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Sheila Jul 17th, 1999 03:10 AM

Two weeks in Western Crete
<BR>We have been to Crete before, butonly for a week, which we spent near Chania, visiting only Knossos away from there. This year we will spend a week in Paleohora and then a week in the Akrotiri. <BR> <BR>We have rented flats and cars and have the capacity to travel where and when we like. I like the outdoors (especially birds) and the sun, and good food. <BR> <BR>My husband like archaeology and peace and quiet. <BR> <BR>Do you have any suggestions for trips, shopping, sites, cafes or restaurants in Western Crete, please

Martha B Jul 18th, 1999 10:11 PM

The most famous site in Western Crete is probably the Samaria Gorge. I didn't like it much, because it was so crowded-- more like a street in London than a wilderness area. Many other people find it a highlight, though. I loved the little towns along the south coast which you see as you leave Samaria Gorge via the ferry from Agia Roumeli. I'd love to go back to Loutra, especially. <BR>We had a wonderful time in Kastelli/ Kissimi, where our hotel seemed to be having an endless round of private parties, to which we were kindly invited. The Cretan tradition of livening up the party by firing guns was more exciting than strictly enjoyable, but it did leave us with vivid memories. <BR>The famous beach at Elafonisi was crowded with tourists, but they were mostly Greek tourists, which gave it a completely different feel from the British resorts along the north coast. <BR>

Al Jul 19th, 1999 04:36 AM

Many years ago, while in the Navy, we went ashore at Suda Bay. On a plateau, the Navy had laid out a baseball field with ropes around the perimeter marking the borders of an old German mine field. One of the men went beyond that rope looking for souvenirs and was blown to bits by an anti-personnel mine. I often wonder if the locals ever cleaned up that area.

Sheila Jul 20th, 1999 12:35 AM

Thanks for that Al; I must remember not to take up baseball in Crete! <BR> <BR>Martha, where di you stay in Kastelli? I had been trying to persuade my husband to go there but failed.Did you know the area has a web site at

Martha B Jul 22nd, 1999 10:23 AM

I'm afraid I wasn't able to track down the name of the hotel in Kastelli. It's just east of the main part of the city, within walking distance of restaurants, and right on the beach. Look for the bullet holes in the tree by the terrace. (I know that's not much help when you're in the UK!) <BR>In the process of looking, I found the address of a shop in Hania which had incredibly good Cretan textiles-- Kostas Liapakis; Angelou street 5. I don't know if he's still open, but a lot of his stuff was (folk) museum quality. <BR>I also remembered that Hania has quite a good, little museum. As I recall, it had, among other things, some linear A tablets. <BR>The museum in Irakleon is, of course, world class. <BR>If you've only seen Knossos, Phaestos and Agia Triada are also worth visiting. <BR>Finally, if you're planning on getting off into smaller areas, it's a good idea to know some basic Greek. It seems hard to believe if you've only seen the north coast, but a lot of Crete is rural, and there isn't always someone around who speaks English. <BR>Have a wonderful trip!

Sheila Jul 23rd, 1999 02:01 AM

<BR>Efcharisto. <BR> <BR>(OK so I'm a smart ass!) <BR> <BR>I've been trying to learn Greek off and on for about 4 years. It's easily the toughest language I've tried so far! (See languages thread) <BR> <BR>Thank you for the suggestions

Martha B Jul 23rd, 1999 02:48 AM

Parakalo kai kalo taxidi!

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