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CanadianJane Sep 22nd, 2010 05:02 AM

Underground Zone: Weekely passes
We are visiting London for 4 days to site see and also to visit a relative in a nursing home in Chiswick. We are staying near the Gloucester Road Tube Station and need to travel to the Turnham Green station for get to the nursing home. We will get a week pass since we will be using the tube minimum 4X a day. The Zone distinction changes at Turnham Green. How does that work? If I get a pass covering Zone 2 can we get to Turnham and then get back on at Turnham? Or do we need to get a pass covering Zone 3? I am getting mixed messages online. The nursing home is equi-distant to the Turnham station and the Gunnersbury station. Also, I read that the buses do not use the Zone distinction so you can use the buses anywhere regardless of which Zones your pass covers. That seems odd so I am worried what I read was not accurate. Thx in advance for any info you can provide!

milliebest Sep 22nd, 2010 05:04 AM

Why not just get an Oyster card?

flanneruk Sep 22nd, 2010 05:24 AM

1. TfL buses are unzoned. Why does this seem odd?

2. Turnham Green tube station (there's no such station as "Turnham") is in both Z2 and Z3. So - amazing though this might sound - a Z2 pass is valid there. Why would it not be?

Being in two zones is quite common: it means a traveller can buy tickets to destinations in either zone without being surcharged for crossing zone boundaries. Where are you seeing "mixed messages"?

janisj Sep 22nd, 2010 08:11 AM

"<i>Why not just get an Oyster card?</i>"

milliebeast: The weekly travel card can be on an Oyster-- they are not 'different' products. The oyster is just a plastic card that holds the fare money.

(we can - and someone probably will - get into the convoluted discussion of papertravel cards vs oyster and the 2for1's but in this case we are really only talking about a zone 2 & 3 station)

CanadianJane: As flanner says -- a station that is in two zones like Turnham Green is good on any travelcard that includes either zone. So your zone 1-2 travelcard/oyster is OK at Turnham Green.

CanadianJane Sep 22nd, 2010 08:15 AM

Thank you for the clarification. In other cities, a zone is a zone and applies to all modes of transit. I do know that the proper term is Turnham Green, just used a short form in the second part of my post. Maybe it is just my polite sensibilities but your answer seemed a little testy. Thought this forum was to assist fellow travelers?

Thanks for the tip about the Oyster Card. I will look into that as well.

janisj Sep 22nd, 2010 09:14 AM

"<i>just used a short form in the second part of my post. Maybe it is just my polite sensibilities but your answer seemed a little testy. Thought this forum was to assist fellow travelers?</i>"

His point was <u>very</u> important.You can't use "shorthand" when talking about streets, neighborhoods, stations, or even cities/towns.

There are many places that have the same or similar names all over London and England. Lots of visitors will ask how to get to Liverpool station when they really mean Liverpool STREET station. Totally different things. Or they ask about going to Stratford -- when what they really want is Stratford-upon-Avon. Just remember to use the complete name of any address/station -- otherwise you could end up somewhere far from where you planned.

CanadianJane Sep 22nd, 2010 12:42 PM

Wow...I did use the correct name at the beginning of the post...Twice. My bad for shortening it when I was referring to the same station in the next sentence. Did not realize I would create such a stir. Sorry.

xyz123 Sep 22nd, 2010 01:16 PM

Hi...if you put a one week zone 1 & 2 travelcard on your oyster card it will cost £25.70 and the station on the boundary between zone 2 & 3 if you're coming from zone 1 is considered zone 2 so a zone 1 % 2 travelcard for 7 days will work...HOWEVER...

If you go the PAYG route on oyster that means putting a set amount on the card, any weekday you start out after 0930 (any time on a weekend), the charge for the day will cap at £5.70; dooing the math the 4 days would cost £22.80 at most with the possibility of it being less on any day you might just use buses, for example, or spend the whole day at the nursing home and only make 1 round trip that day (clearly not a big deal one way or the other)...there was a time I would tell you that going with the 7 day pass on the oyster card would spare you the £3 deposit but those days are history (too many people like me who got a new oyster card each time they needed a 7 day travelcard and not just re-filling the card; therefore I have 4 oyster cards which I loan my friends but don't tell the tfl police on me please) it comes down the only possible advantage of the 7 day card is if you start out on a weekday before 0930, the cap would be £7.50 for that day and i you started out each weekday before 0930, you would do better with the 7 day pass.

So the bottom line is it's no big deal one way or the other. Since I never start out before 0930 or if I do, it's a day I'm leaving town, for 4 days I go with PAYG and use 5 days for my break even but again I'm not telling you one way is right and one way is not; they both work fine.

Hope that helps (or maybe I'll get you thinking too much; I don't really mean to).

CanadianJane Sep 22nd, 2010 02:11 PM

Thx xyz

That is great advice. I always love asking questions on this forum because it gets you thinking about the pros and cons of things. We are early morning people so will likely leave before 9:30 each day to visit at the home for the morning and then return to sight see in the afternoon. Meeting an aunt for dinner one night and theatre another so it may mean the week pass is better. I am going to do the math and then with your advice will make an informed decision. Thanks again!!

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