UK for 6 days at end of April

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UK for 6 days at end of April

Hi all,<BR><BR>We plan to visit UK from April 29th for 6 days. London, of course, is on the visit but we would like to go to Edinburgh too. Heres what we have thought:<BR>Days 1 &amp; 2 - London<BR>Day 3: Early morning - travel to Edinburgh by train. Spend the day in Edinburgh.<BR>Day 4: Day trip to Highlands and travel to York late night.<BR>Day 5: Spend the day in York and travel to London late night.<BR>Day 6: Either London city or day trip to either Cotswold or Lake District or Bath.<BR><BR>Heres what we would like to hear from all you great travellers:<BR>i. Between York, Bath, Cotswold and Lake District, please rate the places for a day trip and why?<BR>ii. the weather to expect during the time of our visit-April end at all the above places.<BR>iii. Good tour companies for the above cities. We dont plan to drive, so would prefer the coach tour companies.<BR>iv. The best day trip from Edinburgh to see the beautiful highlands that Scotland is so known?<BR><BR>Thanks a ton for all your valuable inputs....<BR><BR>
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I think you're vastly under-estimating distances within the UK.<BR><BR>2 days in London will allow you to dash around a few of the main tourist attractions, but not much else, particularly if you're jet-lagged the first day. <BR><BR>The train journey to Edinburgh is then 4.5 - 5 hours, so you're not going to have much of the day to see that city either.<BR><BR>I've never been as far north as the Scottish Highlands, but I think you'd be struggling to do a day tour from Edinburgh, much less to get back down to York the same day.<BR><BR>The Lake District is a good 4 - 5 hour coach journey from London, so I don't think that's a practical day trip either.<BR><BR>You might like to re-think your schedule and either concentrate this visit on either London and the south or Edinburgh/Scotland and the north. I don't think it's possible to do both in any sort of worthwhile way in 6 days unless you're happy to just see the UK through the window of a train or coach - in which case why not just stay home and watch a video?
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As you aren't driving, your itinerary is (just) achievable by train, but I really think you should stay in London on day 6. There will be things you couldn't fit into days 1&amp;2, and you will have spent a LOT of the previous 3 days on trains and coaches.<BR><BR>The Lake District is too far for a day trip from London, but Bath and the Cotswolds are possible. But your choice of York on the way back from Scotland seems to be the best choice - it is a beautiful city with lots to see.
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Agree 110% with Xenos, this itinerary is simply not feasible unless you like to see bugger all of anywhere. Day 3 &amp; 4 especially excessive as is the day trip suggestion to Lake District. If you want 2 locations - London 3-4 days, Edinburgh 2-3 days, or as Xenos suggests.
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Personally, I'd opt for either London or Edinburgh and stay the whole six days in one of them.<BR>At the end of April, the South of England will be that little bit warmer, so I'd stay in London and take a few trips to places like Kew Gardens and Hampton Court. An English spring is wonderful. At that time of year the flowers and trees will be in full bloom and the birds will be singing. Try to get into the country for at least one of the days, somewhere like Suffolk perhaps.
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I agree with the other posters that this is a full itinerary but if it's a visit to get a flavour of the UK, 3 cities in 6 days isn't impossible (I wouldn't advise it with a 3-year-old though!!). If you are the sort of person who really enjoys a whirlwind tour, you will see a wide range of places in the time. It won't be relaxing, however!
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To find out train times, and to see whether your plans are possible, see <BR><BR> for timetables, or for times and prices.
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Voyager007,<BR><BR>If that's what you want to do, do it. I've done the Edinburgh - Highlands trip in one day and it wasn't bad. We left Edinburgh around 8:00am and planned to stay in Oban or Ft William that night. We ended up in Plockton and realized that we'd failed to cancel our dinner reservation at Prestonfield House for 9:00pm that evening. On a whim we simply decided to drive back to Edinburgh. It was a lot of driving but we both thoroughly enjoyed the day, long as it was. However, it will be a very long day.<BR><BR>I wouldn't drive back to London from York. Go directly to the Lake District. Bath is a great city and the Cotswolds is a wonderful area but they are vastly different from the dramatic scenery of the Lake District. And if you like driving, you'll love the Lake District. I think it's one of the most spectacular areas for back roads and scenery in all of England, Scotland or Wales.<BR><BR>Having said that, if you end up in the LD over a weekend and the weather is nice, traffic can be overwhelming between Kendal, Windemere and Keswick.<BR><BR>Also, be advised that on this forum &quot;day trips&quot; further away from your start and return point than you can throw a football are generally scorned.
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Maybe it's a London thing, but I wouldn't go for a day-trip to anywhere further than an hour or two by train - I want the time to enjoy a place while I'm there.
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PatrickLondon,<BR><BR>You know . . . I have always looked at &quot;getting there&quot; to be part of the vacation. And that's probably because I spent countless hours in the backseat of a 1958 Pontiac Firechief while my dad drove coast to coast, Texas to Montana, Seattle to Miami and the entire two-week vacation for me was spent looking out the window from a speeding vehicle. Those are fond memories.<BR><BR>So whenever I read a post where someone says &quot;Is Vienna too far to drive for a day trip from Amsterdam?&quot; my immediate thought is &quot;Heck, no!&quot;
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Voyager: I don't think your itinerary is doable. Snoopy excepted - he REALLY likes to move fast on his trips and could possibly do it. But most people would not make it.<BR><BR>You do not have 2 full days in London at the beginning - you spend 1/2 of the first day getting in from the airport, checking in and just getting aclimated. Plus the first day will be very exhausting because of little or no sleep and jet lag.<BR><BR>Are you leaving on the 6th day - or is it the 7th? I am assuming it is 7 because if you are literally only there 6 days you can't plan much of anything the last day. You need an hour+ to get to the airport and 2 hours minimum advance check-in. So a last minute walk around or some shopping will be about all.<BR><BR>On day 4 you plan on going from Edinburgh to the Highlands to York. This is nuts. -- Sorry, but it is.<BR><BR>And you cannot do a day trip from London to the Lakes. It takes half a day to get there and half a day to get back and not any time &quot;there&quot;.<BR><BR>My recommendation is to: <BR><BR>* spend 3 days in London - take an over night trip to York for days 4 and 5 - and then day six in London<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>* spend 3 days in London - take an over night trip to Edinburgh for days 4 and 5 - and then day 6 in London<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>* spend 2 days in London - take an over night trip to the Cotswolds for days 3 and 4 - and then days 5 &amp; 6 in London<BR>
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One thing you may want to think about is an overnight train to Edinburgh. Leave London about 10:30 11:00 at night &amp; arrives London about 7am. That way, you can Tour around London during the day, get the experience of an overnight on the train, &amp; tour Edinburgh the whole day. I have actually done this as an almost day trip from London, on a number of occassions. It can be hectic, but it is a good way to spend a full day in one of my favorite cities -- Edinburgh, when I am in London.
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