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PatD Aug 6th, 2001 04:32 PM

Typical american gift to send to France
I have a French exchange student staying with me and we are trying to think of some typical American gifts that they do not have in France, or are better here than there. Other than California wine, does anyone have some suggestions? (I know this is a France question in reverse)- what souvenirs do French people like from America?

More info please Aug 6th, 2001 04:37 PM

How old is the student and is the student a boy or girl?

Sarah Aug 6th, 2001 04:43 PM

Friends of mine who live in Paris love receiving pistachio nuts from California. You can buy a big bag at Costco and ship them over. <BR> <BR>American college sweatshirts seem to be another popular item for younger Europeans.

mimi taylor Aug 6th, 2001 04:51 PM

I try to avoid jumping in the forum when it is not a simple travel question, but I feel that the posters may be missing out on some wonderful people who are not correct in their usage of the language. Most of the friends we have made speak very little english and we speak very little French or Russian. However our letters are wonderful, trying to express ourselves with words or drawings. The haw for how does not annoy me, it is arespect they show for trying.

mimi taylor Aug 6th, 2001 04:56 PM

I am sorry I don't know how I posted this on the wrong thread but I am in a cast and must have slipped typing. <BR>sorry.....mim

StCirq Aug 6th, 2001 05:30 PM

Maple syrup, picture books with pix of American cities/regions/places, microwave popcorn, baseball caps (yes!), peanut butter, Saltines, t-shirts with American themes on them, sweatshirts with same, Beanie babies (old but tried and true), porcelaine made in the USA. Bonne chance!

here's an idea Aug 6th, 2001 07:07 PM

A scrapbook with momentos, post cards, photos and written entries about his/her visit. Something like that would mean a lot to me.

Chris Aug 6th, 2001 08:00 PM

JELLY BEANS!!! I can't get d*mn jelly beans here!! Licorice!! I want red shoestring licorice (can't get black either, and I have a feeling black would be better for French tastes.) Twizzlers!! <BR> <BR>I can't think of anything else I miss. <BR> <BR>

wendy` Aug 7th, 2001 01:49 AM

Check out St. Remy instead of Avignon as a place to sleep. We found it an aexcellent location from which to your from- great food in the town also. We just got back from Hostellerie du Vallon de Valrugues <BR>Website: Check it out. Questions, email

wendy Aug 7th, 2001 01:50 AM

sorry, post got messed up.

Sal Aug 11th, 2001 02:45 PM

Oreo cookies (be careful how you pack them), maple syrup and pancake mix, candy bars.

Susan Aug 11th, 2001 08:10 PM

I got a female friend of ours a Tiffany key chain, and she loved it. Shows it off as an American status symbol. <BR>

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