UK to become a state of US?

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GB certainly was once THE power in the world -- but certainly NOT in 1945! As we all well know, the Nazis were knocking on the door, and it would have been impossible for UK to resist the Nazi tide if not for help from foreign countries, mainly the US.
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Yawn: you may be right! I was a bit too young in 1945 to have very perfect memories of what happened then!

Mdtravel asked about "at one point during WW II or shortly after", not just 1945.

I seem to recall from history lessons that, after WWI, GB controlled 1/4 of the world's surface, which made GB THE biggest and most important empire on earth until after WWII. I also recall that the "jewel in the crown", India, became independent in 1947, so the British Empire started its meltdown only AFTER WWII.

But, I'm not a modern historian, so I await your corrections!


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I think Yawn_Boring historically inept response to the question shows the antipathy of his pseudonym.

The Luftwaffe was dealt a severe blow in 1940 during the height of the battle of Britain. I recall the USA joining in 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Some people would say that the Nazis eventually overreached themselves. They were being attacked by Allied Powers landed on D-Day on the Western Front and Russians and Poles on the Eastern Front. In fact the Eastern Front of the war probably accounted for the fall of Nazism quicker than any western alliance effort.

While the US fought in Europe it should also be bourne in mind that the western alliance was fighting hard in the Far East and the Pacific.

Then the UK had a good deal of its empire fighting for it including Australians, New-Zealanders, people from the Asian sub-continent.

What the US did is what it always does best. That is with its own supply of raw materials it manufactured on a massive scale.

In the battle of the Atlantic where volunteer merchant seamen were sank at an alarming rate by the Nazi wolfpacks the americans and the supply lines were diminishing the americans kicked out merchant ships quicker than they could be sunk. I think they were launching a ship every week or so.

So it was precisely what the name of the war implied:

World War II
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Just think..if GB became a state (or a county in Texas) we could have TWO religious-underpinned wars going on at the same time.
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Or more. You'd have to take on Northern Ireland as well. Come to think of it........
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