Reds!

Angela Oct 25th, 2000 01:10 AM

Jane <BR>I'm British/English and certainly don't hate the Irish. The hatred you are basking in is unfortunately coming from yourself. Please take political discussions (however well disguised) elsewhere...your views on travel though would be most welcome. <BR>Enjoy your day <BR>Angela

Karen Oct 25th, 2000 04:15 AM

I am also English and have no problem with Irish people at all and do not look down at them in any way. However I do have a problem with narrow minded people like you Jane, who accuse whole nations of hating them, which is plain ridiculous. Get the chip off your shoulder for gods sake! <BR>If anyone is not well-mannered its you!

Jane Oct 25th, 2000 06:42 AM

Oh please. Every single time I have gone to England (unfortunately, I had to go for work), I have been looked down upon because I'm Irish. I've had snide and rude remarks made to my face. I've been denied access to press conferences, even though I've made the appropriate arrangements to attend. I somehow seem to end up with inferior hotel rooms and inferior tables in restaurants. For a long time, I didn't even recognize this. It wasn't until I travel part of England with an English friend (I know, an oxymoron). She noticed that whenever I would speak at a restaurant, we would get stuck in the corner by the kitchen, but when she spoke, we'd get a decent table. The same way at hotels. I said she was just being paranoid. Then I traveled with an American friend. The same thing happened. Coincidence? Take a long hard look at yourselves, and watch how you treat people. Until you've walked a mile in my shoes... <BR> <BR>I've noticed the same thing in America. Every white person you meet says they have nothing against black people and have never discriminated against blacks. And yet, there's a huge population of black people in America who are oppressed, insulted and discriminated against on a daily basis.

ohman Oct 25th, 2000 06:50 AM

Jane, if you're as foul to the English as you are on this board, no wonder they're not nice to you. Maybe the problem is YOU and your ATTITUDE.

Calm down Oct 25th, 2000 06:57 AM

This is crazy! <BR>How did this turn into "The troubles" <BR>Calm down everyone and stop insulting each other!!!!

Judy Oct 25th, 2000 07:25 AM

People, I just wanted some nice friendly banter with my UK Fodorites, over their large prescence in FL. I was just so pleased that so many Brits were there! Nevertheless, I do HATE traffic, congestion, thunderstorms, bad food, bad service, BUT, I do not hate whole categories of people.... now it is a racial question? Ahh come on....Jane, your hatred is eating away at you,,,,please, please get over it!!!!

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