two weeks in April - best destinations?


Jan 12th, 1999, 10:15 AM
patrick Gutteridge
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two weeks in April - best destinations?

I plan to go to Europe for the first time, with a friend and am looking for advice on inexpensive, but not stupid, ideas for making money go as far as possible. I'm thinking of flying to London - staying two or three days - side trip to Oxford for the Unviersity and the Morris Minor car works, then to Paris for 3 or 4 days, into Italy and then a cheap (possible?) one-way flight back to London to get home.

Any ideas for that cheap flight to London? Best ideas for a place to leave Italy from?
Must-do's in greater-Paris?
Chunnel advice?
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Jan 13th, 1999, 12:09 AM
Nigel Doran
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It IS possible to get cheap one-way flights from Europe to Britain. There are plenty of low-cost airlines, a new one each month it seems. easyJet is one of them, as is go and Ryanair. There's also Debonair and Virgin Express. The addresses I have are and, but not sure of the others. go is a B A subsidiary and offers returns to Rome for 100, so a single shouldn't be more than 50. They're even doing returns to Copenhagen for 60 at the moment!
Planes go from Stansted, a 40 min train ride from central London. go flies from Rome, Milan, Venice and Bologna, and Debonair from Pisa and Rome and possibly others. Shop around for the best deals. Sometimes, there are World Offers from B A on their regular services, but there are restrictions as to when you can fly. They issue them every few weeks, but it's usually to places which are not selling well, so if you are planning on Rome in summer, it's unlikely there will be an offer on that route.
By the way, go IS spelt without the capital g, and easyJet likewise has its own idiosyncratic orthography. I didn't want to you to think I am illiterate!
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